How to Say Nice Words to a Man? 50 Examples

How to Say Nice Words to a Man? 50 Examples. Saying nice words to a guy is not a feat, but the norm. But why is this so? Do men need compliments, affectionate nicknames, and sweet phrases? And what beautiful words are better to use in different cases? About why it is important at least sometimes to indulge your chosen one with cute expressions, as well as what exactly to say to him, will be discussed further.

How to say nice words to a man and why?

Everyone, even the most self-confident man, will not refuse pleasant phrases addressed to him. If you approach the selection of compliments and affectionate expressions with meaning, then you can please any guy. What will happen if you say tender words to your chosen one at least a couple of times a day?

  • The couple becomes emotionally close. Feelings, trust, mutual understanding will be strengthened. The risk of betrayal, the number of conflicts will decrease.
  • A man will be inspired to new actions or a certain manner of behavior, will try to do something pleasant in return.
  • This is a great way to get a few kind words in return… If you pamper him with such sayings regularly, then he himself will begin to say pleasant things more often for no reason.
  • Guy’s self-esteem will improve, determination, his faith in his own strength. Thanks to this, he will often be in a good mood. In this state, he will become more likely to succeed in everything.

When a man achieves something or simply puts a lot of effort into a certain business, then, naturally, he wants to receive a portion of recognition. If he receives it from the woman he loves, he will always return home with a smile on his face. Even in the choice between friends and a girl, he is more likely to give preference to the latter.

If the couple does not consider it necessary to at least occasionally show their care, support, love through words, routine comes to visit. Partners begin to live simply as neighbors, there is a feeling of “quid pro quo”. At the same time, there may be no quarrels at all, but there will be no closeness either.

Compliments are not meant to cover negativity… And they don’t. Pleasant phrases will not have the desired effect if a woman now and then says something like:

  • “How can you even call yourself a man? I couldn’t even fix the shabby door.”
  • “And what, that you washed the dishes? I do this every day. And I don’t consider anything, I’m alive, a feat. ”
  • “You earn little, I haven’t seen flowers for several years, your mother has already got it with her advice. What can I take from you?”
  • “Yes, what is there to understand? Only the dumbest can understand this. Once again I explain … “, etc.

That is, pleasant words to a beloved man will always create and accumulate positive, creating harmony. But they do not hide or cancel the previously uttered painful and offensive phrases.

But what to do if you want to say affectionate compliments, but nothing comes to mind at all? Then it’s time to look at the list of suitable options and choose a couple for your situation and your own taste.

How to Say Nice Words to a Man? 50 Examples.

Examples of pleasant phrases for a loved one.

1. After a quarrel.

  1. Sorry for breaking off. I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just that you and everything related to our relationship are very important to me, which is why I react so emotionally. I will try to continue to be gentler with you, dear.
  2. I think that we are both to blame for the quarrel in our own way, but I do not want to continue to play “silent”. You are a very dear person to me, and even a minute of resentment between us is already unpleasant. Let’s reconcile?
  3. I thought a little and decided to come to put up first. You have done a lot for me, I appreciate and respect you, so I want to take the initiative. Please forgive me for what I … (shouted, deceived, did not do something, etc.).
  4. You pout so sweetly that it is impossible to continue to be offended by you. At such moments I remember why I fell in love with you and how good you are for me. Peace?
  5. If you were indifferent to me, I would now just go somewhere or continue to go about my business as if nothing had happened. But I cherish you and I want everything to be fine with us. So let’s try to discuss the problem again, but calmly. I believe that we will succeed.
  6. I admit, I shouldn’t have behaved like this. I’m sorry, I’ll try not to do that again. But I would appreciate it if you would go a little way towards me and … (sometimes helped with cleaning, spent more time, etc.).
  7. I love you and happy to be your girlfriend. But I think that everything will be even better for us if we try for each other. I promise that right from now I will work on … (my problem). Will you help me?

2. In the morning.

  1. I love your sleepy face. I open my eyes, I see how my native miracle lies nearby, and now the day has already set. Your presence alone lifts my mood and energizes me for the whole day.
  2. Good morning, love. How nice it is to wake up next to you, sleepily stretch and reach out to you to hug and snuggle. This is my favorite part of the day.
  3. I hate getting up in the morning. But even being a real owl and grumbling at the alarm clock at 7 o’clock, I involuntarily smile, imbued with warmth and love when I see you sleeping next to me.
  4. Even the most beautiful dream does not give me such pleasure as seeing you in my bed. Good morning my dear.
  5. Honey, are you sleeping? Wake up, sweetie. There the whole world is waiting for you to get up and start your next feat. Absolutely nothing without you. And I can’t start the day without you either.
  6. Today I dreamed of the best man on earth. I dreamed about how we walk hand in hand, hug, kiss, laugh together. I woke up from a dream, opened my eyes – and he was lying next to me.
  7. I can’t get out from under the covers and start doing business. I’m ill. I have a shortage of kisses and hugs. Mmm kissed. Well, I immediately came to life, cheered up! What do you want for breakfast?

3. At night.

  1. I want you to come to me in dreams, and not just in reality. Then it will be the most pleasant, the sweetest, the very best dreams in the world.
  2. Good night dear. You did a great job today and deserve a good rest. Sleep tight and sweet. I love you so much!
  3. Even such a courageous and strong man like you needs a good rest. Therefore, quickly fall asleep and let you dream of something very, very pleasant. Sweet dreams.
  4. The last thing I see today are your favorite features. Now I just have to have good dreams. How wonderful it is to fall asleep together.
  5. My sleep is always sound, and my dreams are bright and pleasant when you fall asleep next to me. Probably, thanks to your presence, I feel completely safe and have such a good rest.
  6. Can I curl up next to you (hug you, fall asleep on your shoulder, etc.)? I want, even falling asleep, to feel your smell, a strong body, to hear even soothing breathing and the beat of my own heart. Good night, my love.
  7. Kiss me, dear, let this day end on the most beautiful and tender note. Well, now it was definitely a good day, and I did not live it in vain.

How to Say Nice Words to a Man? 50 Examples.

4. Separated.

  1. Words cannot describe how much I miss you. I terribly miss the sound of your voice, your touches, hugs, words of support. I hope that we will be together again soon.
  2. Without you, everything is so gray, uncomfortable, joyless. I wish you would return as soon as possible and everything would again become good, easy, rosy. Come as soon as possible, I’m waiting for you.
  3. I feel like we haven’t seen each other for ages. My will would already be with you, snuggling, hugging, kissing, and basking next to you.
  4. You are far away, and I feel the emptiness around like never before. At such moments I understand how much I love you and how much I need you, important, dear.
  5. I feel so bad without you that I literally feel sick. Come back soon, my sweet vitamin (savior, doctor, hero).
  6. Friends said she looked worse. And I answered: “So no for anyone, girls. My main connoisseur of beauty has left, now I don’t even want to preen, paint, dress up.
  7. Yes, I understand that you have important matters that cannot be delayed. I understand, honestly. But still I can not do anything, I miss you madly. Let everything resolve itself as soon as possible and you can return home.

5. Before an important event for him.

  1. Relax, dear, don’t be nervous. I already know well that you are my most successful, strong, intelligent, and simply irreplaceable. And today the whole world (your boss, coach, company leaders, etc.) will know about it.
  2. Of course, you will succeed! It’s you. I have no idea who is capable of this task but you. Perseverance, intelligence, experience, strength – you have everything to succeed.
  3. I know that you are a little uneasy, you are worried, because this is not an easy task. Take a deep breath, straighten your shoulders and just be yourself. I believe in you.
  4. I’m very proud of you. Not everyone will be able to go so far and decide to take this step. That is why everything will be great. They will admire you as much as I do.
  5. Remember that I will be there (mentally, in the hall, at the office, etc.). I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I will not hope for a positive result, since I am firmly convinced that it will be so.
  6. Dear, you have put a lot of effort into this matter. I am sure that no other candidate would have coped with such a load. Your success is guaranteed.
  7. Let’s hug and kiss you for good luck. Even though you don’t really need it. Today is definitely your day and you will be the undisputed winner.

How to Say Nice Words to a Man? 50 Examples.

6. When he is in a bad mood.

  1. I know you’re upset, I’m really sorry that this happened. But life consists not only of dark bands. You’ll see, soon luck will smile at you. You deserve a lot and soon everyone will notice.
  2. You know, sometimes we don’t get something, so that later fate will give us a gift twice as much as before. I think that you deserve much more and soon fate will give you a new, even better chance.
  3. I’m sorry you had to go through this. What can I do to make you feel better? Let me help you and drive away bad thoughts for a while.
  4. When you are in this state, then everything turns out badly for me. The mood immediately deteriorates, you don’t want anything, everything irritates. I don’t want anything to make you sad. Let’s try to fix the situation together.
  5. Let’s digress a little now, let’s go for a walk and clear our heads. I think a little respite will do you good, especially since you’ve been working so hard all day.
  6. What’s bothering you? Tell me more, please. I want to know the reason for your sadness, then together we will find a solution. I promise I will listen from start to finish without interrupting.
  7. My sun, dear, beloved, golden, my precious. I love you very much. Do not be sad, otherwise, even the sun hides behind the clouds, the birds do not sing, and I walk around not myself. Let’s try to cheer you up. Let’s go to a cafe (a park for a walk, an entertainment center, a forest for a picnic, etc.).

7. After sex.

  1. That was incredible! You surprise me every time. Where do you have so much endurance (fantasy/ardor/passion)?
  2. Everything, now I can’t walk normally for a week. Legs tremble and give way. Wow, in bed you are just indomitable.
  3. You know by heart all my erogenous zones. The slightest touch, a light kiss on a sensitive point – and I melt in your hands.
  4. Mmmm, maybe some extras? It was so sweet, and the restless sweet tooth just woke up in me.
  5. How hot are you? My head is spinning from you, it becomes impossible to think, inside everything is on fire.
  6. How I love it when you are so passionate (gentle, affectionate, commanding). And these soft (sharp, fast, smooth) movements, pace!
  7. It was the best sex of my life. Yes, I know I say this all the time. But I really feel like this every time.
  8. I love it when you dominate (moaning, teasing, using dirty words). I am immediately covered with a hundred waves of pleasure.

Girls are used to receiving frequent compliments. Alas, not all of them are ready to say nice words to the guy just as regularly. But a kind, encouraging word towards your man can improve relations with him, win his sympathy, respect, appreciation. Fortunately, this list will help you quickly fix the problem and please your chosen one with a couple of affectionate phrases.

How to Say Nice Words to a Man? 50 Examples.

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