What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui to Attract Love!

Do you know what feng shui is? Do you know the advantages of feng shui for love? Do you need help finding a partner or strengthening your relationship?

Do you want to redecorate with feng shui to attract love to your home?

You will find the answer to these and other questions if you decide to continue reading.

There is a lot of information on this subject, but here you will discover a simplified way to understand this art and apply it to your daily life.

Learn the benefits of an ancient technique and take advantage of them to be in harmony with your environment and the people around you, especially to build a good relationship with your partner!

What is feng shui?

Feng shui for love

Understanding this technique can sometimes be complicated, so the first thing I want to briefly teach you is what is feng shui.

The literal translation into Spanish of this Chinese term is “wind-water”, two natural elements essential for the existence of any living being.

Feng shui is the art of location, of creating balanced and harmonious spaces, of influencing the environment around us in our personal relationships and our lives in general.

To learn more about this art, I invite you to read the article on seducoahuila.gob.mx

What is the ancient tradition of feng shui?

It is based on the correct flow of vital energy or also called chi, with the help of the five elements: wood, water, fire, metal and earth.

That is why feng shui works with the energies of nature (of rivers, wind, valleys and mountains, etc.) and takes advantage of the balance that exists in the environment for our personal benefit.

If it is about natural balance, we can all use this technique in a simple way in our favor.

So, you too can take advantage of feng shui for love , work, wealth and everything around you, what are you waiting for?

Feng shui for love: tricks in the bedroom

Feng shui: the technique of harmony

As I told you before, you can apply this ancient art in each of the spheres of your life.

If you want to increase your prosperity or wealth, if you want to improve your health, if your goal is to progress in any aspect, this can be, without a doubt, the way.

If you intend to perfect your love relationship or conquer a partner, according to your tastes, then you can also use feng shui for love , together with your feminine seduction strategies !

By changing the orientation, design and decoration of the place where you live, you turn your home into the ideal place for romance and passion.

You can use this technique in any room in your home, even the land it’s on, but this time I’m going to specifically give you some tips for creating a good feng shui bedroom.

Keep reading carefully, you will see that it is very easy!

In feng shui there are precise and exact rules to follow for each room, and it is best to apply them before building each one of them, or select a house that has previously been built under the principles of this art.

What if you live in a fully built house?

If you already live in a completely built house and in which feng shui has not been taken into account at all, then there is still a remedy!

Redecorate and rearrange your furniture to create positive feng shui throughout your home in general and your bedroom in particular.

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of a home.

It is our refuge, the place where we completely relax when sleeping, where we abandon our body to rest, but also to the passion and enjoyment of a good intimate relationship.

Here are some tips to help you apply feng shui for love in your bedroom :


In your bedroom you should have only the necessary furniture, what is useful to this space and nothing else.

Try by all means not to overload, even more so if it is a small room.

If possible, use furniture with rounded edges, and if they have right angles they should never point towards the bed.


Feng shui to make a man fall in love

Its location is essential, it is the seat of rest and pleasure for you and your partner.

Place it, if possible, in the center of the room, a few centimeters away from the wall, so that no part touches it.

If your house has several floors, take care that your bed is neither above nor below places where water circulates, for example, bathrooms or pipes.

It should preferably be made of wood, as this material has a neutral effect on chi energy, unlike metal, which speeds it up and can cause your sleep to be less than restful and your intimate relationship not entirely satisfactory.

Consult the article How to revive the flame of love as a couple to complement and begin to fully enjoy the emotional balance.


You must combine the yin (indigo, violet, blue, green, gray) and yang (orange, red, magenta, pink, yellow) colors.

Preferably use fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or wool, and avoid synthetic fabrics by all means.

Something very important: do not stop making the bed during the day!

Feng shui is an art based on balance and order, so take good care of this in your bed or you may have disorder and imbalance in your rest and your relationships in general!

Keep reading and learn more feng shui tricks for love !

Wardrobes and cupboards

Clothes and personal belongings should remain hidden and organized, so closets should be locked at all times, except when you’re looking in them, of course.

When you sleep it is even more important that they stay that way, because if you leave the doors or the drawers or trunks of these open, all the vital energy or chi escapes through them.

So it is useless that you have decorated your room with all the principles of feng shui for love if you leave these spaces open, you will throw away all the work!

Electric appliances

In the bedroom you should have as little electrical equipment as possible.

With modernity, sometimes, we have many of these in the place where we must rest, relax and be fully aware of the intimate act, so all that is out!

TVs, computers, exercise equipment, put them somewhere else!

Anything that reminds you of work and the stress of daily life, keep it out of the bedroom.

Also, the guy who is with you may be more aware of a movie on the TV than you, and that is not what you want!


How to attract love through feng shui

You have to be very careful with them. Colors are carriers of specific energies of nature, reflected by means of light.

An excess of color in one place would cause an accumulation of chromatic energy and, consequently, an imbalance.

So keep this in mind so that you can combine them correctly and not saturate the bedroom with just one of them, no matter how much you like it or it is your favorite.


It is important that the lights are never located above the bed.

If the lighting is soft, it creates an atmosphere of serenity.

Cover the lamps with scarves or fabrics in subdued colors and use candles to create a romantic effect with a natural glow.

Remember: if you are going to prepare a night of passion, you can never forget to modify the light and its intensity!

You will achieve wonderful effects and how to seduce a man in bed will be easier than ever.

My feng shui tips for love do work, put them into practice!


If your bedroom has a bathroom attached, always keep the door closed or hidden in some way, such as with a curtain.

The water will add humidity and heaviness in your room and in your relationships.


Following the above, the doors that your bedroom has must be closed.

If the room adjoins a den, patio, office, or bathroom, keep these doors closed or put a curtain in their place.

You should do the same with the entrance door to the room.

It happens in the same way as with wardrobes and cabinets: the energy that you manage to create in the bedroom escapes through these open doors and you will have worked in vain!

Take a look at the article published by biblio3.url.edu.gt so that you can finish completing your knowledge about feng shui.

Feng shui for married couples: maintaining love

Feng shui for love: for married

All of the above, of course, you can apply and it will be very useful if you are immersed in a romantic relationship.

But, there are specific aspects that you should not miss if you want to use feng shui for love as a couple.

Here are some tips, take advantage of them!


If your bedroom ceiling has beams, by all means avoid one of them going through your bed and lined up between you and your guy.

Said beam will project a kind of invisible wall or division that can cause problems in healthy communication as a couple .

In any case, and just in case, work intensely on communication with your partner in all ways.

I recommend you read: 80 intimate questions for my boyfriend   and broaden the panorama a little bit in that aspect, which never hurts!

Pink colour

feng shui to keep love

Pink is a powerful color with a strong energy charge. In your conjugal bedroom it should not be missing.

It will bring positive vibrations, promote loving understanding between you and your boy, and work as a harmonizer .

It will be very useful in case of fights or misunderstandings, since this color, especially in pastel and light tones, arouses tenderness and understanding.

Of course, remember to use it in moderation, not everything can be pink!


The ideal is not to place them inside the bedroom, but what woman does not have one there to fix her clothes, apply makeup or comb her hair!

If you undoubtedly have one in your room, by all means avoid reflecting the bed.

Even if it seems like the most erotic thing in the world and works for you to a certain extent with your partner, if you want to use feng shui for love, the mirror can NOT be in front of or on top of the bed!

It will reflect your own chi and that of your boy preventing the process of releasing old emotions.

In addition, by reflecting both in him, in the most intimate moments, they will attract third parties into the relationship!

It could be the in-laws, overwork, or a mistress!

Be careful with the mirrors! If you want them to continue being your allies, you have to know how to place them well.


feng shui to find a partner

In the decoration of the bedroom, always place the objects in pairs: two lamps, two or four cushions or pillows on the bed (always combined in pairs in colors or figures), two bedside tables decorated in a similar way.

Never put a single object, these represent the individuality of each person.

And don’t even think about putting the objects in threes, because you will be calling a third party to the relationship!

If you want to strengthen the relationship of the two, I recommend that you use other techniques in addition to feng shui.

That is, consult our infallible Magnetic Desire Method and the article How to make my boyfriend fall in love every day ; They will give you useful clues that can serve both of you.


In the bedroom that you and your partner share, always put photos of the two of you. Leave family photos for the rest of the house, here only those of the couple!

Do not forget something important: the images must be of the two of you together, never separately or alone.

Photos of the two of you together will evoke happy moments that will keep that energy in the room and, therefore, in your relationship.

And if you still don’t have photos together, discover how to spend pleasant moments in Romantic plans  and take the opportunity to take the best photos to decorate the bedroom with positive feng shui.


For comfort reasons, it is likely that you and your partner have or are thinking of buying a larger bed.

This is not bad, but without exaggeration. In feng shui, smaller is better.

It is not that there is no space, but that it is just enough for two people, without giving room to anyone else.

Next, I will share some feng shui tips for love for single women.

Feng Shui Tips for Love: For Singles!

Feng shui tricks for single women

If you haven’t found the boy of your dreams, don’t get overwhelmed! Here we have a solution for everyone.

The tips that I showed you before will also be useful to you, do not underestimate them, although some are for those who do have a partner.

After all, isn’t that what you want too? Well, apply them now!

In addition, below, I share other tips and tricks specifically for single women (although married women should not overlook them).

Take advantage of them!

Tip #1: Turn the bedroom into a place of worship for romance and pleasure

That nothing is left over and nothing is missing, that it is the ideal space to relax and enjoy love, to return to it again and again.

Tip #2: Organize your entire house, especially the bedroom

Clean the dirt and throw away what is broken or useless, do not accumulate anything that is not useful to you.

This will help clean your environment and renew the energies for that search for the ideal guy.

Go on that search without fear!

Check out the following as a bonus to help you out a bit and give you a little push:

How to make a guy like you, you will find that with the renewal that feng shui gives you, you will be ready to launch!

Tip #3: Since you live alone, your house and your bedroom will surely reflect this fact.

You will have the objects and furniture one by one: a bed for one, a single seat, a single nightstand.

This is a mistake. If you want to use feng shui for love, the first thing you have to do is create the space for that other person.

The objects must be, as if you had a partner, in pairs.

You can even place two pillows, two toothbrushes, two rugs on the sides of the bed, two candles, etc.

Tip #4: If it’s about creating space for someone else, then don’t flood the whole place with your stuff!

Remember, feng shui works with order to maintain balance, so if you’re a bit messy, you have to work a little harder!

Leave free spaces in the closets, cupboards, drawers and trunks for that other person .

Wait for the arrival of your ideal boy and propitiate it.

Tip #5: If you have pictures hanging on the wall, avoid lonely landscapes

He always prefers one where animals, cities, groves appear.

Tip #6: Avoid putting photos in which you appear alone

Wait until you have a relationship and place both of them, never the family ones, those are for other rooms in the house, not the bedroom.

Do not forget: it is better that you do not put any photo if it transmits your loneliness.

Tip #7: Decorate with red ornaments

This color attracts passion and fiery love.

Place them in balance with the rest of the decoration, and remember, do not exaggerate with things of the same color! You can create opposite effects.

Tip #8: What you want is to attract the perfect guy, in every way!

Well, place vertical objects and ornaments such as pyramids, triangles, candles, vases: this will favor sexual stimulation and virility.

Orchids also benefit from this aspect, so if you have a night of passion in mind, buy a fresh flower and place it in the room so that nothing will go wrong.

Tip #9: Get rid of objects from your previous relationships, especially if they were bad

If you really want to know how to forget a great love , don’t keep decorations, stuffed animals or letters.

Even, if possible, throw away the bedding.

All of these items have the energy of that other person and that other relationship that caused you harm; if they stay with you, that energy stays and prevents you from attracting the guy you want to you.

Feng shui for love

The results will come, you can give it a trial period of 15 days to 3 months, but I am sure that you will begin to notice the changes and feel better immediately.

Final Feng Shui Tips for Love

Finally, if you want the energy of love to flow through the spaces of your life, don’t forget these five feng shui principles:

  • All the devices you have in your home must be functional; Do not store damaged or broken things for any reason.
  • Any object that you have not used for more than six months, you must give it away, donate it or remove it.
  • Everything you have should be because you like it, not out of obligation.
  • The changes are important; therefore, it is ideal that you open the windows frequently, do not accumulate objects and relocate the furniture.
  • Clean, move and organize spaces and objects so that energy flows throughout the house.

Now that you know everything you need to know about feng shui for love , you just have to put all this theory into practice. Let’s do it!

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