How to Be a Good Wife: 6 Basic Rules


Many girls have a question, how to become a good wife? It is not easy to answer it, because there are a lot of different opinions, which are almost impossible to cover at the same time. Of course, some women prefer to choose their own path, but they often fail, so it’s worth reading a few tips from professional psychologists. No one says that each of them guarantees a long happy life, but it helps to get to know men better.

1. Forget about friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps the first problem in the life of spouses is always friends and acquaintances. They try to give some advice, suggest what to do in a given situation, and some are just downright jealous. Most often, the consequences are the most deplorable, that is, the relationship gradually heats up and, in the end, breaks.

Often girls believe that a man needs freedom. “It is better to let him go fishing with his friends than to look at a disgruntled face,” they say, and they are very mistaken. Yes, conditions cannot be set, because many people, without hesitation, act in defiance. However, in this situation, it is the wife who should be the reason that forced the husband to stay at home. To do this, it is enough to interest him in something. After that, it will be possible to spend extra time alone, reinforcing the warmth of the relationship with pleasant communication.

2. Variety is the key to married life.

“No matter how tasty a dish is, it will eventually get boring.” These words of a great man should be remembered throughout your married life. Moreover, you should not attribute it only to cooking, it is better to apply it in practice in everything. Even the wife must change a little in order to make her husband fall in love with her more and more.

In some cases, even an unexpected light kiss attracts much more than a long romantic dinner. Because of this, psychologists advise girls to remain unpredictable even 10 years after the wedding. Surely unpredictable actions and words will intrigue a man all the time. He will eagerly return home after work, not imagining what a surprise awaits him.

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3. You can’t adjust.

After the wedding celebration, some women begin to change. Many try to become an integral part of a man’s life, so they prefer to fulfill all his desires. On the one hand, such a step can be understood, because the wives believe that after this they can look to the future with confidence. On the other hand, a husband does not need a “mother”. Psychologists are already tired of reminding the beautiful half of humanity that a man fell in love with a woman for who she is, which means that he does not need another.

So first of all, the question of how to become a better wife should be answered, to remain yourself. If the husband realizes that the seal in the passport has not changed their relationship, he will remain a spouse for the rest of his life. Moreover, looking at his beloved, a person will plunge into memories, which will bring him even more joy and pleasure.

4. Spend time alone.

Warm marital relations are maintained by constancy. A girl should always be close to her man, attracting his gaze, making him tear himself away even from a football match of his favorite team. Let an active lifestyle and excessive employment often make you look for difficult paths, you should not stop and give up, it is better to overcome all obstacles and, at least, be alone for a couple of minutes.

The easiest way to combine breakfast and dinner, even if you really want to go to bed and relax. Sometimes it’s worth getting up early to please a man’s eyes with your splendor during breakfast than forgetting about married life after a few years. In this case, everything depends only on the woman, or rather, on her desire to remain a wife.

5. Money doesn’t solve anything.

The woman is the keeper of the hearth. This principle is embedded in the genes of every man, and if suddenly he himself offers her to go to work under some pretext, it means that he is not satisfied with the way she runs the household. Most often, a man subconsciously wants to independently provide for his own family. Yes, situations often arise when it is not possible to earn the necessary funds alone, but you should not destroy the masculine spirit in your soul mate.

Psychologists remind that money should never be the main topic of conversation between spouses. Any reproach from the beautiful guardian of the hearth remains a terrible wound in the soul of a man. It is better to leave earnings on his shoulders, but at the same time never forget about support. It is the spouse who should become a real “second half”, which prompts and reassures even in difficult situations. History shows many cases where families in poverty lived much happier than the rich, and this should be remembered.

6. Husband is king and god.

A husband appreciates his wife for everything if he feels that he remains for her all his life. He is a provider, he is a master, he is a protector. These are the words that every woman should remember, even if something does not work out. By extolling a man, a girl will be able to push him to new achievements. Yes, the spouse will still remain behind, so she will continue to support and even guide her husband, but he will not suspect anything. Such a situation in the family is always observed, and young people often automatically create it themselves. In this case, the expression “henpecked” does not suit the spouse in any way, because he continues to be the head of the family and, if necessary, reminds everyone of this. It’s just that the other half provides him with invaluable help in everything.

Being the best wife is not easy. To do this, you need to learn how to maintain the integrity of the family. The strong half of humanity is capable of much, but banal home comfort or accuracy are unknown to them. Although it is impossible to talk about this and, moreover, point out the shortcomings. Nevertheless, psychologists say that it is enough just to love each other in order to maintain a warm relationship between spouses throughout life. Moreover, such married couples, indeed, remain happy and happily remember every minute of their lives, where everything was: both bad and good.

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