A man ignores a woman he likes – what to do?

A man ignores a woman he likes – what to do? Silence is the biggest punishment in psychology. In the case of the words that are heard, there are two traumatic factors, such as blood and rugs.

You can decide that a man is indifferent, he doesn’t give a damn about you, but is it really that simple? Deal with this next male trick from all sides

Why silence can be abuse and what to do about it?

Only experienced manipulators resort to this cunning trick, because this is how a person washes his hands – he did nothing, he is practically a saint, and you lose your temper with rage or go into a depressed state with tears.

Such ignorance can concern all spheres of life: he does not answer messages and calls, or answers dryly, sees you less often, and when cohabiting, he goes about his business, ignoring you. Physical ignorance is also possible – a decrease in intimacy in life, on hugs and kisses less often.

Familiar symptoms?

If you don’t want to panic, it’s two words that belong to you:

  • Control: with whom and when you see, what you do at work, why didn’t you tell that you went somewhere
  • Jealousy for no reason
  • manipulation
  • It all started perfectly, you were the one and only. Only the relationship became permanent, you fell from the pedestal to the status of “Cinderella”

What do men think when they ignore women?

  • Double standards: he can, but you can’t
  • In all problems, especially in relationships, you are entirely to blame in his opinion

Do you notice this in your lover? Time to reconsider the relationship, try to discuss the situation directly, talk about your feelings. And if nothing helps, and the situation does not change, ignoring a man brings you out, it’s worth considering – are you needed? Believe me, over time, after buying an apartment or from the birth of children, it will not change.

When there is a reason to ignore?

If silence is not another manipulative tool of a lover, it is worth looking for reasons, because everyone is different.

  • Ignore at the beginning of a relationship

You just started to show sympathy or confessed it to each other, and then suddenly – ignore. You don’t find a place for yourself, you wind up that you ruined everything, your self-esteem falls … And you may not be a bchmen.

The first option is he is honest with you. Sympathy for you scares him: he may not be ready for a serious relationship or, for example, he is married. Silence becomes an attempt to get rid of sympathy, since he has no other methods. Usually this method does not work, but, on the contrary, inflames feelings.

The second is that he is simply afraid of your rejection, of being rejected. The man could have had a negative experience, even if it came down to the girl’s rejection at school. Look from the outside at your behavior – maybe you went too far with the image of an indifferent fatal beauty and time and take a small step towards a relationship yourself, support the interest of your lover?

The third option – he just wants to fall in love with you more, afraid of seeming too soft. After all, everyone loves the image of a macho! Enter this game and begin to “achieve” it yourself or rise above it and also play inaccessible beauty – that is,

  • Ignore in established relationships

“He has a mistress!?” you think in a panic. You humiliate yourself in front of a mirror, you suffer and suffer. It is better to direct your efforts to analyze the situation.

Remember, in a relationship, both are always to blame. What has changed in you? Maybe she stopped dressing up for every date? Cooled down in the manifestation of feelings? Are you going to stop there?

Believe me: men are very sensitive contrary to stereotypes. Try to revive in yourself what your partner loved in you.

Perhaps something happened in a man’s life, and ignoring was only a consequence. Work, finances, family – every healthy person has something besides relationships, not only converges on you.

And it is also common for every person to indulge in despondency for no reason, if this happens infrequently. Yes, men can also have a kind of PMS.

Let the man exhale, be with himself and figure it out. He will appreciate that you gave him a few days and personal space to gain energy and return to normal again.

How to find the real reason? The answer is simple – talk.

This is a universal medicine for any relationship. On the one hand, it is necessary to show empathy – to be interested in his deeds, dismissals, victories, and with fin No one can read minds, especially men! Talk more about yourself, without accusations – “I feel that …”, “I’m worried about …”.

Only by knowing the reasons, you will be able to understand what to do, whether to change something in yourself and whether there are real deer addicts.

His ignorance is a reason for your development

If the conversations did not help, the man increasingly slips into “ignore” and brushes you off, it’s time to change. Stop putting relationships at the center of your life.

While he is doing anything but you – answer the same.

  • Find new hobbies

Dancing, singing, studying – it’s time to remember what you really like, or discover something new in yourself. More often attend events that are interesting for you, engage in spiritual development. You’ll be surprised how much inter it is except for evenings with one person.

  • Make time for yourself

Spas, new dresses, makeup tutorials, or abandoned online yoga courses. You are the main beauty, it’s time to remember this and pay attention to your appearance.

  • Expand your circle of contacts

Long-term relationships, then marriage, and then children. If this is the case, you will have to wait until you are there.

Call your friends, make an appointment or involve them in a new hobby. Problems with the stars of the day – they are almost every club by interest and social dogs. The main thing is to expand your circles with one person.

  • Stop Reporting

Is it written on the subject, is it and it is on a date? Here you stop. No, do not ignore, namely, become independent in shaping your schedule. Let your partner adjust their plans for you, and not vice versa.

Where will these tips lead? Or he wants to return his always available girlfriend, pays attention to the problem again and returns to behavior during the bouquet period – after all, a man loves and knows how to achieve. Or he will completely lose interest in you.

Yes, such an outcome can be painful. No this is said, it is small and there is no language, and some other things and it is not possible. Then you will save yourself from abuse in the future, and new hobbies and social circles will allow you to continue a full life without this man in order to attract a worthy interesting partner.

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