How to Make Peace After a Quarrel? Psychology

How to Make Peace After a Quarrel? Building personal relationships is akin to a real art, where you have to create a joint work. Here everyone makes improvements and additions, taking into account the opinion of his co-author. However, it happens that the desires do not coincide, and some decisions of the partner will seem akin to pressure on the “beloved” corn. In such situations, quarrels often break out, after which loved ones may be at some distance.

How to Make Peace After a Quarrel?

How to make peace in such a case, a certain sequence of actions recommended by reputable psychologists will tell you. To make peace, pause. It doesn’t matter between whom a scandal erupted. This can happen equally to young girls and boys, as well as to husbands and wives who have stood the test of time. Of great importance here is the influence of the temperament inherent in each of the parties. It is good when a more moderate partner is next to the owner of an explosive temperament. This basically helps to avoid many confrontations.

After all, the erupted storm of emotions, on the one hand, simply does not meet with responses. Due to the fact that a cold-blooded person acts more prudently in a conflict situation. He understands that it makes no sense to have a conversation in raised tones, and in order to continue a constructive dialogue, you need to wait out the storm. Only in a pair, for example, a sanguine person – a choleric person, this tactic works very rarely.

Therefore, if the scandal cannot be avoided, then you should not limit yourself. A strong position will be if you express everything to each other here and now. At some point, a pause will hang, it must be used to move into personal space. There it is best to calm down and let the other person cool down. After all, under the influence of emotions, the right solution is still not found.

Show respect One way or another, but a close person becomes close because he has something special that others do not have. For this reason, it is worth remembering that there are no saints among us, and everyone has the right to their own shortcomings.

How to Make Peace After a Quarrel?

In addition, what should not be done not during or after a quarrel is to convince yourself that you are right. It is imperative to consider the situation from the position: “What if I’m wrong?”. The upcoming reconciliation must be sincere, and for this, after the reproaches are over, you need to be able to frankly admit your mistakes too. Take a look at the world through his (her) eyes When you managed to calm down and bring the nervous system to a calm state after a quarrel, among other things, in order to make peace, it is recommended to analyze your own actions.

At the same time, it is very useful to know, at least in part, how your partner argues. This will help to assess the situation from his point of view. An attempt to model a view from the outside will put a lot in its place. As a result, previously inexplicable actions may turn out to be trivially simple. Such reasoning very often helps to reveal the true cause of the conflict and ends with the words: “How did I not guess right away?”. Do not waste your life on resentment.

A conflict that has erupted between loved ones should always have moves to be resolved. At the same time, it is very important to be able to admit to oneself that the quarrel that has occurred is just a fleeting impulse, which after a short time will completely lose its relevance. Then this thought will be easier to bring to your neighbor, who, most likely, also suffered in vain. Reconciliation after a quarrel must necessarily end in such a way that later no one would have a desire to remember the causes of the confrontation that arose.

How to Make Peace After a Quarrel?

Make it clear that indifference is to blame for everything The most unpleasant thing that happens in people’s lives is conflicts with their supporters. But the paradox lies in the fact that quarrels often arise on the basis of rivalry to achieve a common goal. One way or another, but, in fact, the perpetrators of such a conflict do not initially try to harm each other. Just at some point, their actions were inconsistent. It’s funny and embarrassing at the same time.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to give up trying to make someone happy against their will. Sad as it may seem, but it happens that a relationship that seemed perfect yesterday can end up in a dead end after a quarrel. At the same time, none of the parties is able to resolve it. In such cases, it is recommended to use a proven method. To reconcile, it is necessary to seek help from a third party, whose authority extends to all participants in the conflict. Such a person, with a high degree of probability, will have useful tips for solving this problem. . How to Make Peace After a Quarrel?

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