Why Girls Don’t Like Nice Guys?

Why Girls Don’t Like Nice Guys? The American journal Evolutionary Psychology at the beginning of the 21st century conducted a study, as a result of which it was found that 80% of the girls who took part in it sympathize with the “bad guys”.

Of course, this experiment may not reflect the whole picture, but still it proves that there is a relationship between girls and “bad guys”. Let’s see why women like this type of man.

Good guy – what a guy

First of all, let’s figure out what “good guy” means. Here we are talking more about some kind of “good guy” image, which includes comfortable young people who are available. The latter are insanely enraged by ladies’ men. Because the essence of a man is to be uncomfortable.

The natural potential of a man is based on testosterone. This hormone is responsible for aggression, fighting. Accordingly, if a guy is calm, passive, flexible, pleases girls in everything, then he is different from the male stereo. It’s not from male nature. Ponyatno, that if a man shows feminine character traits, then he causes misunderstanding in her.

Masculinity doesn’t apply to nice, comfortable guys. To promote your ideas, interests, to openly declare this, you need male aggression.

Recently, more and more common good, comfortable guys. This is happening against the background of the fact that women are mainly engaged in raising children. And it does not matter if a child grows up in a complete or incomplete family.

Naturally, a woman brings up her son for herself, makes him comfortable. From childhood, boys are given the concept of how to act and what to do. This situation violates the natural task of a man.

Women see them as good guys, but men don’t. They understand that a man is comfortable, but they don’t have passion, love for them, they don’t want to relax with him.

Bad guy – what a guy

“Bad Guy”, which means that you don’t own any talents, on the other end of the day. He successfully possesses such a quality as throwing dust in the eyes. They are always admired by women. Such a man lives by the principle: “The less we love a woman, the more she likes us.”

A bad guy never denies himself anything. He lives for his pleasure. At school, he is rarely an excellent student, but there are always a lot of girls around him. Girls always dream of such guys.

The bad guy is defiant, rude, can get into a fight. He has a lot of bad habits that he is not going to quit. On is capable of serious actions, and strong-willed decisions. He is brutal.

Why do girls like bad guys?

This behavior is formed at a high level of testosterone. Subconsciously, girls feel this, which is a guarantee of good healthy offspring. If a man is involved in fights, then he is able to protect his woman and children, get a couple of mammoths.

His bad habits are taken as an indicator of good health. Streamline in the field of genetic engineering that is good for the prolongation of the rod.

Why do girls like “bad boys” and dislike good guys?

When girls enter into a relationship with “bad” guys, they realize that this is not a very good option. No, however, this happens for the following reasons:

  • Willingness to break the rules.

Often girls are brought up in strict rules. They are forbidden to walk late, communicate with strangers, have fun with boys. As a result, by the age of 18 they have a great desire to break discipline and do something bad.

This is where the “bad” guys come across to the girls on the way. They are a kind of guide to the forbidden world. Take off girls feel more confident and bold.

  • steep k with sharp emotion.

Subconsciously, girls want to get sharp emotions. If you start a relationship with a “good” boy, then you will not get such EMOs. In the street you may say “plohiye” guys. They are not boring. They are not predictable. Frank rudeness of the girl is considered a manifestation of feelings.

  • Bad guys are impulsive.

A girl is by nature an emotional being. If she meets with a “bad” guy who is just as ardent, passionate, then the emotions between them just went off scale. On the other hand, it is not necessary. At this time, she sobs into the pillow. If it is not possible in this case, it is necessary to pay for it.

The girl does not know what to expect from such a guy. His unpredictability is impressive. “Good” is pared so that the book and the message in that case is obvious, so the law is correct. Girls do not need such relationships.

  • Bad guys are attractive.

Oddly enough, but most often the “bad” guys are very attractive. From the point of view of psychology, they contain pride, cynicism, narcissism, selfishness. They are more captivating and charming.

“Bad” guys devote a lot of time to their image, madder behavior. They perfectly understand their body language, control gestures and facial expressions, win over girls without karki-bo. They know how to make a first impression.

  • Belief in your uniqueness.

Devuchka will be able to understand the meaning of the word “savage”. On it’s worth, it’s on that individual, which means it’s possible to have a lot of fun on it.

But, unfortunately, even if a guy really loves his girlfriend, at first puts up with his character, then sooner or later his temper will prevail. Then she will have to either make concessions to him, or go lick her wounds in the arms of a “good” guy.

  • Competitive moment.

Often “bad” guys are popular among other girls. It’s a kind of prestige. As soon as you get the attention of such a self-confident, even boorish type, you automatically rise to a rank higher compared to girlfriends who date quiet honors students.

Winning the heart of that guy for whom many girls fight is a true indicator of femininity. This will make you feel like a real winner.

  • Feel protected.

Bad guys are brave. They are not afraid to get into a fight, to stand up for themselves and their girlfriend. They are not afraid to besiege impudent. On the other hand, it is necessary to send it to that side. In addition, they often themselves become the initiator of fights. They just exude power.

  • looseness.

The “bad” guys are uninhibited. Even if self-doubt is hidden behind external aggression, they will not allow it to manifest itself. They are bold and laid-back in dealing with girls, they will not go into their pocket for a word.

They lavish compliments, sometimes even rude ones. No price is required for this yourself, on one of the cards and the drugs are not available for negligible reasons in the character. They are fun and interesting.

  • Simplicity in communication.

“Bad” guys are easy to communicate with. They are what they are. They don’t care about public opinion. They are easy-going, able to communicate for a long time. They lead the conversation themselves. All you have to do is relax and keep up a rather unpretentious conversation.

Devushki often suggests the interests of “bad” guys. Someone lacks drive, someone strives for unpredictability. As they age, this attraction fades. The craving for extreme sports with such men disappears. For life, girls choose already calm men.

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