200+ Best Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend

200+ Best Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend
200+ Best Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend

Best Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend

Best Sweet and beautiful compliment text messages for your beloved girlfriend. Why, as soon as you want to tell your girlfriend how special she is, nothing comes to mind. There is no need to think about it, the best masters of the pen have already come up with a compliment for you, choose and please the darling who won your heart.

Sweet & Love Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend

1. I lose my head at the mere sight of you;

2. You are adorable as the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite;

3. You are my Venus, who descended into this world from the blessed heaven;

4. Your new photo on Insta broke my heart, how beautiful you are;

5. For me, you are the standard of beauty and style, where is the Versace family;

6. What wizard created your face from the threads of the sun?

7. When you enter the audience, the sun dims outside the window;

8. Your voice rings like a spring stream and excites me;

9. Only you, beloved, no other woman in this world can arouse my interest;

10. Better not to tease me like that, I’ll rush in now and strangle you in my arms;

11. You are so tender that rose petals seem to be rough matter in comparison with you;

12. You are my life, I do not want to breathe without you, nor exist, nor move on;

13. It seems to me that you are a forest nymph who feeds on the nectar of flowers, exudes the aromas of herbs, and is able to enchant anyone who sees her;

14. What sweet poison of temptations have you managed to make me drunk?

15. Your eyes seem to me like some kind of witchcraft, I’m ready to drown in them for the rest of my life and rise again from unprecedented happiness;

16. You are a sorceress, you managed to cure me with one sweet kiss;

17. For me there is no more beautiful you, mistress of my heart;

18. What musical instrument do you play in unison with the strings of my soul?

19. You were created by a skilled sculptor, your figure is so woven from flawless lines;

20. Maybe you are a fairy from a fairy tale, since you know how to fulfill my wishes?

21. I want to share with you any trifle, any trifle, let it be joy, let it be bitterness;

22. Maybe I made you up in my dreams, my favorite perfection?

23. You are a rare diamond in a warm, soulful setting, I will not change this jewel for any treasure in the world;

24. I wish I could be a pirate, steal you and hide you from everyone;

25. You drive me crazy with just one graceful turn of the head, an exquisite gesture, impeccability in facial expressions and emotions;

26. Your warm fingers instantly conquer any physical pain in my body;

27. I want to rip a kiss from your lips, they smell so invitingly of forest berries;

28. You are so seductive that I am constantly paralyzed and deprived of my will by the desire to possess you;

29. You are a magical obsession, a sorceress, a sorceress, an enchantress who took me forever into sweet captivity;

30. Never leave me, without you the world loses its color and I don’t want to live;

31. Sometimes you are a cold Snegurochka, sometimes you are an African goddess of passion, it turns on, drives you crazy, captivates, and excites you to goosebumps;

32. Your matte skin promises bliss from the touch of delicious silk;

33. A shock of your red hair, like a fire of passion, a promise of eternal love, a path to the sun;

34. I want to admire with you the moonlit path on the turquoise sea, just say “yes” and we will always be together;

35. You decompose me into hot atoms of passion with one light touch;

36. A hot veil of desire envelops me even when I just look at your photo on the social network;

37. You promised me a magical massage and I don’t seem to live up to our meeting, I melt from just thinking about it;

38. I adore you, my brave and impudent girl without brakes;

39. I am ready to give my life for you, and you refuse to just drink coffee with me;

40. You are so beautiful that it constantly seems to me: this does not happen, now her image will dissolve in a haze, she will disappear;

41. You are my personal secretary, friend, assistant, partner, your mind is perfect, and your business acumen commands respect, it’s a pity that you don’t know that I love you;

42. I want to drink you to the bottom, like the most delicious nectar, enjoy hugs, give bliss, just be with me;

43. You are my musical symphony, my beautiful sonnet about love, my colorful still life, my graceful sculpture. All the art of the world is collected in you alone for me and I am ready to keep all this carefully forever;

44. The door has just closed behind you, and I already miss you madly;

45. I fly to you on the wings of love and am not ashamed of my all-consuming feelings, my goddess;

46. Paint my portrait with your fingers on my face, I melt from your touch;

47. I want to kiss your eyes, cheeks, lips, hands and everything else without a break, you are divinely beautiful;

48. When I walk down the street with you, I mentally die of pride: people, look, next to me is a real queen of beauty;

49. Before you, I did not believe in love and considered it sentimental nonsense, thank you for letting me look at everything differently;

50. I pray for you, I live for you, I breathe you, my darling;

51. When you let your hair down, I see a Mermaid in you, who wants to pull me into a passionate pool with her head;

52. Sometimes it seems to me that you are my little Thumbelina, whom I just want to take care of and cherish;

53. You are my gift, my precious pearl, my cherry on the cake, and the most expensive bonus in fate;

54. Your sweet response gave me hope;

55. What do you add to the salad and coffee when we have dinner together, is it some kind of witchcraft, since I finally start to burn out with passion?

56. I am ready to be your obedient page boy all my life;

57. I mentally go through the beads of memories of meetings with you and find myself in a nirvana of emotions;

58. If I were a member of the jury of a beauty contest, you would always occupy the highest step of the podium, my goddess;

59. I appreciate your lively mind and is always ready to listen to you;

60. If you knew how grateful I am to fate for meeting you;

61. You swim beautifully, my divine Ondine;

62. I miss you so much that I am not able to think about anything except our date today;

63. Your lips smell like raspberries and honey, are you a desperate sweet tooth J?

64. I will turn the whole world for you, just order;

65. I didn’t know that you can fall in love like that at first sight until I saw you on that magical day;

66. I want to go with you on an overseas trip and not open my hands all the way;

67. You cook so deliciously that it is impossible to tear yourself away from the plate;

68. Invite me to dinner and I will do whatever we had breakfast together;

69. Not a single sorceress in the world knows how to cook the elixir of love;

70. You are so petite that you want to protect yourself from all the misfortunes of the world;

71. Your smile calls for desperate deeds, your affectionate word gives extraordinary strength, your touch turns the universe upside down;

72. You are more perfect than any work of art recognized as a genius because you know how to be truly kind and sincere;

73. Your mountain honey eyes rob me of the last remnants of my mind;

74. I trust you completely, this has never happened to me before;

75. Your words are always a little bit magical, they bring me back a good mood under any circumstances;

76. You are my Amazon, a little belligerent when you are angry and so kind when you accept me by anyone;

77. Stop a lovely moment, my goddess you are beautiful when you look at me like that;

78. Sometimes I dream of being Orpheus in order to compose a melody of our love for you;

79. My Goldfish, how can you guess all my secret desires;

80. With you the forest is green, the sky is blue, the sea is aquamarine, the sun is generous, no matter where I am, it is important who is next to me;

81. I am glad to obey you and to be your servant;

82. You are the most beautiful girl in the world, do not trust anyone who says that you are not;

83. You have such a graceful gait that I always admire its perfection;

84. You scold your curly hair and do not try to straighten it, this is your absolute highlight and your personal beauty brand;

85. When you laugh with your perky laugh, I freeze with joy that you feel good and you are calm, keep this mood indicator, you have it unique;

86. Do not change your habit of smiling warmly, at such moments you seem to embrace the whole world;

87. You dance so delightfully that I feel like an elephant next to me during quad dance J;

88. You are my colorful Rainbow, my Shepherdess, my Nymph from the fairy forest;

89. Sherbet of my soul, you conquered my heart forever;

90. I am jealous of all your photos that others see, your beauty belongs to me, I am an ardent owner;

91. With you I forget all sorrows, I quickly overcome difficulties, you are my favorite talisman of happiness;

92. For me, you are the most important person in life, I myself do not know how this could have happened;

93. You are my only joy in the cold and in the blizzard, you know how to melt the ice in my heart and light the fire of love in it;

94. For what merits did heaven give me a woman like you? Infinitely happy, darling!

95. I do not want and will not share you with anyone, I want to possess such a treasure with absolute power;

96. You are so good in this swimsuit that I will probably run to buy tickets to the sea;

97. You are head and shoulders above all the women in the world and at the same time, you are kind and not arrogant. How lucky I am, my dear!

98. Put all the gold in the world at your feet, you will not even notice, so modest and not pretentious;

99. You do not count money in my wallet, do not expect gifts, do not require increased attention to yourself. Are you an alien? So different from other girls;

100. Thousands of carats of mine, you are priceless.

Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend Replacing Greetings

1. Hi, how was your week?

2. I think you had an unusual weekend?

3. Good afternoon, what are you doing?

4. Hello, what are your plans for the weekend?

5. Hi, how are you, surely today is better than yesterday?

6. Hi, I know you are doing great because I have been praying about it all week.

7. Good afternoon, what’s the forecast for your mood?

8. I just couldn’t start a new day without greeting you – hello!

9. Hello Sunshine!

10. My day starts with you!

11. I looked at your photo and wanted to wish you a good day!

12. If you are reading this SMS, then you are already awake. I’m waiting for a smiley from you!

Sweet Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend That Can Melt Her Heart

Here are some examples of the best sweet and romantic compliments for your girlfriend to make her heart melt:

1. My head won’t think better until it gets a text message from you

2. If my SMS reached you, send me a smile, I really need it.

3. When I expect an SMS from you, I look like a child waiting for a miracle.

4. I just thought, and if you answer today just one SMS, then let this be my message. Will my wish come true?

5. Communication with you improves my mood, charges me with a positive mood.

6. I remembered how beautiful you always look and thought, shouldn’t we go for a walk?

7. There should never be sadness and pain in your eyes. You deserve all the best.

8. If I received a response to this message, it would make me the happiest on earth.

9. Communication with you is boundless happiness, I also want a piece from him.

10. Until I met you, not a single girl “hooked” me, that’s how it turns out!

11. If I write to you, then I want to express my feelings in all languages ​​of the world at once!

12. There is so much to tell, but all that comes into my head is hello!

13. So you want to embrace. Do you like hugs?

14. Tell me, do you have a lot of guys you know who are as good as me?

15. I am always ready to give you a double like (and even persuade friends to do the same).

16. I could not understand why, next to you, not a single rational thought enters my head, until I realized that this was the effect of your magical beauty.

17. Hello May Muse!

18. I write to you and smile, the day was a success!

19. I’ve always loved pizza, but now I love you!

20. I always chose those girls that my dog ​​(cat) liked. But after our meeting, I realized that I was ready to change my rules.

Simple Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend

1. Of course, I understand that every girl should have a zest, but in you, their content is simply off the scale. I have never met such an attractive person.

2. If I had not seen you, I would never have believed that princesses exist, as well as that they are able to deprive ordinary guys of peace of mind who are not indifferent to female beauty.

3. I do not know how to speak beautifully, therefore, I’ll just say, I’m crazy about you.

4. Such a beautiful head is simply made to wear a crown.

5. You are not like everyone else, you are one of those who are able to sink into the soul and stay in it forever.

6. I want to admit that our acquaintance turned my life upside down.

7. I don’t know what the reason is, but next to you, all the other girls just fade away. I hope you will burn like a star in my sky without leaving me in the dark.

8. It is worth turning the whole planet around to find someone like you, start a family and be truly happy.

9. If you say that I liked you, then this is nothing to say, but I am sure that you did not just appear in my life.

10. I’m not a romantic, but looking at you I really want romance, so that there is a moonlit night, the snow is quietly falling, and we slowly walked in an embrace.

11. When I look at you, flowers bloom in my soul, birds begin to sing. I should see you more often.

12. So I want to express my uneasy feelings in simple words, but I’m afraid that for such a beautiful girl it will be too faded and inexpressive.

13. My feeling grows every day, be always the same beautiful and mysterious.

14. There are many good girls, and such unique ones as you are very few.

15. I’m not a flatterer, but I can’t help but notice that you are totally adorable.

Flirty & Romantic Compliment Text Messages For Girlfriend

To make the conversation more lively and sincere, you can ask the following questions. But you only need to ask what is really interesting so as not to look like a hypocrite in the eyes of a girl. We will teach you how to give the best short compliments to a girl in our article.

1. You know, I am not in the habit of writing, but for special people, an exception can be made.

2. From the moment we met, every day has become special for me.

3. There is nothing to write about, but I need to somehow remind about myself.

4. Even if I don’t see you, I still don’t let go of my thoughts.

5. I want to hear “hello” from you every morning and “sweet dreams” every evening.

6. They tell me that I am constantly distracted by something. But this is not so, I just constantly think about you, which is why it is so difficult for me to collect my thoughts in a “heap”.

7. Most often, you and I meet in my dreams, which is why it is so difficult for me to wake up.

8. If someone gave me one wish, I would choose a kiss with you, if they gave me two, it would be two kisses.

Topics TO Message Your Girlfriend To Start Conversation

1. Are there any topics that you could talk about for hours?

2. What do you like to do on the weekend?

3. What can please you? Do you have a hobby?

4. Tell me what is your typical Groundhog Day?

5. Where would you like to live (country, city)?

6. Do you get angry often? What are you at this moment?

7. How do you like to spend your free time?

8. If you were offered to star in a film, what would it be? What role would you like to play?

9. What is your favorite book? Which writers do you prefer to read?

10. Do you get along well with your relatives? Who is best with?

11. You have such an unusual username! What does it mean?

12. If you had the opportunity to choose your superpower, what would you choose?

13. Are there any bad traits in you that you would like to get rid of?

14. What movies or books do you like to read or watch at night?

15. A perfect day – what is it like in your mind?

16. What did you want to work as a child?

17. What is your favorite music?

18. Do you have a favorite movie?

19. How do you see the ideal man?

20. Do you like romance?

21. Have you ever had a funny nickname?

22. Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

23. Why do you love your job? Would you like to change it?

24. Do you like to play sports? What kinds?

25. If you went to a desert island, what would you take with you?

26. What do you like to remember from your childhood?

27. I want to hear a secret.

28. If you had three wishes, what would you make?

39. What year in your life would you like to live anew?

All these questions will not only help maintain a conversation but will also make the relationship closer with your girlfriend.

How Should You Text or Chat With Girls?

Chatting with the girlfriend is not the same as live. On SMS compliments for girls, even noteworthy beauties are pierced, which in real life would not be denied by more than one girl and, on the contrary, unattractive guys can so interest a census taker that she will stop paying any attention to defects in appearance.

  • Manifestation of originality

Since it is difficult for people to show their charm and charisma during the conversation, most often they seem boring and monotonous.

Many are afraid to make a mistake, scare the girl off, offend her, or seem like some kind of idiot. Therefore, such guys communicate in a rather restrained manner, without causing any emotions in the interlocutor. You should not write formulaic phrases and expressions, so you can join the ranks of boring fans. Jokes, non-standard phrases, or jokes work best. Moreover, all this should fit into a small message.

SMS compliments for girls should be non-standard so that their owner can immediately grab the lady’s attention.

  • Correct questions for detailed answers

If a guy asks monosyllabic questions that can only be answered “yes” or “no”, then communication is unlikely to work out. The girl needs to be talked about so that she begins to talk in detail about everything. Do not forget that each person loves most of all to talk about himself. For example, it is better to ask “what did you do today?” Instead of “did your day go well?”

  • Ambiguity is our friend

Girls always try to find subtext even in simple words. There is no need to deny them this, the main thing is to make sure that the ambiguity is always pleasant. The rest of the lady herself fantasizes.

  • Jokes – a way out of any situation

Girls always prefer jokers and jokers, because they are masters of jokes. If a guy is humorous, then communicating with him is not only more fun but also much easier. No need to overdo it, jokes shouldn’t be flat or male-oriented.

  • Do not bother

Communication should not be abundant. Don’t remind yourself every hour. It is unnecessary to delve into all her affairs and be interested in every little thing. Excessive attention is always annoying, so it’s better to let the girl get bored a little. You can disappear for a short time or pull with answers. Girls quickly get bored with clingy gentlemen who openly demonstrate their adoration. Such people are either pickled or retired.

  • Don’t leave the last word to yourself

A man must be a man, therefore, he must keep everything under control: start the conversation, keep it and end it. It is necessary to write such SMS-ki, to which it will simply be impossible not to answer.

It is best to end the conversation in a positive way, and not when all the topics are “sucked” and there is nothing more to talk about.

To leave some understatement, about which I would like to know more, it is better for a man to end the conversation himself.

  • No need to delay the date

If a guy realizes that he likes the girl, then you need to invite her out on a date as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be done by the one who is bolder and more agile. In addition, by conversation, you can smear “pink drooling” for a long time, while a real meeting can show a person in all their glory.

Ladies prefer decisive men, and not those who are good only in theory, but are unable to write worthy SMS compliments to the girl.

Most Common Guys Mistakes

The following are some of the things that can turn women away from communicating with a man:

  • No need to write to a girl just like that, for the sake of a “tick” or to replenish the list of your subscribers.
  • You shouldn’t imagine yourself as someone who you are not.
  • It is better not to write abstruse messages, recalling Shakespeare, or knowledge of any specialty.
  • No need to write large texts. They distract attention from the interlocutor.
  • Do not overdo it with compliments, otherwise, the lady may decide that her interlocutor is a very unhappy type, with whom no self-respecting lady wants to deal.
  • To make communication more natural, you need to write “in a personal”, and not leave messages under the photo. If a girl comes to answer in plain sight, then she may not behave very well.
  • The girl is not a “sidekick”, so she does not need to be rude, curse or write with errors.

Write to your girls the best sweet and beautiful quotes or compliment text messages for your beloved girlfriend and polish your skills in this electronic, but still epistolary genre. However, remember that nothing can replace real communication, hot kisses, and hugs.

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