How to return the faded feelings of a guy and is it possible to do this?

How to return the faded feelings of a guy and is it possible to do this? The first quivering meetings, tender words, and the desire to give each other joy. This is the start of a romantic relationship. No so you can see that you are going to stay away from people and people. The guy suddenly cooled off and you had a fear for your relationship.

The reasons may be very different. Starting with the fact that the beloved was simply tired, and ending with the fact that the feelings really began to fade away. In any case, something needs to be done.

Signs that feelings are cooling down

If your boyfriend does not go into a direct conversation and is in no hurry to admit that his feelings have changed, you can analyze his behavior and understand that it is time to sound the alarm.

The following signs may indicate a cold:

  • The guy stopped giving gifts and making surprises;
  • In telephone conversations, he became short, concise, and irritation appeared in his voice;
  • If you are not interested in two languages, you will hear them, and then you will hear them.
  • They began to meet less often on his initiative;
  • Gone are tender words and special addresses;
  • The man stopped planning joint weekends;
  • Lost attraction, no longer enthusiastic, in order to enter into intimacy.

Having noted several such “calls”

Causes of cold in a relationship

  • Loss of trust.

Remember if there were situations in which you showed yourself unworthy. It’s up to you and it’s not worth it. It is likely that he is offended by you and cannot forgive;

  • He got another one.

There’s nothing you can do about it, and you don’t need to. The name is given by the name of the person, and by the name of it, by the name of the person;

  • You look worse.

He started dating a beauty, and now he is not watching what he would like. Don’t skimp on it. Remember, men love with their eyes, and if you have neglected your appearance, then here is the reason for the cold;

  • He doesn’t see you in his future.

You often quarrel, views on life do not coincide at all, there are no common goals. You do not understand each other, and this always leads to a painful separation. Therefore, not seeing prospects, the guy decides to leave;

  • Bored intimate life.

Why does a man lose INTEREST?

Monotony gets boring sooner or later. Not when you read it separately on the subject. Therefore, if you feel that something is wrong with your stupidity, then you take the initiative and yours, h Engine.

10 ways to start a fire again

You can find a way out of any situation. And d^ if after the steps taken by the taga, the guy will remain cold as ksbt, all y.

  • Don’t impose.

Constantly texting and calling is a bad idea. Guys don’t like annoying girls. Go about your life, but sometimes flash before the guy’s eyes. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you constantly walk past his house, it will look strange.

Get your life in order, find a hobby. The guy will start to wonder why you suddenly feel so good without him;

  • Remember the past.

What were you like when you first met? It’s time to try to return to those times. Try to act the same, or even better, give a new round to your romance, lure the guy back into your

Prove the washing you want in most of the previous language, do the same to the new. Let pleasant memories be reinforced by new emotions;

  • Be irreplaceable.

Delay accent on your own uniqueness. Make his dreams come true like no one has done before you. You should compare favorably with all his exes, have your own zest. Perhaps, in a special way, cook his favorite dish, find his chip in sex or do it together.

Surround the guy with care, affection and show that he will not be interested in living without you at all;

  • Make jealous.

Very little. Tolko in order to increase interest in your person. If the guy himself is very jealous, then you need to be careful. If you dared to do this, then this move will definitely refresh your feelings.

Kissing everyone in a row is optional, we can laughs arthood to create a situation that is out of the way for prior dim. Pretend that a stranger sent you flowers. Or get a friend to ask you to dance. Seeing that they are showing attention to you, your chosen one will definitely get nervous;

  • Be happy.

The positivity is contagious. A girl who smiles, laughs a lot and enjoys life is always attractive. She wants to be close to her. And if your Romeo and this is not enough, then do not worry. You are careful and you are allowed to do so, and the temperature is too high;

Not necessarily drastic. Then you may regret it. Buy some new outfits, freshen up your hair, relax in the spa. Come on a date prettier and updated. He will be smitten;

  • Learn self-control.

Now that everything is in order with the appearance, it’s time to pay attention to the inner world. One of the reasons for the distance of a guy may be fatigue from the heat of passion in your relationship. Try to control your emotions, become easy in communication, change the perception of some things. Then your lover will be comfortable;

  • Be impregnable.

Play hard to get. If the chosen one is already set to meet, now let him fight a little for your heart. Be a little away, but do not reject attempts to get closer. Make it your goal to create intrigue.

Men are known to be predators and hunters. Therefore, let him have an incentive to achieve you;

  • Leave a reminder of yourself.

If you’re already close enough, leave him some change that belongs to you. It can be a hair clip or a hair band. Do not leave anything important (keys, documents). He’s too quick to try to get them back.

And regularly bumping into your thing, he will think about you, miss you, and look for a reason for a new meeting;

  • Don’t sort things out.

Raz you will be able to see, so that it is not possible to understand it in more than one subject. But he sprinkled ashes on his head, but the trivialities of the guys. Start with a clean slate. Let the new be more interesting than the old. Otherwise, all your work was in vain, and the guy will start moving away again, realizing that nothing has changed.

If your relationship just stagnated, one of these ways (or several at once) will help avel.

Always remember that each person is individual, as are the situations in which there was a discord. No one breaks it down on me and it’s worth it to, it’s one of a kind. Especially if the guy doesn’t love you and doesn’t appreciate you.

In this case, it is better to let go of both the situation and the man. Not that you have to go, that you will want to do it, and that you will have to pay attention to it.

With a strong desire, you can do anything.

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