What to do if feelings in a relationship fade away?

What to do if feelings in a relationship fade away – is it possible to return them?

So you will be able to wait until you are interested in the drugs in the drugs. It is private in the distribution. Is there a way to fix everything? What to do if a man’s feelings for you have faded?

Why does interest disappear?

As long as you have a street and the interests of the dog in the dog, it is not necessary to pay attention to it in the United States.

Be this, it is not done, it is very expensive, and it is not effective, it is not.

Reasons for losing feelings:

  • you only talk about everyday life, business – there is no romance or interest in each other in relationships, because you do not talk about yourself, about important matters, about your feelings or interesting activities;
  • monotony and routine – if your life has turned into a “groundhog day”, then there will be no feelings, because everything is predictable, there is no novelty, you repeat the same phrases;
  • a lot of accumulated grievances – unresolved conflicts lead to the fact that there are so many negative emotions that there is simply no room for positive ones;
  • constant quarrels and criticism – if every day you find out something, try to argue or shout each other out, this will inevitably affect your feelings.

If you notice that most quarrels over trifles are a sign that there is a fundamental problem in your relationship, something does not suit someone, but is hushed up. Dissatisfaction is expressed in constant irritation.

To understand the true reason, analyze your life together. This is difficult enough. Emotional involvement in the situation, self-deception make you subjective. Therefore, it is always easier to give advice to others.

All you have to do is put in the location so that the storage and the project, in the physiological test of the technology. Choose a time when no one bothers you, you are alone. Turn off your phone. Get all thoughts out of your head. Close eyes.

Imagine that you are entering a cinema hall. There is no one in it, this is a morning session. Feel the smell, hear how quiet it is. Choose a seat and sit down. The light turned off. There is a huge screen in front of you. You start watching a movie that shows a typical day in your family’s life.

It could have been yesterday or a week ago. Look at this film like a viewer seeing it for the first time. Pay attention to your husband’s behavior. Think about how he feels, what he thinks. Try to see how he perceives you and home communication.

The technician will explain the situation, you will see the problem. When you understand it, think about how you can change it?

Accumulated grievances and claims are often hushed up. Nobody wants to bring this topic up because they are trying to avoid conflict. No emotion of this is not considered, and it will be done by the people who live there. It is better to find out everything, survive the crisis and find a solution than to live with “eyes wide shut”.

Why does a man lose INTEREST?

How to fix it?

In addition to finding the cause and fixing it, it’s helpful to think about each other’s needs. This is not about the needs for food, water, but about the psychological needs that every person has: security, acceptance, novelty, respect, attention, affection, significance, and so on. Is it from this drug?

For example, do you devalue his achievements by constant reproaches and comparisons with others? Isn’t it focused on how many people are in the future? Do you accept him the way he is?

A good way to bring back old feelings is memories. But just looking at pictures or going to the restaurant where you had your first date is not enough.

Remember who he fell in love with

Remember yourself the way you were when you first met. What girl did he fall in love with? And why? How did you dress? How did you behave? What did you talk about, what did you do? Was there lightness, openness in you? Are you saying that you don’t want to see it? How did you laugh at his jokes? What could you talk about for hours? The best way to bring back his faded feelings is to bring back his past self.

Of course, it is no longer possible to be the same. This is not necessary. But my routes about the Czech character and behavior that were and will remain in you are simply ° 

Remember who you fell in love with

If you want a man to love you again, fall in love with him again. When a woman looks with a loving look, it always causes a storm of emotions in a man. And in order to return your feelings, it doesn’t hurt to remember why you fell in love with him, for what qualities. They have not disappeared either, he is still “the hero of your novel”, you just see his weaknesses more often. No this is not done, it is on the grid instead of the virtues.

Simple ways to win back his interest in you

There are several simple methods that will help you awaken the feelings that have faded in a man. The more you use them, the better. These include:

  • spontaneity – allow yourself to do what is not natural for you, to react unexpectedly. For example, instead of the usual dissatisfied speech about his socks, do something funny;
  • rejection of quarrels and criticism – learn other methods of conflict resolution, talk about feelings and listen in response;
  • appearance – it’s time to change the image, search for yourself, self-realization with the help of a new image, redevelopment of the house;
  • self-confidence – this quality always attracts people, so try to “pump” it;
  • take up a new business – this will reveal you from the other side, and a person who is passionate about something arouses interest in his own;
  • ask questions about him – ask the man how his day went, what difficulties he encountered, what was interesting, just ask not routinely, but with sincere interest and listen to the answer, participate in the conversation, and do not look at the phone;
  • do together what you have never done – this is another sign of spontaneity, joint activity strengthens the emotion of emotion;
  • ignite curiosity – act unexpectedly, engage in self-development, show feelings more, but leave unsatisfactoriness
  • start flirting, even if it’s your husband – flirting brings pleasure, so you need to use it;
  • start laughing at his jokes – this is very important for a man;
  • give compliments – yes,praise and compliments, the main thing is to do it sincerely,
  • express gratitude for help and care – do not take them for granted. Gratitude does not always need to be expressed in words, at your disposal a smile, a glance, a touch, you can use words;
  • spend some time only together – bring romance back into relationships, dates, go to the movies, walk in a steam room, again.

Any feelings can be returned, the main thing is to find the reason for their extinction and change your behavior a little. As long as you take drugs, you do not have problems, and you do not have to worry about it.

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