The Psychology Of Emotions

The Psychology of emotions and types of feelings Emotional stability is the main component of a harmonious personality. Emotions and feelings in psychology are the connection between the inner state of a person and the external circumstances that surround him Behavioral reactions, interaction with people around, circumstances directly depend on the ability to deal with

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The Psychology Of Yellow Color

People rarely think about such a very entertaining thing as the influence of a particular color on life. But psychologists have been saying for a long time that each of them has a different effect on the human subconscious, having its own special meaning. When looking at different colors, a person has different emotions, mood

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Color Psychology In Interior Design

Humanity is endowed with a unique gift: the ability to see and distinguish colors. At the dawn of its development, people came to understand that a different color somehow has a special effect on a person. Even the ancient Roman legionaries, to intimidate the enemy, wore scarlet tunics. The ancient Egyptians placed a sick person

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The value of Pink in Psychology

Different colors evoke different emotions. Pink sets you up for a romantic mood, blue pacifies, red makes you act, green disposes to itself. Each person has “his” native color. Further, about what character traits are possessed by those to whom the pink tint is especially lovely. Psychology has closely intertwined the color and character of

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Types of Psychological Disorders and their Signs

Psychological disorders are various disorders of the human psyche, caused by a number of biological, social, or psychological factors. Individuals prone to mental disorders cannot adapt to existing living conditions, independently solve their problems. It can be difficult for these people to recover from their setbacks. There are signs of inadequacy in their thinking, actions,

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How To Insult A Person Smartly?

THE PSYCHOLOGIST GIVES ADVICE ON HOW TO WISELY OFFEND OR OFFEND A PERSON WHO BOTHERS OR BOTHERS YOU. INSULT SO THAT HE WOULD UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS, BUT NOT OFFENDED FOR IT. Parents taught us from childhood to be kind, sympathetic, and honest. These are good character traits, but sometimes you need to

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