What are models and roles of behavior in relationships and what are they?

What are models and roles of behavior in relationships and what are they? The relationship between wear and a woman develops according to a certain scenario, and it depends on what roles are played. If you look at relationships through the prism of psychology, you can see two worlds, the world of a man and the world of a woman, which may have much in common, and perhaps vice versa, are completely different, but they have an attraction.

No wonder they say that family relationships are not easy, because when you connect with your partner, you unite your worlds, and this is where the most difficult begins. People are moving to a new level of relationships, where it is necessary to take responsibility and reckon with what they have. To the position and role, which will be given to the woman and the girl, to the other, to the models that are given to other people.

What is a Family Behavior Model?

Each couple exists as long as they are comfortable being together. In terms of comfort, it is necessary to say that it is not “comfortable”, a hormone, calmly and safely. The general model of family behavior has a great influence on the favorable development of relations.

The general model is a style of communication with each other and with the outside world, the style that a man and a woman have chosen, this is a vector of movement that they have mutually chosen.

To achieve common goals, they need to assign roles, only in this way they can act smoothly and accurately.

The choice of this style of behavior is directly influenced by the psychological characteristics, temperament, psycho type and individual characteristics of each in a couple. Together, all these qualities make a person behave in one way or another, which, in fact, determines his model of behavior in relationships.

There are several types of behavior patterns in the family, and gradually they are supplemented by new, more modern exchange patterns. This is due to the fact that society is constantly changing, styles and patterns of behavior are changing.

For example, if we look in ancient times, everything was very clear and understandable there: the husband plays the role of a breadwinner, he is stern and only hunts, and the woman cooks food and gives birth to children. Even the savages were able to agree and choose their own role for everyone, so that everyone would be comfortable and safe.

According to this principle, and in a validated model of behavior with a focus on a person’s evolution, on his own layer of hood Today, a couple has a large selection of roles that they can try on and build relationships with a partner based on it, but only sometimes, these roles and behaviors can be destructive and not acceptable for the second half.

Types of behavior patterns in relationships

The psychology of the family juts out the laws of development of relations between mewcored and a woman, she. For the most recent models, the following are required:

  • model of equality.

No way is the part and the resolution is given to the person who wants it. The wife, on an equal footing with her husband, earns money, the husband takes part in the upbringing and care of children, they both solve issues related to everyday life and joint recreation.

5 models available in other countries

  • model of parent-child relationship.

This version of the relationship has a place to be, and even suits both partners. It consists in the fact that one of the partners is in the position of an adult, which means that he most often makes decisions and takes responsibility for the family, and the second partner arrives in the role of a child.

Such roles can be different: the “parent” can be tiary, directive, dominant, or the bay after The same is true with the role of the “child”: he tends to show capriciousness, exactingness, indecision, irresponsibility and selfishness.

  • The dream of all girls is a romantic model of behavior.

Both partners are set for harmonious development and existence next to each other. That is not the case, this is what is needed for the partners and the dates that are given to you. Romance model given to post on the subject, light and original on that parter. In other words, husband and wife dissolve into each other and live with common goals and meanings.

  • friendly relationship model.

As it is customary to say: “A friend will not leave you in trouble,” so here there is an agreement on the goals set, on how they both see their family, and what laws will reign in it. They have common interests, hobbies, they have a certain type of recreation, but at the same time they have a possibility. One can take care of everyday life, and the second builds a career, knowing that he has a reliable rear.

  • An independent model of behavior emphasizes the authoritarianism of each of the partners.

They have their own interests separate from the family, their own goals of healing, but at the same time. In such a marriage, a couple can have separate financial accounts, a different social circle, a separate vacation, and at the same time, their coexistence will be completely satisfactory. The main motto of such a couple is: “Do not violate my boundaries.”

Of course, there are other options for eating in a relationship, but earset will rather close Problems that arise in this area, it is possible for your partners not to have models that are different from that of the other country. Then the brake ends up in conflicts and misunderstandings.

What roles do men and women choose in relationships?

The model is given in a month that is distributed, including the scenario, which is designed to protect and it is possible to do so in the future. By the way, by imposing a certain model of behavior, some people can in subscript scenarios.

The most common mistake and problem in marriage is when the roles do not match or when the partner wants to see a person next to him with a different internal position. Simply put, there are actually three main roles: Parent, Adult, and Child. In different literature, they may be called a little differently, but these images will be the basis. Their characteristics, features, and orientation will be determined individually – personal psychological especially.

If a woman wants to see an adult next to her in the family, and her husband is in the position of a Child, then she will not be able to build normal relations with him. Or not vice versa, mubly in the position of an adult, but of a parent, because it is excessive and dominance does not bt

There is one secret that will help you see what role your partner chooses in life, you just need to carefully analyze his actions, conversations with loved ones and people around him. If a person is open to dialogue, solves problems that stand in the way, does not hide behind the backs of other people, but at the same time does not give out advice and recommendations, there is no unreasonable criticism, then, most likely, this is an internally adult person.

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