Psychology of real men and their attitude towards women.

Psychology of real men and their attitude towards women. Historically, it so happened that we are different. We are men and women. We behave differently, set priorities, talk, gesticulate, drive a car, prefer different TV shows and sports, express feelings. Different in everything, but identical in one. We are people. With our inherent needs, qualities, fears, desires, dreams. For some reason they are always opposed to each other. They say do not expect good from women, and all men are bastards. And they also say that chickens are milked.

The relationship of the sexes is what the light is based on. This is where society originates, the world of people, wonderful and contradictory. Relationships are built on love, harmony, respect, which is why the cornerstone of any relationship is so important – mutual understanding.

The key to understanding the object, whether the subject, is the knowledge and acceptance of another person. In this case, the other is a man. The creature is not always friendly, often closed, perhaps irresponsible, but infinitely confident in itself and its superiority over the weaker sex. Meanwhile, the other is not only a man, but first of all a person. Hence, personality. Conscious.

A man can do anything.

Those who think that psychology of men primitive. There is no such thing as primitive psychology. Such psychology lies in the field of behavioral instincts, which are inherent only in sharks and crocodiles.

A person, whether a man or a woman, are arranged much more complicated. Even primitive men and women thought more than crocodiles, otherwise how would they have survived.

Mother nature decreed that the man was a breadwinner, a hunter, a farmer, a warrior, a winner and a father. Only one man could not. It still can’t to this day. Become a mother. He can participate in the conception of life, but he will not be able to endure, bring into the world and feed the baby. This is how it has been from time immemorial: a woman with children, a man on a hunt, or a war. A woman improves her life. The man guards the borders. Everyone knew for sure who they were to each other and what was required of them. Both knew that they would be lost without each other.

Now the valiant warrior and the dexterous hunter are a thing of the past. In their place came the modern man. Self-realization is undoubtedly important for them. Unlike a woman, who often considers a successful marriage and three children to be the final stop, a man pays great attention to career growth, work, because a man is more often than a woman judged by his deeds.

Psychology of real men and their attitude towards women.

Psychology of Men and prevailing stereotypes.

It is curious, but true – society largely determines male psychology. Stereotypes are still strong and dominant over us:

  1. Tears do not suit men.
  2. A man must endure pain, toothache, headache, mental.
  3. A man must be successful.
  4. A man has to earn a lot.
  5. A man must be powerful.
  6. The man is the wall. Behind him is always safe, warm, and dry.

You can continue indefinitely. Not all stereotypes are bad, but some are obviously absurd. So, men, outwardly rock-like, suddenly break down under the yoke of all sorts of “musts”, less persistent ones turn sour, and impudent ones send everyone and everything to hell and live according to the principle “owe nothing to anyone”.

Men’s perception is different from women’s. Women are attentive to trifles and painfully react to sudden changes. Men see the whole picture and consider change to be an integral part of life.

Men, as a rule, are more assertive, prefer to act directly and openly, in addition, they are visual, rely on what they see, and will rarely delve into the latent discontent of a partner. Representatives of the stronger sex have a negative attitude towards monotonous work, boring routine actions and are sometimes uncompromising and stubborn.

You cannot compete.

Meanwhile, a man can be both vulnerable, and gentle, and inconsistent. After all, it is not the combination of chromosomes that plays a role in the formation of a personality, but, above all, upbringing and the surrounding world.

The current world is such that the qualities of a hunter and conqueror are less and less in demand, and it is cheaper to buy a stone wall.

Today, one more trouble has been added to all – women are less and less reminiscent of women, weak, in need of protection, wise mothers of the family. Women look more and more like men in skirts, take positions of power, shave their heads and join the army, hire nannies and rush to work. Is there such a male sphere where a female head would not become familiar?

So, in addition to “must”, society imposes on a man an unwitting rival who was once a good ally – a woman with whom a man needs to build a family, and not compete in running up the career ladder and on the battlefield.

In fact, what kind of rivals are we, if we have a common goal, it can be achieved only by cooperating.

Psychology of real men and their attitude towards women.

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