What Women Want: 3 Basic Needs

What Women Want: 3 Basic Needs. Many people know that the desires of a woman are quite difficult to understand for a certain man, and for all males, in principle. However, it is worth noting that in the life of every individual woman there comes a moment when she herself does not know what exactly does she want.

Such situations occur in various areas of life. Especially often when choosing cosmetics, as well as in personal. In the latter situation, it is not only difficult for each individual girl to choose an individual partner, but especially a man with whom the latter would like to live her whole life.

This is directly related to the fact that a woman is the keeper of the hearth, and she simply cannot be mistaken when choosing one or another man, because how responsible a person will be, how devoted he will be, and much more, depends on how much you want to trust this woman. person, as well as how happy she will be in principle.

What does a woman want in general?

This is a rather difficult question, since a woman actually wants a lot, and this, in turn, determines what exactly she focuses on, what goal she strives for the most. There are women who strive for money – these are careerists. For them, the main thing is the material condition, to which the latter are ready to strive day and night.

These types of people often strive to achieve everything themselves, because they have too much pride in order to accept someone else’s help. However, the desire for money is also developed among other lazy women, whose only task in life is to improve themselves – unique and unique. Such women often lead a contented lifestyle and completely exist at the expense of their sexual partner. However, in order for them not to be bored, sometimes they find themselves a non-dusty, uncomplicated job with an average income.

Very often, such individuals turn into careerists, who later begin to achieve everything themselves. However, this happens closer to old age, when the individual realizes that soon her well-groomed appearance will fade and no one will need her. There are other content as well. For example, they do not need the wealth of the chosen one, but only so that the latter can do as much as possible for her.
In such a situation, women are very often morally stronger than men, and it is in such situations that real henpecked people grow up. And finally, the almost ideal type of woman is family. Such a girl basically strives for harmony. In particular, she is attracted by the possibility of creating a family, having children. Such girls are very important comfort in the house, beauty. They love to take care of their chosen one. But not in the traditional way, but just to show that such a woman is a good enough housewife and it is worth marrying her.

Career aspirations of a girl

Often, a career becomes one of the most important areas in life for a modern girl. While matriarchy is gradually developing at an incredible pace, and girls want to become more and more independent and independent, this direction is categorically important for them. This is probably due to the fact that many of these girls in childhood had one of their parents missing and they did not feel proper attention. Accordingly, they tried to achieve certain results of parental “dislike” on their own. And already from an early age, from adolescence, such girls began to earn their own clothes, and even share their earnings with their elders.

However, careers are not for everyone. Some girls do not need something new, they are not active enough for this, in principle. It is very comfortable for them to sit in one place, not to rush anywhere, and not to develop. Yes, this is the typical nature of a girl. And judging by this psychotype, it is quite possible to say that the traditional concept of a woman as a mistress and keeper of the hearth is still applicable. Such women are not very important career. It is much more important for them to feel comfortable, return to a warm home, be happy and much more.

What do girls need in their personal lives?

Here again, “to each his own”. Depending on the girl herself, her secret and explicit desires can be noted. Some individuals lightly and impartially believe in a prince on a white horse, others on a Mercedes, but they simply do not know how to attract the attention of a guy they like. However, usually in such desires, most women have different ideas about their personal lives. Some value the sacred bonds of marriage, family, others need constant support, others simply use their “beloved” person, and also actively manipulate him. However, in any case, all the same girls in their personal lives want to be happy. Unfortunately, many simply do not recognize this simple and understandable fact and think that everything will work out by itself, while most of today’s accomplished or simply independent girls are very often able to repel any man. Yes, basically, they want to say by this “take me no matter what.” But in fact, this malicious behavior scares away a lot of people.

What Women Want: 3 Basic Needs.

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