How to make a guy jealous over text messages [2022]

The normal thing is that it bothers us that they celebrate us; however, there are people who like to be watched over by their partner. then i will show you how to make a guy jealous over text messages

Jealousy is a controversial topic.

The causes are multiple, possessiveness and insecurity being two aspects that can easily destroy relationships.

In the first instance, we must clarify that we all like to feel wanted. If you are reading this, you are most likely no exception.

After all, the fact that someone is aware of what we do or who we go out with is an indication that they are interested in us; which usually feels good.

If your goal is to learn how to make a guy jealous over text messagesit is simple.

You just have to take advantage of the immediacy and effectiveness of technology and presto! You will feel all their attention on you!

There are two options: pay more attention to you or distance yourself.

We all react differently to the stimulation of jealousy, it is a double-edged sword!

To start, you can read about jealousy and emotions in the article and thus have a broader idea on the subject.

Without further ado, I invite you to read everything that these simple messages to make a man fall in love they can offer you.

How to make a guy jealous over text messages: Be a mystery!

How to make a guy jealous over text messages

There’s a reason so many people are drawn to police series and horror movies: the suspense.

That feeling that there is something beyond or a mystery to be solved is an incomparable feeling.

Think of all the characters that are attractive in novels, series and movies.

Mystery is an essential part of these individuals.

How to manage to be a mystery and how to make a guy jealous over text messages?

Precisely, the lack of options that other forms of messaging have help to create such a suspenseful environment.

Regarding jealousy, the above can be very useful, but always with the benefit of self-control so that the situation does not get out of hand.

Uncertainty manages to trigger insecurity and, therefore, you will always feel alert and attentive to any curious or unusual movement.

Such an environment is possibly the basis for generating jealousy effectively.

If aside from that, you occasionally mention that you want to say something to him and leave him waiting, or hint that you have plans without further explanation.

You will always have him on the edge of the seat! And he will even insist that you let him into your “unknown world”.

Surely he will ask you about your plans, about what you do, who you talk to, etc., a sea of ​​​​attention on you and the partner expectations!

the right amount of distance

Being able to see “Last online at…”, “Seen at….” usually, this will create a bit of mystery.

This gives us the feeling that, although a person is not talking to us at that moment, they are there.

Without those features, the time it takes to send a message will feel like an eternity.

That is, with the text messages to bring the romance back you have total control of the sensation of distance that you want to give.

Take your time to reply and send messages, this will always keep him eager to hear from you!

Keeping a distance does not necessarily mean applying “the law of the ice”.

But making him feel your absence a little will make him pay much more attention to your presence.

How to make a guy jealous over text messagesnot only refers to making him believe that you are with someone.

The key is to make him understand that he is not the center of your world and that there are other people interested in you.

But how to achieve it? Continue reading and find out the great secret!

casually dropping names

How to make a guy jealous over chat

Competition in men is usually triggered by imagining that there are other guys around you.

Especially those who, due to their physical appearance or abilities, inevitably provoke jealousy.

If you’re telling him about your day and all of a sudden you mention something like:

“…and José helped me make some copies, always so attentive”, it is likely that this phrase activates his jealousy.

Even if your man is slightly possessive, messages like these will have great effectiveness.

Dropping names spontaneously and casually will make you think you have competition.

Never let him take you for granted, stimulate his instinct.

learn how to get him to see you as the most special woman in the worldwhich never lacks suitors.

How to make a guy jealous over text messages it was never so easy.

If you not only broadcast the name of an acquaintance, but mention a small positive characteristic, the competition will be taken very seriously.

Also, you can formulate 70 funny questions for your boyfriend so that you encourage curiosity in your boy.

The types of responses

Intentionally seeking to make someone jealous in order to attract their attention can have positive or negative results.

It is a very dangerous game!

This is why you should know what differences exist in the responses between men and women in relation to the triggers of jealousy.

In relation to the above, I recommend you read the study published in, whose content will help you to complement it.

It is advisable to do a little test before starting to apply all the knowledge acquired here.

It will be the best first move you make!

Remember that not all people have the same point of view of jealousy, it is not always a desirable or pleasant attitude.

So watch your man’s behavior carefully and see if it’s worth starting a plan to make him jealous.

But also if it is better to discard it to prevent it from turning around and losing its attention permanently.

How to make a guy jealous over text messages It’s solved! You just need to take a look at the Magnetic Desire Method and achieve, apart from making him jealous with the help of emotional intelligence, How to seduce a man so they can be the ideal couple.

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