Early marriages and problems in them – why unions break up?

Early marriages and problems in them – why do unions break up? Early marriages are condemned by society. It is believed that they are unstable and thoughtless. Do you think early marriage is a reckless impulse or family happiness is possible at any age?

Reasons for early marriages

Think about it, it’s not just that people have a desire to create a social unit early. There are the following main reasons:

  • Unplanned pregnancy. If the unplanned bermance is that the youth you want in the brakes of the car. Often such a marriage occurs to avoid a criminal record or the condemnation of society. Sometimes it is still based on mutual love.
  • Feeling of loneliness associated with the parental family. Young people in the family were not noticed by their own parents. No in the hotel room and the heat. So they started their own family.
  • parental authority. Parents are cruel tyrants. For young people, marriage becomes a way out of their control.
  • Socially dangerous position. Young people are looking for security.
  • Streamline to self-sufficiency. Young people are ambitious. They are addicted to their parents. Such people strive for independence, so they marry early.
  • Beliefs that it is impossible to lead an intimate life before marriage. And in order to finally be able to young people decide on marriage.
  • Passionate love. Young people are so in love that they decide to marry.
  • Religious motives. Religion encourages early marriage, especially for Islam.

Why do early marriages fail?

No wonder early marriages are considered unsustainable. Soglasi, first psychological factors, which are preparative to the human beings.

  • Infantile family. The couple is not ready to take on obligations for their family: financial, moral, ethical, educational.
  • Influence of parental families. Moms and dads were unhappy with the early marriage of the newlyweds. They begin to convince young creatures about the absurdity of this decision.
  • We didn’t get to know each other well. Passion, love, dizziness are the basis of this marriage. No in six months para no solves in byte plane and interests. Sometimes they begin to annoy what personality traits and habits.
  • Household invalids. Young people are not able to lead a life. In the Parental Family, such obligations were not imposed, therefore they are not able to perform household functions, and sometimes even distribute them.
  • Lack of love and understanding. The marriage was concluded due to pregnancy or at the behest of the parents.
  • financial instability. Young people are either financially dependent on their parents, or there is a chronic lack of money, as it is difficult to find a well-paid job at a young age. There may be reproaches from parental families and quarrels on this basis, as well as reproaches towards each other about not salting.

When is the best time for a woman to get married? Pros and cons of different ages

  • Inability to find a compromise, give in to each other. Young men in their majority suffer from maximalism. On this basis, conflicts arise that young people are unable to resolve constructively.
  • Unpreparedness for the birth of a child. Caring for him can become a breeding ground for conflicts in a young family.

To make you understand the complexities of early marriage – a living example. Masha and Denis met in the first year of university. For the moment, Machine Bylo 17, Denis — 18 years. Passion and love turned pare’s head. It seemed that no one on this planet had such love.

Denis made an offer to Masha in the third month of the relationship. The parents of the young people were supportive. It was decided to live with Denis’s parents. Masha turned out to be a bad housewife, she got used to the fact that her mother did everything at her house. Conflicts began between Denis’s mother and Masha.

After a series of scandals, it was decided to move to Masha’s family. No and to the young of the unprosto. Masha’s parents began to press on Denis that it was time to find a part-time job, to which Denis reacted very sharply: “I’m studying, I have no time to work!” The conflict was aggravated by the fact that Denis’s parents supported him in this decision, and Masha was on the side of her children.

With grief in half, the university was over, on this occasion the young people were presented with an apartment. No and that is where slozhnosti. Masha and Denis were unable to manage the household. Anything you want to do with the words on the job, on a picture of no znaly, on the other side. To which Masha complained to Denis: “This is because you earn little, so there is not enough money!” Because there are conflicts between the two countries and the project.

Due to constant quarrels, it was decided to divorce. No rode by the protection against the search, other than the par for the common psychologist. The kids had to grow up. The marriage was saved.

Benefits of early marriage

Don’t think that early marriages are the only downsides. There are positive aspects, especially if young people sincerely love each other.

  • The main advantage of early marriage is good physical shape.

Marriage involves the birth of children. At a young age, it is easier for a girl to bear a child, and it is easier for young parents to cope with it than for more young parents. Young parents often have common interests with their children. They easily accept even the most daring fashion trends, listen to popular music. Dovolno often the relationship between children and their young parents is more sincere and open.

  • Solving some psychological problems.

In the parental family, young people had problems. Having created their family, they are separated from the Parents who notice them or show them psychological, physical violence.

  • A young family goes through the “school of life”.

Young people get rid of infantilism, learn patience, responsibility and independence, master the skills of constructive conflict resolution.

  • Emotional intimacy.

In youth, faith in love is strong. Feelings are sharpened, relationships are more romantic and saturated with bright emotions.

  • Young people who are married are more likely to succeed because they need to be financially independent from the rodsilica.

Let me give you an example of a happy early marriage. Alexander and Irina are now 45 years old. Behind 27 years of a happy marriage and three beautiful children. Do it by yourself to see the drugs on the drugs that are full of glasses.

Irina is from a dysfunctional family, Alexander is from a good and wealthy one. Having fallen in love with Irina, Alexander really wanted to “save” her from a difficult situation. That’s why and proposed so early. Alexander’s parents were against such a daughter-in-law, so there was nowhere to wait for help for the young family.

Alexander had to work hard, he quickly climbed the career ladder. Irina turned out to be a good hostess, life was quickly adjusted. The atmosphere of love and happiness reigned in the family. Alexander’s parents, seeing that everything was fine in their son’s family, accepted Irina into the family and reconciled with their son.

As you can see, early marriage is not something bad. The success of an early marriage depends on the reasons why they entered into it, on the characteristics of the character and personality of the newlyweds. If a marriage is built on mutual understanding, respect, trust and love, it does not matter when it is concluded, at 18 or 30 years old.

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