How to tell if your ex is missing you but hiding it?

How to tell if your ex is missing you but hiding it? Even if the relationship is over, sometimes you want to know how the former lives? What is he experiencing? Did you find another? Or maybe he still misses you? Can you give me a price for this? And how to figure out if there is a chance to return the relationship and whether it should be done?

How to tell if your ex is missing you but hiding it? How to read his mind?

It is impossible to “get into” another person’s head and understand what he really thinks of you. No, for that purpose, it is now possible to dispose of it in the original language.

The best indicator that Bavor misses you is despite your parting. There are several signs by which you can understand this:

  • you often encounter – he periodically appears where you appear, and without an objective one.

If you work together, then of course there is such a reason;

  • he follows you on social networks – sometimes almost everyone visits the page of their ex. But if he does this all the time, then this may be a sign that he is bored. However, there is another reason – self-doubt. He wants to get confirmation that you are unhappy without him;
  • he often finds an excuse to call you and chat;
  • he asks a lot of questions about you and your personal life;
  • he offers you his help – to help with the move, take a walk with the dog, give a ride, fix the dash and the TV set. This means that he wants you to need him;
  • once in the same company, you catch his gaze on you, which he quickly takes away;
  • at random meetings, he maintains tactile contact, enters your personal space;
  • your mutual friends say that he misses you or often mentions you in conversation;
  • his friends began to take an active interest in your personal life, although this was not the case before – rather, it’s all right, it’s one-serious;
  • sends you “random” messages, as if to another girl, and then writes “sorry, not to you” – know this is for you;
  • he deliberately tries to demonstrate how happy he is, and you feel that he is doing this on purpose;
  • he does not take the things that he left from you, although he constantly tells you not to throw them away, he needs them, and he leaves himself a reason to meet you when he calls for them;
  • he keeps memories, they are significant for him;
  • he often in a conversation recalls how you met, how you walked in the park, how you laughed – in general, he thinks about those positive moments that were in your relationship and yearns for them;
  • communication with you is his priority – if you need to meet, he quickly puts aside his business and goes to you;
  • if you wrote to him, he answers almost immediately;

  • he continues to discuss with you the reason for the breakup and sort things out;
  • sometimes when communicating with you, he is embarrassed and abruptly moves away, is distracted, begins to behave coldly.

Why does your ex stay in your life?

It is important to understand that all the signs, especially if there are several of them, can indicate that he is bored. And they can say that, despite the actual distance, psychologically you did not part.

Be prepared to stay in emotional contact. This may take years. Because it is worth it to those who are there, it’s worth it, it’s what it is. The real end of the relationship is indifference, calm friendly communication, in which there are few bright emotions, both positive and negative.

On the other hand, if the ex continues to maintain contact, then he may perceive you as a “spare wat”. This happens if he himself was the initiator of the breakup and knows that you still love him. Feeding some feelings, he feels calm from the fact that he will not be left alone, but if the new relationship is true.

Another reason he stays in your life is habit. He is used to being around, he is comfortable with the feeling that he has you. This happens if your relationship has lasted long enough. Change, especially a sudden change, is scary. If the parting has been uncomfortable, trying to maintain contact is a way to deal with the fear of that section.

And perhaps the reason is that he really doubts, even if he was the initiator of the breakup. Much did not suit him in the relationship and it seemed that all this did not suit him. No, after parting, he began to miss you, he wants to see you, to communicate. I started thinking about you often.

This is quite a typical situation. It is difficult for people to realize the significance of something until they have lost it. Bad memories are quickly forgotten, but good memories remain. Then his presence in your life is a sign that he is rushing about, does not know what decision to make.

What can this lead to?

It really doesn’t matter what he thinks. Pay attention to yourself and your desires. As long as you have a word, you should read it by yourself. You also have a psychological connection with him, he is not indifferent to you. It is not good for you to be in such a “suspended” state for a long time.

Firstly, it is difficult to start a new relationship if you have not psychologically finished the old ones.

Secondly, you risk living for several years in empty expectation. Just because your ex misses you doesn’t mean he’ll come back to you. If a man wants you back, he openly admits this, talks about his feelings and that he misses you. In addition, he will take concrete actions for this.

Thirdly, even if you try to start a relationship again, think about whether the problems that once had disappeared have disappeared. Have you let go of a friend’s resentment against a friend? Have you changed your behavior? Are the products produced that conflict with each other? If not, then there is a good chance that this relationship will not last long.

Try to be clear about your desires. Do you want them back or not? If not, it is best to break this psychological connection:

  • Stop following your ex on social media
  • remove all things that remind of him;
  • do not call or write to him;
  • don’t ask him for help.

If you’ve decided that you really want to give the relationship a second chance, then it’s better to act rather than wait. What does it mean? Change iiiiiced, engage in self-development, sports, new hobbies, show that you are changing and, thereby, har. Start living a full-fledged bright life, enrich it, add a lot of positive emotions. Happy and easy people attract attention and make you want to communicate with them. Review your relationship, think about how to avoid past mistakes.

The most important thing is your desire. Don’t try to repair a relationship just out of fear of being alone. Don’t try to justify your ex’s flaws. Try to objectively assess how much you want to be with this person. And how much he wants to be with you. Act on that.

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