How A Depressed Man Shows Love?

How A Depressed Man Shows Love?
How A Depressed Man Shows Love?

How A Depressed Man Shows Love? Depressed Man And Love: Is There Still Hope In The Combination? Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love is what each of us longs for, some sooner, some later, but there is no person in the world who does not want to be loved.

But what happens when the evil force of depression walks into the pink kingdom of love?

What happens if your partner turns into a depressed person overnight without you being able to do anything about it?

Such questions are completely justified, because more and more often one’s own partners become depressive partners who turn the love life upside down.

The worst part is the fact that depressed people don’t want to admit that they need professional help.

They don’t realize that the depressive episode is a mental disorder that is not so easy to get rid of.

How should you behave in a relationship when you have a depressed person around you all the time? What do you do when the loved one shares his negative thoughts with you without you being able to change anything?

And it is precisely these emotional upsets that we will get to the bottom of today. We’ll show you how depressed partners love and what you have to pay special attention to if you decide to have a relationship despite the depressive episode.

Depressed Man and Love – How Do Depressed Man Love?

Depressed Man and Love - How Do Depressed Man Love?
Depressed Man and Love – How Do Depressed Man Love?

So far everything has been wonderful, your relationship has been loving and you have got along wonderfully in every way. But suddenly black clouds built up over you and nothing has been the same since then.

You’re scared because you don’t know if you might have done something wrong. You are afraid because you notice that your partner is moving away from you every day and you don’t want that because you love him.

Simply put, you don’t want to lose him. But the way he looks at you, the way he talks to you is just not like it used to be. His gaze is blank, each of his words is emotionless.

Your partner is just like a different person. From my own experience, I can tell you that your partner is depressed. At first glance, of course, that’s a shock for you.

But what does that mean for your relationship now? Are you going to go your separate ways now because you don’t know if a depressed partner can love at all?

You don’t need to worry, just because your partner is currently having a depressive episode doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings for you.

Every person processes these depressive episodes differently, it is also with men, when they fall into their dark lows, they need a little longer before they can crawl out of there again.

Depressed men can love very intensely, sometimes too intensely, because they become too clingy, too addicted to attention, because they are afraid, they are afraid because they themselves do not know what is going on inside them.

Nevertheless, there is also the kind of man who simply withdraws, who doesn’t let anyone get near him, and who wants to fight his demons on his own. He closes himself off to other people and blocks any advances.

Still, you can’t get the feeling that he doesn’t love you. He doesn’t know what is happening to him himself, he has to find out first so that he can lead a normal life with you again.

What must the partners of depressed man prepare for?

What must the partners of depressed man prepare for?
What must the partners of depressed man prepare for?

As already mentioned, men change differently in the course of a depressive episode, but there are certain phrases that every depressed man has to go through sooner or later.

If you are in a relationship with a depressed man, then you should know that many of the points listed below will await you.

You will be able to master some phases easily together, while he will go through some phases alone.

You have to prepare yourself on a rocky path, a path that can only be mastered with a lot of patience and even more love.

1. Loss of drive

The first sign of depression is listlessness, which is portrayed in different ways. At first, it is inconspicuous, your partner is somehow lazy than usual, but you still have no idea.

Days go by and every suggestion you make is simply rejected, all activities that you have been planning for a few weeks fall into the water because he doesn’t feel like it again.

As always, you’re arguing about it, but this time you feel like he’s missing out on anything. He doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t counter and everything you say leaves him freezing.

You even notice that he hasn’t even showered for a few days and his apartment looks like the last pigsty. For days he just lies in bed and hasn’t even eat properly.

Such behavior is typical of those who are in a depressive episode. They just don’t have the strength, they just drop and are not so easy to get out of the hole.

2. Callousness and disinterest

If you know your partner is depressed, don’t be surprised if they seem cold to you when they make you feel like they don’t care about you, even though they don’t think or feel that way.

Any advances you make will be blocked, you even have the feeling that you are annoying him. He puts his own needs first and at no moment can you expect him to think of you.

If he has severe depression, you will sometimes feel that he completely forgot about you, that he multiplied you by zero, but you shouldn’t take that too much to heart.

You know what phase he’s going through and that he doesn’t know how to fight it.

3. Aggression

When man become depressed, the depression can cause them to become aggressive, have outbursts of anger, and be unable to control their internal mood swings.

In that case, you are the ideal victim, because you will try everything possible to get him out of the deep and he sees that as found food. He will take out all of his anger, all of his suppressed fears on you.

Mood swings are part of everyday life. Sometimes he will cry, sometimes laugh, sometimes scream and in the next moment, all feelings will be mixed together.

Depressed men go through a roller coaster of emotions that is not suitable for everyone, which is why there are different effects on the relationship, but also the partnership in general.

The worst that can happen is that he becomes palpable during the depressive episode. In that case, you need to seek professional help, someone who will bring him back down to earth.

4. Thoughts of suicide

Nobody knows exactly what is going on in the head of a man suffering from depression. This is precisely why one must be careful because people who suffer from severe depression often have suicidal thoughts.

Their negative thoughts are putting so much pressure on them that they cannot handle. They try everything to clear their minds, their thoughts, but unfortunately, nothing helps.

This can lead to difficult relationship phases because in such situations the partner is exposed to enormous pressure because he is constantly afraid for the depressed partner.

Depressed Man and Love – How to Deal with a Depressed Partner?

Depressed Man and Love - How to Deal with a Depressed Partner?
Depressed Man and Love – How to Deal with a Depressed Partner?

I know that you love your partner despite your depression and if your love is real, it will be able to overcome this hurdle too.

Now it’s up to you, do you want to sacrifice yourself, try so hard without knowing what to expect in the future with your depressed partner?

Such a question is difficult to answer and we won’t put any pressure on you. Everyone has to make such a decision for themselves and think about it carefully.

The best we can do for you is to give you some helpful tips on how to behave in such a relationship, what to look out for and what is best for you and your relationship.

1. Don’t fall into depression yourself

It often happens that partners of depressed men fall into depression themselves. This is because they blame themselves for their partner’s depression.

You should never think of that. Such negative thoughts can destroy you mentally and internally. Depression is an illness, nothing you can do about it as his partner.

If you think it’s up to you, you will fall into a deep hole of despair yourself and that will damage your relationship even more.

2. Be there for him

Although he will likely push you away, you should always be there for your partner. That doesn’t mean that you have to sit in front of his door every day and hope that he’ll open up and hug you.

But you can take one step at a time.

You need to make him feel that he can always count on you, that you have patience, and that you will always wait for him until he feels ready to make a fresh start with you.

You shouldn’t put any pressure on him, not be too pushy and try to force something because such an action can only move you further away from him and he will feel pushed into a corner by you.

Depressed people don’t like it, or better yet, can’t stand it when they are under pressure. So you have to be careful and not push the boundaries.

3. Take care of yourself

You should be there for him during his depressive episode, but that doesn’t mean you should sit by the phone all day hoping for a call from him.

You have to get on with your life normally because this is the only way to maintain your mental health. Go out, do everything that fulfills you and is fun for you. His depression shouldn’t throw you off track.

It is normal that you will be sad, going through his depression in a certain way, but still, you need to direct your thoughts in a different direction.

Dedicate yourself to your hobbies, meet up with your friends, because that way you will also have conversation material for the two of you.

Through the stories you can show him that there is also a more beautiful world, that life also has beautiful things in store for us. Only such a positive attitude can get him out of the depths.

4. Professional help

If nothing else works, you can also seek professional support.

Couples therapy can be really helpful in such cases, and you can learn a lot about your partner through the conversations the therapist will mediate between you.

That way you can maybe put yourself in his shoes so that you can see what it looks like inside him.

Of course, you can’t put yourself in his shoes 100%, but sometimes just a quick look is enough for us to have more understanding and patience.

If you’ve gotten too involved in the whole thing and need someone to talk to, but nobody is around, or if you just don’t feel comfortable talking to people you know about your problems, then you should turn to the telephone counseling service.

They will give you the support you need to better deal with the whole situation.

Love can be complicated in itself, but if there is still a nasty depression involved, then you can be sure that it will be a long way to the desired goal.

You can’t give up on the first stumbling block, especially when it comes to love. Love isn’t always a lick of honey, but when you look at the fruits of your labors later, you can be proud of yourself and your partner.

Especially if your partner is depressed, you should not deprive him of love, because it is precisely in the phase of the relationship, when he is suffering from a phase of depression, that he needs you and your love the most.

In this way, you show him that it is worth fighting against the inner demons and leaving the dark hole of fear as a victor.

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