12 Signs He May Not Give You What You Want

Relationships must be balanced. Otherwise, you will feel even more lonely than when you were alone…

12 Signs He May Not Give You What You Want
12 Signs He May Not Give You What You Want

Sometimes the guy just seems great, but after a few weeks of the relationship, you realize that he is not the right fit for you. If you have had repeated experiences of failed relationships, then it is likely that you are simply attracted to men who are unable to give you what you need.

Here are a few things to avoid next time:

12 Signs He May Not Give You What You Want

1. He refuses to compromise.

Compromise is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. You two may be very similar in many ways, but you are still different people. And if he doesn’t want to watch movies that you like with you, or go to concerts of your favorite artists, then he cannot be a good partner. Relationships must be balanced. Otherwise, you will feel even more lonely than when you were alone.

2. He has bad planning.

This applies not only to romantic dates, but also to all other social contacts. It feels like you are his personal secretary who has to spend a lot of time making him a full-fledged adult. This may work for you at first, but pretty soon you will start to get offended.

3. Your s@xual impulses never match.

High or low libido? This is okay as long as your needs are met. If he constantly finds excuses why he cannot make love to you, your self-esteem begins to fall. As a rule, such situations rarely change for the better, so if you are not satisfied with the frequency of intimate contacts in your relationship, do not expect that in a few months something will change dramatically.

4. He becomes silent when you mention marriage.

Not all relationships are destined to grow into marriage. And that’s okay. It is not normal for one partner to manage another for years. If your boyfriend can’t answer when he wants to get married, or behaves inappropriately at every wedding you attend together, then you can be sure he won’t propose to you. And he also does not know how to communicate normally. Couples should be able to discuss any issues, even if they are unpleasant or may end in an argument.

5. He never gives you anything.

Each couple defines the financial side of their relationship differently. But if this guy regrets the money to treat you to ice cream (or asks to immediately return what he spent), then soon you will begin to treat him like a roommate, and not like a partner. Even if he is reluctant to spend money, you should still come first. And he must also understand that if he wants to maintain this relationship, then ultimately the two of you will have to establish your financial cooperation.

6. You have to constantly ask him to help you around the house.

It’s a shame if people don’t listen to what you ask them to do. But if your boyfriend as a small child needs to be forced to do something, then your relationship will only bring you resentment.

7. He says he hasn’t met anyone for so long.

He thinks that it sounds nice, but in fact, it is an alarming sign. No, guys don’t have to have a long-term relationship clause in their “resume”, because each person has their own love story. But if your partner is surprised that the two of you managed to last so long, be on the lookout. Maybe he’s not such a nice guy.

8. He ignores you.

He is either constantly distracted by something else, or he simply does not know what to answer. Even the phrases “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean” and “can you repeat it, please?” and that would be better than not saying anything at all. After all, you probably want to be with a person with whom you can talk normally. And if every now and then he closes in himself, then it is better not to hope for a joint future.

9. He gets nervous when he touches you.

Are you 16 years old? If not, then there should be no reason for him to act so unnaturally when he touches you. If his palms are constantly wet, sticky, if he rubs his back awkwardly and brings you more pain than pleasure, then this relationship is at least strange. They may get better over time, but it probably won’t change.

10. Mother is more important to him than you.

Moms are wonderful creatures (at least most often). And before the wedding, her word may weigh more to him than yours. But if this is a standard situation and your dates end earlier, because mom is waiting for him at home at a certain time, then you are not meeting with a person, but with mama’s son. Be prepared for the fact that there will always be the third wheel in your relationship.

11. He cannot decide on anything.

Don’t even try asking him to choose a restaurant for dinner, because you won’t get an answer from him. It’s okay to be indecisive, but if this guy doesn’t know how to make decisions at all, then you face 24/7 psychological and emotional work. You need a man who can speak openly about what he wants.

12. You always have to explain your jokes to him.

This is one of the clearest signs of incompatibility between two people. Jokes lose their meaning if you have to explain them. Trying to tune your partner to the same wavelength with you, you lose not only precious time, but also pride. But the good news is that you are not the problem. With a more suitable guy, you don’t have to emphasize your sense of humor. He will perceive you as you are, and will definitely find a joke for you in return.

These are the 12 Signs He May Not Give You What You Want.

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