What to say to a man if he is offended and silent? TOP 50 phrases

What to say to a man if he is offended and silent?

Sometimes partners quarrel so much that they say words on emotions that they later regret. And it is not clear how to fix it, especially if a man is not ready to talk, if he is offended. What can he write?

What to say to a man if he is offended and silent – TOP 50 phrases

There are a few phrases that will help you build a relationship with a man who is offended:

  • despite what happened, I think about you and really want to see you;
  • I hope that you will forgive me, I love you very much;
  • I regret what happened and miss you very much;
  • I think we couldn’t understand each other, I said too much on emotions, now I’m sorry, let’s talk about it;
  • I am very sorry that we quarreled, because I know that you are my best and I already miss you;
  • forgive me, I feel terrible, I can’t live without you;
  • I think I was wrong. I want to see you so much;
  • I miss you. When you’re ready to talk – I’m there;
  • I’m very worried, I can’t find a place for myself, let’s talk;
  • it was after what happened that I realized how important and dear you are to me;
  • we quarreled and it’s very hard for me, but if we manage to overcome this, then I’m sure that our relationship will get worse;
  • I realized that I began to understand you better, I’m sorry that I could not hear you before;
  • I understand that you feel bad now, and you are angry with me, I am also very worried. Let’s not hurt each other anymore, shall we?
  • I understand that in many ways I was also wrong, forgive me. Let’s talk so that it doesn’t happen again;
  • I said too much and I don’t think so at all, I just felt resentment and anger, it seemed to me that I was being hijacked. But now I feel fear that you will not forgive me and I am very sorry that I did not say the most important thing – I love you;
  • I regret what happened, but I think we will learn to understand each other better;
  • in the moment when the word is written, it is not necessary to say that the dog is wearing it.
  • let’s not let what happened ruin all the good that was between us?
  • the only thing I want now is for you to be there, I miss you very much and can’t imagine life without you;
  • we are both unbearable, but at such moments as today I understand that in order to be with you, on a gots;
  • you are probably very offended now, and I understand your feelings. But that won’t stop me from loving you even more;
  • I know that I am often wrong, and I have many shortcomings, but I hope you can forgive me;

What to say to a man if he is offended and silent? TOP 50 phrases

  • I understand how difficult it can be with me, sometimes I’m just unbearable, I don’t hear at all what you wanted to tell me. Sorry. Love you;
  • that is not the case. Let’s talk before I go crazy with guilt;
  • I think we couldn’t hear each other because we were both on emotions. Come back, let’s talk;
  • I’m sorry it happened. I know I hurt you sometimes, but you make me a better person. Every day with you teaches me something important in this life, I miss you;
  • I can’t even imagine how much patience you need to deal with my temper, sorry by this;
  • I understand how offended you are. Now, having calmed down, I understand that we need to figure everything out and try to understand each other. I really want to understand you, let’s talk about it;
  • sometimes I am terribly selfish and have no control over my emotions. I understand that I was wrong, forgive me;
  • I regret what happened, but I am sure that our relationship will withstand anything, because what is between us is something real and I am not ready to give it up;
  • I know you’re angry with me, and I can’t imagine what it takes for you to forgive me, I just hope so;
  • I know you were offended, but I cooked your favorite dish, I’m sorry, I could not restrain myself. When I cook for you, I immediately feel better and I don’t feel anxious;
  • I’m sorry about today, I think I reacted this way simply because I’m very afraid of losing you. I have never been so afraid of anything in my life;
  • What to say to a man if he is offended and silent? TOP 50 phrases
  • everything I said to you today is just stupid, I don’t even think so. Now I’m thinking about how much I love you;
  • remember how we met? I thought at that moment that this man would make me happy. I’m sorry that I can’t always make you happy;
  • Ever since we’ve been together, we’ve often quarreled and upset each other. No ya know for sure that even during a quarrel, I am happier than when you are not around;
  • please come back, I’m going crazy and really want to hug you;
  • you know, there are many moments in my life, but they are nothing, compared with the first ° yx i i and and and and and xy for
  • I’m probably a terrible egoist, but I’m sure that such a chic man like you can tolerate such a crazy;
  • dear, I conferred with the cockroaches in my head, and we came to the conclusion that the cockroach Gosh was to blame for everything, which took control of my body when the others had a coffee break. Please forgive me and come back. Gosha we kicked out;
  • darling, I’m sorry, it seems I messed up again and ruined everything. But I’m already starting to fix it. Come home, a surprise awaits you and a guilty wife;
  • we oa know th got hooked up with a totally unbearable woman who can laughs and with dx, r^ r r Ender Even my mother sympathizes with you, she also knows what it’s like to live with me;
  • Without you, there is a ringing silence in the apartment. And at such moments I understand that you are the best thing in my life. I’m sorry;
  • how stupid everything turned out today. Made a quarrel out of nowhere. I love you so much and miss your hugs;
  • I know that I’m jealous like crazy, but it’s your fault – you drove me crazy on the first date;
  • when we quarrel, I’m ready to just kill you. No, it’s not like that, it’s just a matter of minutes, as I saw. Maybe now I love you even more. I’m sorry;
  • I don’t know if you can be around someone like me. No exactly I know that I can’t live without you anymore. I love you and miss you;
  • You know, I thought a lot about what happened. And I understand that somewhere was not right. I have so much to tell you! Please come back;
  • I downloaded a new series of our series. No way you can see that before you come. I can’t do anything at all without you. Please forgive me for today. Come back.

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