How to calm your girlfriend down if she’s on her period?


If you have never lived with a pregnant woman in the same room, then you will not understand what it is like to take all the blows of hormones from a seemingly angelic and fragile girl.

Just when there is no way out, and you have no moral health to wait 5 days until the end of the bloody mass, we bring to your attention the most effective and least traumatic options to reduce the chances of a conflict situation:

  • Give her a bank card. The simplest and most effective method is to switch a woman and force her to share poison with the same indefatigable individuals of the weaker sex. In any case, spending your money is not commensurate with the peace and quiet that you will enjoy for a certain time. If there are no such financial opportunities, we offer a more budget option No. 2.
  • Take to mom. If maman is good, then she will quickly put her daughter’s brains in order, so that, upon arrival, you will again see that gratitude in the eyes that was before the official marriage.

  • Feed sweet. This option will definitely work. While she is eating donuts, you can safely watch football or drink beer with friends. The main thing is that she would be able to control her weight and not treat you for the appearance of wrinkles around the waist.
  • Drink a sedative. The best drugs are herbal ones, which have the most minimal amount of side effects. Persuade your young lady to take pills, and you will see with your own eyes the level of effectiveness of modern medicine.
  • Give a puppy. These days, a woman is especially acutely felt tearfulness and suspiciousness. By giving a puppy, you will keep her busy for the next 10 years and level out mental problems from the first minutes of presenting a “fluffy” present.

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