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5 Signs of Emotional Immaturity. Emotional immaturity is present not necessarily in children, but also in adults. Most often, such individuals seek to find those responsible for their own mistakes, shift responsibility to someone else, and are not able to admit their defeat. Another feature of an adult personality with emotional instability is the attempts to constantly defend themselves from the attacks of others, which are often contrived by themselves. Psychologists have studied this issue and identified 5 main signs of such a state of personality.

5 Signs of Emotional Immaturity.

The first sign is the desire to always be in the spotlight. This is the main quality of an emotionally immature person, both women, and men. He wants to be taken care of, put above all else, treated in awe. When ignoring his witticisms, remarks, or claims, such a person is immediately offended and quickly changes his mood. If he does not realize his behavior in time and will continues to think that everyone owes him, then his type in psychology can be characterized as narcissism. Men and women: how they react differently to difficulties in relationships.

5 Signs of Emotional Immaturity.

The second sign is that he keeps in touch with his mother almost every day That is, this person will always have his mother in the first place. It would seem that what is bad when there is love of parents for children and vice versa? But when she develops into an unhealthy relationship, when an adult man cannot take a step without the consent of his mother, he discusses all personal issues with her, she watches over his clothes, food, etc. This is more than strange for an adult-held person.

Such behavior can be written down as signs of emotional immaturity. An immature person wants someone to arrange her affairs, in this case, it may be a stronger emotional mother. A successful person does this on his own. Sick relationships: the main signs of how to get out of them.

The third sign is the fear of demonstrating one’s own weakness. The reasons can come from childhood. A person is not confident in himself, but does not want to show it and therefore asserts himself at the expense of the weaker ones. He also does not perceive criticism and treats it extremely painfully. Seeks to compare himself with others, trying to get ahead of them in all respects. That is, a person is dependent on the opinions of others, which indicates low self-esteem. 5 psychological differences between men and women that a couple should know about.

5 Signs of Emotional Immaturity.

The fourth sign is a propensity for addictions Analyzing the features of emotionally immature people, one should note their propensity for addictions. This may be alcohol, smoking, gambling, joining a sect, etc. Due to their unstable mental state, they are easily persuaded. And all because they are unable or unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. Open Relationships in Marriage: How It Works and Who It Suits

Sign Five – Victim Position Emotionally immature individuals often fixate on failure and can remain in a victim state for a long time. They do not notice all the positive things that happen in their lives. They are characterized by a state of helplessness, because in this way they can feel sorry for themselves for a long time and complain about a difficult fate. They do not know the analysis and ways of solving problems, it is better to wallow in the routine of endless hard work and continue to suffer from it.

How to stay friends with the former Is it possible to overcome emotional immaturity This problem can originate from childhood, when the maturation of the body is formed in the child. Including at the stage of intrauterine development. Treatment should be started as early as possible.

Psychotherapists deal with this problem. Only they can tell how to correct the emotional instability and infantilism of a person. It is also important to create a favorable climate in the family so that the therapy is less painful. In adulthood, you can turn to a psychologist who, in practice, will help a person cope with his behavior. Only in this way a person will become mature, will be able to take responsibility and control his desires. . 5 Signs of Emotional Immaturity.

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