Tips for your First Kiss at the beginning of a Relationship

When we go out with someone we’re attracted to, we can’t stop thinking about what the date will be like. first kiss.

Curiosity kills us about whether we will like it or, on the contrary, if it will not be as pleasant as we imagine. Our mind goes a thousand times thinking and dreaming about that key moment at the beginning of a new relationship.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be alarmed, I’ll give you some tricks to make this day very special.

In addition, you will be able to identify the signs that you should let him know so that he knows that you are ready for the next step: the first kiss ! Likewise, you will know how to prepare in advance for the arrival of such an important event.

So take note of what you will read next, as you will become an expert. You will be able to know not only when is the right time to give that first kissbut you will also be able to cheer up and know excuse me seduce a man.


The first kiss

So that you are not taken by surprise first kiss of the man you love, you should take care of your lips. The idea is that they are irresistible and difficult to forget.

For this, keep in mind each of the recommendations that I show you below. I assure you that he will not be able to resist!

Dry and neglected lips are not attractive to any man. Be very careful with this part of the face that they love so much.

If you have a cold sore, be very careful and treat it as soon as possible to avoid permanent injury to this area.

You can also consult the doctor or look for natural remedies, according to your taste.

If your lips are chapped and dry, gently massage them with the help of your toothbrush.

Apart from helping you to eliminate dryness, this will help you to have admirable lips.

It is very important that you consume enough water several times a day.

Not only will it help you to be more hydrated, but it will also contribute to the health of your skin and, therefore, that of your lips.

Experts recommend drinking 2 liters of water a day, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a rule. Just drink the amount of water you think your body needs.

If you must spend a lot of time in the sun, it is advisable to use a sunscreen.

You can also resort to lipsticks that contain this protection, since excessive heat influences dryness.

In addition to the above care, you should keep in mind that you should not moisten your lips with your saliva. The only thing this causes is that they tend to dry out.

Instead, look for moisturizing lipsticks or resort to Vaseline, creme de cacao or other helpers. Ultimately, products that are allies for lip care.

Now that you know how to take care of your lips and have them ready for when the occasion calls for it, keep in mind what follows.


Dare to give the first kiss

When you go out with the man who takes your sleep away, you think about when the long-awaited and long-awaited first kiss will take place.

However, you feel nervous and a little anxious just imagining it. Do not worry!

Here you will find how to influence a man’s mind and the tips that will help you achieve that first kiss be an unforgettable memory.

  • That you really like the boy:

You may be thinking that this option would be left over on the list. The truth is the most important since it is not the same as feeling a slight or little attraction.

It really is much better that you love the guy you’re dating. The chemistry between the two will be a fundamental piece for the relationship to work. subliminal seduction.

  • Show confidence and security:

It is true that your mind is filled with confused thoughts because of your nerves; keep in mind the benefit of self-control and practice it.

Show your boy confidence and a lot of self-confidence. Not only does this make you look like a highly attractive woman, but he will also see you as an independent woman.

  • Show interest in him and the conversation:

For the mens It is also necessary to feel that they are respected, which is why you must be attentive to their conversation.

It is not good that only you speak, let him share with you what he wants. Give him freedom so he can show himself as he is.

If you really like him, don’t let things get cold just because you feel the guy is an introvert.

For this you can learn how to conquer a shy man. Be very careful not to be left alone as her friend.

That’s why a kiss is an option how to get out of the friendzone. Learn how to help him take the first step or, why don’t you dare and take it yourself?

Dare to show that boy how much you like him and learn to captivate him with words!


The first kiss

You already know how to take care of your lips and be prepared for when the time comes to kiss your boy. In addition, you also already know how your emotions should be controlled for this situation.

For this reason, below you will learn some tips that you must follow so that this moment is not stressful. On the contrary, it can be highly pleasant and pleasant for both of you, daring with several types of kisses.

Pay attention!

Hygiene is very important to avoid diseases and to be able to interact with others. It goes without saying that it is vital that you are very neat, especially when you go out with that boy who drives you crazy.

Why am I telling you this? Because this aspect is really important, as explained in the article, so don’t forget it.

It is also necessary that before seeing him you check your oral health, since your teeth must be clean. Use dental floss and, if possible, mouthwash to prevent odor.

This way you will avoid missing the opportunity to be kissed.

Not only is it important that your mind is calm, but your posture must be as well. Not only do you appear confident, but your date will also be able to see you as a reliable woman.

He will feel more connected to you without a doubt.


How to give the first kiss to a shy man

As much as you plan every detail of your date, you must keep in mind that the moment your boyfriend’s lips meet yours, it will take you by surprise.

Not only is this first contact determined by our wishes, you must also take into account how the date is going.

Rather, if they both feel comfortable and are having a great time or how much attraction they feel. Also, how comfortable do you feel with him and the situation.

If you feel that all of the above is for you, then give free rein to your emotions and let it happen. The right time is not the same for everyone, you determine how and when you want it to happen.

If you notice that the guy he’s a bit shy, it’s because he’s also nervous

Finally, shyness is not a bad thing, as the text of says, it can be a normal aspect of a person.

Therefore, to help him you can give him the signs with the female body language for the little push you need:

  • Look him straight and sweetly in the eyes.
  • Gently make contact with his hands or his arm.
  • Smile as much as you can. Show him your kindness.
  • If you are sitting close to him, you can tilt your head towards his shoulder, let him see that you are willing to be kissed, so he knows that he will not be rejected.
  • If you are both standing, you can hug him and give him a soft kiss close to his lips and he will do the rest.
  • There is nothing left but to enjoy that meeting, surely you will leave him in the clouds and excited to see you again.


The first kiss in a new relationship

Did the man you like so much ask you out? Do not be alarmed! Remember the previous steps to know how to be on your date.

In addition, although it is true that you are previously thinking about what that first kissand your mind and your heart are contradicting each other, remember to be calm.

Many times the first encounter occurs when you least expect it.

That kiss It will not be as you planned, it will be much better!

If you put into practice these little tricks that you will read below, you will be able to be prepared for when the time comes.

Enjoy the moment:

This step should not only be important to you, it should make sure your man is having a great time too. Not only will this determine whether or not you kiss, but it will influence whether you will see each other again.

Be very observant!

And if the kiss comes, there is nothing better than letting yourself go and enjoying. Remember that a kiss is a spell to make a man fall in love.

Open eyes? Never!:

You must never let this happen.

While it is true that some people do it to know if their partner is enjoying it, it is only seen as an act of indifference, as if he does not care.

So you better not do it. Close your eyes and give yourself the freedom to feel.

Watch out for saliva!

Although it is true that an exchange of saliva is necessary to give a kiss, you should not exchange an excess of it. Doing so could be very unpleasant.

Keep this in mind: not too much, not too little.

slow kiss:

Yes, I know you love this man, but you must be patient and careful. There will be time for another type of kiss, but remember that this is the first.

Take your time, let it be a calm, soft and short kiss. Leave him wanting much more.

If you put into practice everything you have seen above, it will not only help you to obtain the long-awaited kiss from the man you love, but also, if you follow my course of Magnetic Desire MethodI assure you that you will have it at your feet.

Do not miss this opportunity!

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