What to say if you were told “I love you”?

What to say if you were told: “I love you”? Let’s imagine the situation: you are dating a guy who is very nice to you. You are easy and comfortable together. On the next date, he tells you the meaningful words “I love you.” You were so taken aback by surprise that you couldn’t answer.

How to behave if a young man confesses his love to you? What to say if you are in love with him? And how to react, are you not there? This and much more will be discussed in the current article.

“I love you …” – what underlies this phrase?

For some, words about love are just words. They are easy to pronounce, and not much is invested in true feelings and emotions in recognition. For others, this kind of revelation is of great importance. Therefore, before uttering the cherished phrase, the lover must be one hundred percent sure of his feelings.

That is why there can be no unambiguous interpretation. Let’s try to understand what a person might mean by saying this phrase.

  • He wants to share the depth of his feelings.
  • No more than sderzhivat emoji.
  • The chosen one is trying to get attention.
  • He tries to bind to himself.
  • Wants reciprocity.
  • Strives to get what they want (more personal relationships or total control over a partner).
  • Trying to improve the quality of the relationship in this way.

In any case, if you are in love with a man, for you his words of love will be long-awaited and desired. But if there are doubts about your chosen one, then his phrase about falling in love will come as a surprise or an unpleasant surprise for you, to which you simply will not know how to react.

How to respond to a confession if you have mutual feelings?

  • Analyze what you really feel for the person.

Try to understand it deeply. Ask yourself the question: “Am I comfortable next to the chosen one?”, “Am I drawn to him?”, “Do I want to be with him standing up.” Do not confuse feelings with an attempt to avoid loneliness or with a desire to connect your life with a horomek chom.

  • Don’t let yourself feel fear.

If the feelings are deep, do not be afraid to show them. A person who is serious will appreciate the recognition. Negative attitudes such as “if I talk about love, he will treat him worse” should be left aside.

  • Share your feelings sincerely.

Openness and sincerity in this case is the best help. Try to trust your partner and tell it like it is. You should not utter only loud promises and high-flown phrases. Speak directly, without evasions, men understand better this way.

How to respond to the phrase “I love you”?

The following phrases can serve as examples: “I am so glad to hear this, because my feelings for you are mutual”, “I am so pleased to hear this, I was waiting for recognition from you, because I love you too.”

  • Instead of recognition, perhaps use tactile encouragement.

By the way, it’s up to you. For men, words are generally not as important as for women. Therefore, if it is difficult for you to formulate thoughts, focus on the manifestation of feelings.

How to respond to a declaration of love if you are not sure of your feelings?

If you doubt that the feelings that you have at the moment can develop into true love, you should also sincerely say this. However, it is important to do this as correctly as possible.

  • “My take it by yourself to some of the deep and the name, no to the next moment and you don’t have to do it one way. This is due to the fact that I am very careful about words of love. It’s a big responsibility for me.”
  • “I am definitely in love with you. But I would like to talk about love towards you when I am 100% sure that these are the same ones.
  • “To be honest, I didn’t even think about how I specifically feel for you. Perhaps it is worth paying attention to this, but it is so valuable to me that you were sincere with me.

It is important to note that specificity and sincerity are required in any case. Otherwise, if the partner feels false from your STORona, he will be unpleasant. Don’t worry about it and see it.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, and sympathy does not flow into something more, perhaps this is a square. To convince yourself that someday the situation will change, perhaps there is no point. It is important to fully understand yourself.

What to say to a man for whom you do not have strong feelings?

Here the situation is even more complicated. Of course, it is possible to speak in a detached way, evading and avoiding directness. However, in some respects, huhus is like air, primarily because trust begins to rhox.

  • Understand yourself.

You should stop, hold the roll in two parts. Does it even make sense for him to wait for your reciprocity. For a long time to reassure a person, and then refuse him, looks like a redeemer

  • Take a time out.

Perhaps asking a man to give you time to think, in this way, you will delay the reciprocal confession, and you will also have the opportunity to weigh everything and make a final decision.

  • Tell it like it is.

If there are no special feelings, it is worth conveying to the person. For example: “I can’t talk about mutual feelings, I’m not sure that they exist”, “I’m trying to understand myself and understand if I want to be with you.”

  • Try to avoid the answer.

If you are unable to speak directly, it may be a good idea to avoid answering. Or translate, imperceptibly, the topic, smiling embarrassedly. You can just thank your partner for being open. In all these cases, it remains to be hoped that he will not ask about reciprocity directly.

  • Offer to switch to another.

If a person who you don’t like at all confesses his love to you, you can gently explain to him that he should not count on a relationship with you. “I do not consider you as my boyfriend. We can only communicate and be friends.” Giving hope in vain is definitely not worth it.

What phrases should definitely not be said?

  • In which the particle “but” is used after words of praise.

“You are so good, but I am not able to reciprocate”, “you are kind, but I am not ready.” On the other hand, it is necessary to follow the steps in the room. They understand the problem is what a woman experiences ah in

  • Harsh phrases in which you hurt his feelings.

Although men love sincerity and directness, excessive straightforwardness can still offend. Speaking of feelings for you, he deserves to be treated with respect. In general, try to talk more about yourself, your feelings, and discuss the chosen one.

  • Arrogant words.

No, it’s okay and it’s on the wall, so it’s not possible to see it. In any case, recognition is subject only to strong moral people. In addition, if a person is not yours, this does not mean at all that he is bad.

Of course, we dream of hearing a declaration of love from a person who is dear to us. But in real life situations are completely different. Despite this, it is worthwhile to behave with dignity. And love itself is a very individual concept. Therefore, listen to your heart, try to remain sincere and honest with a man and with yourself.

And learn to be grateful for everything that happens, as well as for the people who surround you. They do not just appear on the path of life. This philosophy can lead you to true happiness.

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