How To Insult A Person Smartly?


Parents taught us from childhood to be kind, sympathetic, and honest. These are good character traits, but sometimes you need to be tough in life. Individuals who don’t know how to say “No” may not respond to rudeness and insults – in modern society they are disrespectful.

Therefore, you need to learn how to defend your personal space, put in place of arrogant and hostile individuals. There are many ways to offend a person intelligently: culturally, witty, and subtly.

He can be put in his place so competently that he will not immediately understand sarcasm in his humiliation and direction.

How To Insult A Person Smartly?

I hate snobs “with impeccable taste.” These people say: “It is better to communicate with a good book than with an empty person.” Just disgusting hypocrisy: such people can sob over the unfortunate fate of a tragic character, for a long time to assure everyone of how it is necessary to be cleaner, kinder, and more understanding, but they do not need to offend and humiliate a living person, because he is “empty”, which means he does not have the right to live, in contrast to the “meaningful” heroes of fictional worlds. -BRIANNA REID. BOYLE’S TALES: CONVERSATIONS ABOUT NOTHING.

It is easiest to use foul language

It is easiest to use foul language in a conflict situation. This can be done when correspondence online and in personal communication.

This is a fairly primitive method that is best used only in extreme cases:

  1. If a person has crossed all the boundaries of decency, he doesn’t notice subtle hints and sarcastic humor. When his speech becomes like a fountain of words, comparable in style with the communication of “bazaar girls” – only rare individuals can place him in his place without a mat.
  2. If the interlocutor is close to a Neanderthal concerning his development. He does not understand smart words, he can’t connect two or three phrases without a mate. It will be tricky to prove anything to him, best of all he knows those who speak with him in “his language”.
  3. When a person’s emotions have reached the limit and the time to express their feelings is a matter of seconds. For instance, in an outrageous situation on the street, the car enthusiast has no time for subtle “courtesies”.

But in general, the practice of swearing with disgusting language is characteristic of individuals who aren’t distinguished by high intelligence, who are at the bottom rungs of the social ladder.

Clever and judicious people have something to say without foul language. They could offend the interlocutor with beautiful words that will humiliate him more than any mat.

Without swearing-in smart words

There are lots of “caustic” phrases to violate your interlocutor. However, they will offend him only when the sarcasm reaches the goal, coincides with the competitor’s vulnerability. To do this, you need to learn to notice the merits and demerits of your “enemy” and skillfully maneuver them.

To humiliate a person culturally, in clever words, you can use the following phrases:

  • “Nature has rewarded you with an outstanding mind, so she compensated for the wretched appearance.”
  • “The fact that you can speak does not make you a human being.”
  • “It’s fun with you, like in a circus. To see such a miracle of nature like you, it’s not a pity to pay for a ticket.”
  • Once upon a time, God swore not to create idiots anymore, but looking at you I understand that He could not give up.”
  • “You inspire scientists to feat – looking at you, they want to make a man out of a monkey.”
  • “I see you bought a very large car to compensate for your very low IQ.”
  • “Your wallet is chock full of bills – you probably get paid every time you say something stupid.”
  • “A sharp tongue does not mean a sharp mind.”
  • “I would give you some smart and useful advice, but I’m afraid your processor will overheat from the voltage.”
  • “Could you when you think of plugging your ears with your fingers, otherwise the dull whistle in your head is a little annoying.”
  • “The fact that no one understands you does not mean that you are an artist.”
  • “Please be quiet, don’t rattle your empty head so hard.”

On a note! To insult another beautifully is to tell him an offensive phrase so that its meaning reaches the opponent only after a while.

How to name a person who offends for no reason?

There are individuals who like to offend others for no reason. If the abuser is a woman, she can be put in place with the following words:

  • “You urgently need to do pharmacology, you can’t uselessly spend so much snake venom, it is now in the price.”
  • “I would have enjoyed looking at your handsome face, but the stench of your rotten words hampers me.”
  • “If laughter is the best medicine, your face can heal the whole world.”
  • “Don’t worry if you suddenly say something smart.”
  • “I’m sure my friend will like you – he tastes bad.”
  • “Are you so angry because you saw yourself in the mirror this morning?”
  • “All right, that’s enough for today, I rang the chain, now go to the booth.”

Important! You should not break into a cry, feel anger, negative emotions. Words spoken in jest, without malice, will most effectively affect the offender.

To put in place a man who suddenly began to be rude, you can use the following phrases:

  • “A lobotomy would be great for you.”
  • “Of the positive qualities you have only the Rh factor.”
  • “Please turn your back on me, or my breakfast will turn sour in my stomach.”
  • “With a belly like you have only one excuse – pregnancy. Are you the man who will be awarded the Nobel Prize ?!”
  • “You are probably the happiest person on earth, because ignorance is bliss.”
  • “The only culture you can support is bacteria.”
  • “It’s scary to think that people like you are leaving school.”
  • “You’re just a template for making an idiot.”
  • “Judging by your face, your horoscope stone is a brick.”
  • “Next to you, I, a blonde, feel like an academician.”

On a note! If, in response to sarcasm, the person is very angry and enraged, it is better to leave him alone. In a verbal squabble, it is important to stop in time so that the matter does not come to a serious conflict.

How to put in place the person who offends?

If the interlocutor deliberately and insults you, you can put him in place in a harsh tone, derogatory words. To get a strong effect, you need to put pressure on its “weak points”. For women, this is appearance, for men – the level of intelligence, the financial situation.

Examples of a biting response to the offender:

  • “You probably work as a peddler of nonsense?”
  • “First, make money for your matches, and then be smart.”
  • “Madam, you lost your beauty 30 min ago.”
  • “You are so sociable today, so go to the trash can, talk to the dogs.”
  • “The only plus of such a person is that you will never go crazy. For this, you need to have one.”
  • “When God created men, you confused the letters “M” and “Ж” in the line.”
  • “Barbie was created after your model – the same silicone and without brains.”
  • “Your tone of voice reminds me of a raven, they croak just as shrilly.”
  • “It is right that you insult me. Your inferiority complex is thus seeking self-affirmation.”
  • “Next time you talk to me, put on a medical mask. Hopefully, the filter will help contain the stench from your mouth.”
  • “Nobody wants to marry you, is that why you are so angry?”
  • “You don’t need to be so nervous, wait two or three years, because one day you will say something smart.”

On a note! When a coworker insults you at work, you should not enter into a verbal skirmish with him. It is enough just to ask him publicly questions to which he cannot find an answer. It is especially good if the topics relate to his competence and the conversation takes place in the presence of the boss.

Is it always necessary to respond to insults?

A person brought up in Christian traditions will say “No”, you need to be higher, ignore the offender, not sink to his level. In rare instances, this principle works in the event you have been offended by accident and after.

But basically, silence or departure from this issue, the offender perceives as weakness. And next time he won’t miss the opportunity to once more “prick” the soft-spoken interlocutor. But there isn’t any need to think in advance about how to offend a person. Perhaps he has already repented of his words and won’t repeat his mistakes.

  • Did you manage to stop the rudeness with the help of subtle sarcasm?
  • Do you think it is necessary to remain silent when you are humiliated?
  • What are the most outrageous ruffians you’ve ever encountered?
  • How did you react to their behavior?

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