How to confess your love to a man first? 7 Best Tips

How to confess your love to a man first? 7 Best Tips. You, probably, like many other girls, have met such a situation that the guy is slow to confess. You meet, walk, you, accordingly, expect a word of love from him, but he is still silent. Let’s discuss the topic: “It is worth buying in love to a man first.”

Whether to confess to a man first in love?

Based on data from the psychological journal Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. With the original idea in this regard, it is important to remember that it is a woman.

The same statistics show that there are situations when women confess their love first, regardless of me. These are brave girls who believe that certainty and peace of mind are more precious in life.

If you decide to be the first to confess your love, then for sure your relatives will dissuade you, your friends will condemn you.

People do not like it when someone stands out from the crowd, thus violating customs.

Your behavior can become a kind of impetus to a new round of relationships. You will be together and you do not need to waste time waiting and wondering if the guy reciprocates or not. Everything will immediately fall into place.

Even if a man does not answer the same, then you need to find strength, cope with your emotions and let go of the situation. In this case, you also remain a winner. You don’t need to waste time on it. But there will be certainty.

Reasons why women are not recognized first in love!

If you are lucky enough to be able to do so on one of the two languages:

  • Because of your vulnerability. For girls, the moment in which they appear before their beloved man is of great importance, how he will take back. They are afraid to be in an awkward position.

Should I confess my love to a man first?

  • Due to low self-esteem. Everyone knows the fact that women’s self-esteem is completely dependent on the environment. Girls are afraid of what people will say, they take criticism hard, they don’t want to stand out from the general mass of their masses.
  • Against the backdrop of subconscious fears, the girls are silent about their love. It is difficult for them not only to talk about feelings, even to speak out about sympathy.
  • Due to poorly developed critical thinking. Girls believe that someone else’s opinion determines who is good and who is bad.

Other people are just like us. They have the right to evaluate only themselves. Giving a value judgment, others compare everyone with themselves. No one else you want. They tend to err. Their opinion may not be perfect.

If you have the strength to be the first to talk about feelings, then do not be afraid to do it. Thus, you will maintain your peace of mind, stop worrying about whether a man feels chu for you. Taking a risk, you will decide how you continue to live, and what to do.

How to confess your love to a man first – TOP 7 tips

The recognition of the first in love is suitable only for girls who have an active lifestyle. They are at the helm of life, they are not accustomed to waiting, wasting time, suffering senselessly.

Such women are strong, they believe that if they first tell a man about their feelings, then this will in no way affect their derogation. Serious harm to their psyche will not receive.

If you pay in advance:

  • First of all, decide whether this is really love, and not a fleeting hobby. If you decide to take this step, then your feelings should be long-lasting, at least 3-6 months. A declaration of love to an unfamiliar man can be a deception of feelings, and it will simply scare him away.
  • If you decide that it makes no sense to wait for a man to show initiative, then tell him about sympathy in the most suitable environment for this, where no one will interrupt you. You should be alone in a neutral place so that no one else has any additional inconvenience. It is better that you are in a cafe or wander around the park.
  • Before speaking, look at the man’s mood, whether he is calm, whether he is in a hurry. If a small amount of time is allocated for the meeting, you or he has lunch, or in a couple of hours there will be an important meeting where the young man will have to make a presentation, then it is better to postpone recognition for a more opportune moment.
  • Make eye contact with the man. Pay attention that at this moment he is not distracted by the menu, the phone. To it that is too long to be taken.
  • Be calm, speak with a smile on your face. Carry on the conversation from an “I” position. In no case do not reproach the man, do not say that you could not wait for recognition from him, you would like to make up your mind and convey your feelings to him. Just say your love. Don’t push him. Don’t ask for an answer.
  • Don’t be overly intrusive. Men can’t stand it. They are more impressed by the manifestation of leadership qualities. Act gently. Ideally, make the guy think that he took the initiative into his own hands.
  • Speak directly and simply. Guys don’t take hints. Don’t write romantic letters. Romance is not a man’s forte. If you still decided this format of recognition, then do not write much. Often guys don’t read letters to the end. It bores them. Opt for a short format with a caption.
  • Be prepared for a negative reaction, or lack of it. Perhaps the man does not expect your words. He simply does not know how to react, is confused. In this situation, do not cry, do not show your negativity, do not show aggression, do not pursue.

Don’t expect a response from a man right away. He needs time to think. But, if after a confession for a week he behaves as if nothing had happened, your relationship does not grow, remains at the same level, then try to forget him. Be open to fellowship with other young people.

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether to confess to a man first or not. It depends on your personal qualities. You yourself must make a choice: patiently wait for the initiative of a man, afraid to be in an unpleasant situation, or take a chance and find out the truth so as not to waste time.

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