5 Reasons For Decreased Learning Motivation

The issue of educational motivation has been and remains one of the most difficult in pedagogy. Every parent wants their child to go to school with pleasure. What could be the reason for the loss of interest in learning?

5 reasons for decreased learning motivation
5 reasons for decreased learning motivation

Reasons for decreased learning motivation

1. The balance of work and rest is upset.

With a large number of additional classes, sections, circles, tutors, the child is very tired, does not have time to recuperate. Analyze the educational environment of the child, maybe it is redundant? How much time does the child have to rest? Is this time enough?

2. Learning difficulties.

Difficulty understanding the subject can lead to a decrease in interest. Does the child succeed in everything? Is the new material absorbed well?

3. Interest outside the school.

If the child’s interest lies outside the field of academic subjects, then it is important to find their relationship. How, for example, are sports and mathematics-related? Why is it important to study computer science to become a programmer?

4. Inadequate requirements.

The requirements, which are presented to the child by the teachers, by the parents, must be unified, understandable, and accepted by the child. Discuss and draw up an individual curriculum, write in it the educational goals and objectives for the week, quarter, year.

5. Conflict with a teacher or classmates.

Perhaps the unwillingness to go to school and a decrease in educational motivation are a reaction to a difficult conflict situation. What is the atmosphere in the classroom, in the team? It is necessary to clarify these points before doing anything. www.lovepsychologys.com

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