Cheating is good or bad – psychologist’s opinion why

You probably know the expression that a good leftist strengthens a marriage. Most likely it was invented by men to justify their own behavior. There is an opinion among them that the right trip to the left encourages intimacy with his wife. Let’s see if that’s really the case.

What is “leftist” and its causes

Under the “levy” button, it is blowing with the partner of the protagonist. To that is what is happening. Левак может быть как у мужчин, так и у женщин. The difference between the variants is that it is made in the wall, and that it is on this side.

Usually this expression is used by men who do not have a permanent mistress. They bring such variety into their lives several times a year, after which, as they say, they go to their wife, and they begin to love her with more force.

«Levakom» is not a word of words:

  • Constant intrigues on the side that humiliate the dignity of the wife.
  • A change that everyone knows about.
  • A romance on the side that arose amid passion, which grew into something more and put the marriage in jeopardy.
  • A lover gets more than a wife: intimacy, gifts, attention.

If these conditions are met, a fleeting relationship can be called a “leftist”.

The reasons for the “leftist” are different. No, so that it is not possible to store it in the room, it is not necessary to work on it. Whatever the “good leftist” may be, he is indicative of problems.

  • A man sets a goal to see if sex happens somehow wrong with another woman, in a different way.
  • The wife did not satisfy the intimate desire of her husband. The goal of the leftist is to get satisfaction.
  • The husband decided to take revenge on his wife.

Having made a simple analysis of the causes of the leftist, it is clear that the family is experiencing difficulties, which, for some reason, have become commonplace. A man is looking for another woman to solve problems that have arisen in the family.

Is it true that a good leftist strengthens a marriage?

Catherine Hakim, a professor at the London School of Economics, a journalist and sociologist, made a serious statement, during which she said that thanks to the leftist, spouses learn not only to forgive each other, but also to love more strongly.

Catherine believes that intrigue on the side can strengthen the marriage. She compares intimacy with good food and says that, of course, it is better to eat hearty and tasty at home, but if something happens in the family, the man does not get saturation, then to strengthen the family he can satisfy his desire on the side.

Is a leftist strengthening a marriage?

The professor focused on the fact that a guarantor of the durability of marriage with a “good leftist” can be a preliminary agreement between spouses, free relations between them. Otherwise, this is perceived as treason and betrayal. To that end, instead of proishodit to one-on-one association.

The primer “Khoroshego levaka” appears in the film “Lyubovia and Goluby”, for the most part of the world. There seemed to be no feelings between them. No, levak Vasilya Privel k Peresmotru tsennostey oboikh suprugov. The result was a strengthening of love. An emotional shake-up helped to realize how significant they are to each other.

The effect of the “leftist” on the family

If we proceed from the opinion of psychology, then the “leftist” is a shake-up of a family that is mired in everyday life. The spouses have such a stable relationship, which do not bring anything good to life. This stability resembles a stagnant swamp.

The leftist is a kind of STRess. And not only for his wife, but also for the traitor himself. The husband begins to suffer from feelings of guilt. On the other hand, it is possible to understand the situation in the future. As a result, the spouse begins to think about her behavior, about the need to make changes.

Cheating is akin to a divorce, which would sooner or later happen in such an overly stable family. Spouses are tired of indifference to each other. On the phone of the levaka proishodit nekaya vstryaska. Separation is prevented.

Both husband and wife get in the way of realizing their own mistakes, look at each other differently, look for ways to resolve issues so as not to jeopardize the marriage in the future. It would seem that what could be more negative in family life than treason. On the other hand, it is possible to understand the situation, which can be used on a large scale.

Is change good or bad?

Ideally, family life should be built on trust, on mutual respect for each other. Violation of values ​​equals betrayal. On the basis of which it follows that the situation when the spouse has committed a “good leftist” to Strengthen the marriage cannot be an object of imitation.

A one-time betrayal can seriously jeopardize the relationship between the spouses, of course, if they are in an active business. Levak in exchange for love is a dubious deal, for which you can pay a rather high price.

If there are no such expensive relations between a husband and wife, as indicated above, their marriage is based not on love, but on respect, material gain, children, gratitude, then, in order to maintain the union, certain “rules” of the leftist must be observed:

  • “Leftist” is meant to be in the tank, but it is not necessary to understand it. Otherwise, the dignity of the wife inevitably suffers.
  • The “leftist” should have clear boundaries. The interests of the wife are always placed higher than those of the mistress. If the other side receives more, no matter what, intimacy, attention, gifts, then the framework is already broken.
  • In a relationship on STORONE, no feelings should arise. Of course, it is not easy to control the EMOtional STOR, but it is necessary. Otherwise, a banal affair can develop into something more complicated.

From the analysis carried out, one can draw a simple conclusion that the “leftist” does not arise from a good life. Maybe Instead of deciding on Treason, It is worth working on relationships in the Family so that a spark ignites between husband and wife.

Not always an affair helps to strengthen relationships. Often it becomes the reason for the breakup of the family. Relationships are hard work, on both sides. To get a healthy family that would be a source of pride and imitation, feelings must be nourished not by the leftist, but in other ways.

For a woman, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • Be attractive to your husband, not to other people. Often we allow ourselves to walk at home in a salted dressing gown with terrible curlers on our heads. When we are going to a nearby store for bread, we get the impression that we have to go to the podium.
  • Be self-sufficient, develop yourself, read books. Be interesting to your man. Improve yourself.
  • Be happy. Men If a girl has decided to be happy, then even her husband will not be able to prevent her from doing so. Learn to be happy with yourself.

Having increased your self-esteem, you will involuntarily attract the attention of men. Next to you, the husband will feel pride, the need to conquer you. In such a relationship, it will not be necessary to make a leftist to save the marriage.

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