A man married another, although he loves me – what to do?

A man married another, although he loves me – what to do? You live calmly, share life, bed, and all the hardships of life, but at one moment you part and disperse Mork.

No where surprise: after six months at most, he marries another. And not even because of her pregnancy. And a series of reflections, soul-searching and breakdowns begins. How to survive the fact that the former did not marry you, especially if there are still feelings?

Reasons why you weren’t chosen

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Of course, you are the most beautiful, smart, and economic. And the new young lady of your ex is some kind of gray mouse. No, it is not necessary to see it. Even Monica Bellucci was cheated on.

So, common reasons for choosing men in favor of another:

  • You were just an alternate airfield.

This unfortunately happens. You are in love, and the man fully enjoyed your care, support, and trust. He kept your hope of a serious relationship alive, but you were just B’s convenient plan;

  • He didn’t plan anything big right away.

Very often, men already at the beginning of a relationship know that a woman nearby is not his future. No to for some reason delay the separation. Perhaps they are afraid of debriefing or exposing themselves as traitors;

  • He was sure you weren’t going anywhere.

Remember that you are alone, respect yourself and pack your things;

  • You quickly gave up.

Men, nevertheless, by nature, hunters. And you, perhaps, did not let yourself be conquered and drowned in it too quickly. He just lost interest. Maybe it’s good when everything came into your own hands, but no one will say “thank you” for this;

  • Now pass by more than you have, when you.

Perhaps she does not suffer from low self-esteem, is confident in her attractiveness, or is financially secure. Men really want a trouble-free life, so they are instinctively drawn to strong women;

  • You put a lot of pressure on him.

Talking about the wedding, children and a house in the country can quickly reduce all feelings to nothing. Davli you are a dream woman and ideal all around, if you are in a hurry, then the faith is high. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is useful to show your slight indifference to a serious scenario. Make something else your priority;

  • You have different life orientations.

If your whole world revolves around serious relationships and the desire to get married as soon as possible, then you can easily forget about yourself, your personal plans, self-development. Such a woman and man will slow down. And when he realizes that in this relationship, because of your ambitions, he cannot grow, then he may prefer;

  • Her parents liked her.

Yes, no matter how unpleasant it is to admit this, but parents, and especially mothers, often have weight in making decisions. Not available on this fact, other than the mother’s body with the mother and father, and also with the budget of the woman;

He loved you, and married another – Male psychology will explain everything

All people look for certain traits in their life partners. And no matter how perfect you are, if something is not in you, then in his eyes you will not become ideal;

  • He’s used to drama.

Problematic men marry equally problematic women. And this is a fact. Perhaps you were too good and tried to behave the same way in a relationship. And he needs conflicts, so he left to seek adventure;

  • He decided that you are not his mate.

There is nothing to change here. On the other hand, and this is why it is so good. If he wanted to be a lone wolf or look for another she-wolf, then just accept;

  • He wasn’t ready.

Perhaps at the time of your separation from him, he really did not want to tie the knot. No after in life, something changed, and he led another down the aisle. It happens. And yes, sometimes at the snap of a finger.

Even if you have concluded that the reason is still in you, do not be tormented. Whatever you are, the decision to break up is completely the decision and choice of your former chosen one.

How to get over a breakup?

After some time, all EMOtions will subside, and the ability to reason soberly will come in their place. You will understand that life goes on, despite the fact that the beloved has chosen another.

In the future, you will learn the lessons that this dramatic situation has taught you. But now your most important task is to survive and relieve mental suffering.

So what do you do to get life back on track?

  • Write down your thoughts and feelings.

To analyze your mistakes that you have made, records are very helpful. You can use a personal notebook, an online diary, or even start a channel. No forget about anonymity. People online can be very cruel and tactless. Re-read your notes and try to look at them through someone else’s eyes;

  • Do what you want.

No you want to see it. Prosecuting against the emocytosis. Scream, cry, break furniture. Arrange a marathon of watching melodramas with wine and sweets. No remember that it is important to stop on time. Life will continue after, and hard drinking, bulimia or nervous exhaustion are bad helpers;

  • Make your own plans.

Free time is not your friend now. Fill your days and evenings with events. When you go through parting, lue paint your every minute so that we howl and around ° 

  • Do not rush to take revenge.

You always want to take revenge and show the ex who he lost. You can make mistakes if you rush to get revenge. You won’t prove anything to anyone, but you will be disappointed from this race. And some women completely ruin their lives, quickly converging with an unloved man. Don’t follow their example;

  • Remember who you are.

In order to realize that you are a full-fledged person that is worthy of respect, happiness will help you lle olfei u; Think about your favorite color, favorite book, movie, hobby. This will give you the opportunity to remember what you really are and do what you have not done for a long time;

  • Forgive him and let him go.

Try to assess the situation from the other side and let go. Find the positives. It’s probably for the best that you don’t get dirty, you have to collect his scattered pieces. On a budget, you need to pay for it. May it remain a fond memory.

Yes, it is hard for an offended and abandoned woman to pull herself together and even more so to forgive her rival and traitor-lover, and then sincerely wish them happiness.

But if you feel ready to rejoice for them, then it means the very theriod and g parted. A new joyful life filled with vivid impressions awaits you.

You can safely open the world of other men, among whom there will definitely be someone who will carry you in his arms, see in you that very ideal woman, without whom she cannot live. The main thing is to appreciate and love yourself.

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