10 mistakes women make in the conquest phase

When we feel great attraction to a person, it is natural that we strive to please him and take care of each of our words and actions to give the best impression. However, sometimes, due to the desire to establish an emotional connection with that special being, we cause the opposite effect, alienating him forever. Next, I will share the 10 mistakes women make in the conquest phase.

Read carefully, reflect on each of these points and avoid them, at all costs, if what you want is to steal the heart of the man you like strategically and intelligently.

Mistake #1: Showing interest too soon

What not to do when you are seducing a man

To arouse a guy’s curiosity, you have to make yourself look like an elusive challenge; do not show interest too soon, be mysterious, a little ambiguous and allow him to discover you, little by little, naturally.

Make him the one who begins to need you and want to have you by his side; which you will only achieve by feigning a bit of disinterest and using your charms to the right extent.

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Mistake #2: Creating “invisible commitments” One of the 10 mistakes women make in the pickup phase!

Do not create invisible commitments in the conquest stage

This is one of the 10 mistakes women make in the conquest phase more common.

Once he begins to perceive that you are pressuring him to commit, he will most likely walk away because he will feel that you are restricting his freedom.

Do not give him the feeling of being needy, be subtle when expressing how much you care and you will see the magnificent results.

The idea is that you captivate him by subliminal seduction and mental suggestion, and not using pressure with “invisible compromises”.

The fact that they share time, feel attraction or have gone out a couple of times, does not mean that he is your partner, you must be very clear about that!

Mistake #3: Going out of your way to get their approval

The secrets of subliminal seduction

On some occasions, when a woman is in the conquest phase, she tries very hard to have the approval of the boy who steals her sighs.

They even make the mistake of putting aside or trampling on their opinions, convictions or preferences in order to please.

Don’t think that agreeing with your special self on everything is a positive thing; Gentlemen like intelligent, critical ladies who like to debate.

Submissive girls are not exactly what the male guild loves the most, so forget about trying to conquer it with a fragile mentality.

Trust your perspective and show him that you are a wonderful woman with a lot to offer.

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Mistake #4: Insecurity and low self-esteem

Insecurity and low self-esteem drive men away

Insecurity shows low self-esteem, which is a point against when it comes to wanting to seduce a man.

If your goal is to impact the male mind and provoke a storm of feelings, trust in what makes you unique and enhance your qualities to the fullest.

Establish a dialogue with yourself, recognize that you are worth more than all the gold in the world, face your fears and learn to trust yourself, only then will you effectively captivate that boy you want to conquer!

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Mistake #5: Invading their personal space

Do not invade his personal space if you want to make him fall in love

Wanting to be around the man you like all the time will drain him emotionally.

It is very important that both have personal spaces and have the possibility to miss each other and reaffirm their feelings.

Don’t insist on calling or leaving messages all the time; simply, let him understand that you are interested in him, but that you respect his surroundings, his friendships and his decisions.

The key is that he sees you, not as a stalker, but as a mature woman, aware of the importance of each person’s individuality and willing to support him, without invading his space.

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Mistake #6: Neglecting your physical appearance

Do not neglect your physical appearance if you want to make a man fall in love

Everything enters through the eyes and even more so when your goal is to get someone to notice you.

Therefore, do not neglect your physical appearance, try to always keep yourself beautiful and, above all, very clean.

It’s not about being the flashiest woman; It’s a matter of not being just another ordinary girl and making a difference without losing your essence.

Try to find your own style and surely the man you are so attracted to will notice you and want to get to know you better.

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Mistake #7: Negatively Seeking Your Attention

Don't look for a guy's attention in a negative way.

Many women think that in order to seek a gentleman’s attention, they have to make themselves known, regardless of whether they do it in a positive or negative way.

Keep in mind that men, although it sounds a bit strange, are not seduced by girls who are too suggestive or provocative; so stay calm, don’t lose control and think before you act.

To seduce a man, you just have to bring out all your qualities, without losing sight of subtlety, femininity, cunning and elegance when acting, expressing yourself and interacting.

Mistake #8: The negative and pessimistic attitude

Changing your negative and pessimistic attitude will not help you if you want to conquer a boy

A woman who always criticizes everything or whose attitude is negative automatically stops being attractive.

If you consider that you are not in the best mood or you find it difficult to enjoy the simple things that life offers you, start the change! and you will see how your good vibes spread and the people around you, especially that special boy, will want you very close.

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Mistake #9: Overlooking body and verbal language

Do not forget the female body language to seduce

Forgetting that body language and verbal language complement each other is a big mistake, especially when you have the person you want to captivate nearby.

It is essential that you analyze everything that your body, movements, gestures and words can communicate, and keep it in mind whenever someone arouses your interest.

The female body languagewhich ranges from a deep look to a sweet smile, combined with a pleasant chat, are the perfect combination to flirt intelligently.

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Mistake #10: Forcing him to talk about his feelings

Mistakes women make in the conquest phase

Although your main purpose is to win him over, you must be cautious and delicate.

The chemistry between two people cannot be forced, therefore, if you perceive that the boy you like is not interested no matter how many strategies you use, let him go.

Never force him to talk about his feelings or open his heart; remember that you deserve to be with a man who reciprocates your love, not one from whom you must beg.

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Now that you know the 10 mistakes women make in the conquest phaseI invite you to avoid them, at all costs, and embark on a successful path in the complex world of seduction and love relationships.

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