Do you want to know more about yourself?

Do you want to know more about yourself? The bonding link in the relationship between a man and a woman, of course, is love. We will not now consider such a “new direction” of the modern world as marriages of convenience. This is a completely different issue with its unique “INGREDIENTS”.

Our task is to show you a topic that is relevant for many families, from an absolutely unexpected side. So to speak, connect an extraordinary solution for a regular situation. And the choice to keep the family, or leave, will be solely within your competence.

A little about love

Probably, it is worth being honest and voicing that each person has his own understanding of such a weighty, sometimes intoxicating, and sometimes psycho-traumatic feeling as love.

You may have come across a fake, actively spreading on the Internet, that the World Health Organization allegedly included love in the list of mental illnesses.

This, in part, contributed to the opinion of a clinical psychologist, and part-time British writer F. Tollis.

As an expert on OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), he speaks out about lovesickness as a specific kind of disorder.

“Lovepsychologys” is one of the most popular names in the world. For some, this feeling is associated with passion, others perceive it as fluttering butterflies in their stomachs, others fear it like a bald man’s trait, because they have gone through love torments, and they no longer need such “happiness”.

Let’s not forget that falling in love, love is also body chemistry. It turns out such a hormonal mix. And it turns out that when you stop

There are other links besides love

We paid enough attention to such a feeling as love. Look, the topic itself is not entirely correct. It turns out that if there is no love, then people in a relationship begin to exist, as it were, as neighbors. Produce the word of the day, and also the word, in the name of the child, by the nature of the horse.

Only the programs that are programmed should be and will be sent to you:

  • We need to live and continue for the sake of children
  • Divorce can negatively affect a child’s mental health
  • Not love, and there is no family, but there are children who should not suffer such an outcome.
  • You have to be patient and wait until the child grows up
  • Children should grow up in a complete family

What do you think, when such a program is “written”, literally screaming: “I feel bad in relationships, because there are no more old feelings, but I have to endure for the sake of the child”, what will be the quality of such a life? We believe the answer is obvious!

Is it necessary to save a family for the sake of children?

And again, it’s all about love. No, is family relationships based on love alone? Unlikely! Love is undeniably important. If you don’t want to leave the building, you can choose:

  • Betrayal
  • Change
  • Lie
  • Lack of responsibility and support
  • Complicated characters of spouses
  • Uncompromising
  • Physical and psychological abuse
  • Different outlook, etc.

We can continue this list indefinitely. No dumaem, it’s you, and it’s ponyal – love cannot be a link for a long time if there is no more companion. That is why and is important to change the “working” query.

Change the request for work, and you will find the answer to the question for yourself

Everything turned out to be easy. This is the non-standard approach to the analysis of the stated topic. As you understand, “Samka” is trying to make such coverage so that you can, without seeking help from a specialist, independently understand the exciting situation.

Therefore, at this stage, the sky is actively connected to the work. Overen If you want to know about the weather:

  • How long ago did the split in our relationship begin?
  • What exactly does not suit me in a relationship?
  • If there is no love, what feelings did I begin to have for my husband?
  • If there are scandals, who most often initiates?
  • Problems related to the red carpet, are there any signs?
  • If I had such an opportunity, what exactly would I change in our relationship so that they would return quickly
  • What do I associate our relationship with?

Look, many people, involuntarily, without realizing it themselves, are hammering a nail into the “lid of the groyheintynyn” with their own hands. That is, they are “buried”, as they say, although the “patient” could still be saved.

Stop it when you see it

The answer to this question will depend solely on your private family situation. You will probably be very surprised, but our experience in private practice proves that people are on the verge of divorce only because they simply do not know how to negotiate. Because of this, relationships are collapsing at lightning speed.

First, there is a misunderstanding, then, a distance, then there are accusations, insults and claims, and voila, as the only right decision to stop all this as soon as possible – a divorce. No, some are “slowed down” from making this decision – children.

Just imagine that a person, so, is uncomfortable in a relationship, and then he still hangs on himself an additional burden in the form of false beliefs, which we have already presented above. And all you need is just to understand the situation: to decompose it into objective links.

And it will immediately become clear whether it is worth continuing the relationship, or you need to urgently break it off. Let’s get straight to the point:

  • Remember! The child will grow up sooner or later. He will have his own personal life. And your claims: “Because of you, I endured everything and did not leave”, at best, will not be heard. At worst, the child will either move away from you altogether, or become a guardian who

It is also worth understanding the difference between misunderstandings between spouses that can be resolved and serious traumatic factors that are unacceptable. Speaking of the second, we mean different kinds of violence. And we are no longer talking about problems in relationships, but about, to put it mildly, the bad essence of a spouse.

A husband can humiliate his wife, and in some cases even beat him up, and she, like a steadfast tin soldier, continues to endure, clinging to her beliefs: “Children should be brought up in a complete family.”

Another limiting factor is the cliché of thinking: “The divorcee with a trailer.” And here a replacement works in the form of a new belief: “Even if I leave, no one will want to take me from the rebbe. Moreover, a strange man can never replace his own father.

Key Findings

So, let’s sum up. As can be seen from the above, it is important to assess what is the psychological microclimate in your family. Perhaps not everything is as bad as it seemed at first.

Next, you need to identify the central beliefs that are specific to your situation, and only after that, come to a decision: file for divorce or work out a family problem, and move on. As you can see, we do not even consider the issue in context: to leave or live for the sake of the child further.

Because he is just a fraction of one big problem in your relationship with your husband. Don’t forget the main thing! You have one life. Just simulate the situation if you live with a person who is sick of you and there is nothing but a child that keeps you together: what will happen later when the child grows up? What will you stay?

No, but the task set before us, within the framework of this topic, has been fully completed. Now the choice is yours! If, in the course of the analysis, new related questions arose in the course of the analysis, those of special work, look at them in section.

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