How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically

How to Conquer a Man's Heart Psychologically or How to win a man's heart psychologically
How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically or How to win a man’s heart psychologically

How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically or How to win a man’s heart psychologically. Conquering a Man Using Psychology: The Important Dos and Don’ts

Many women think that it is very easy to conquer a man before attempting a conquest and after a short time they realize that it is not child’s play.

Not every man ticks the same way, especially when he’s an alpha male. If you have your eye on an alpha male, then you have to be prepared for something because to conquer such a dream man, it takes a lot of patience and a good strategy.

Even a good strategy can work up a sweat, but it will make your partner search a lot easier.

Just thinking about using psychology to land an alpha male makes most women jittery because they think it’s too hard at the beginning.

But if you use psychological manipulation skillfully, your dream man will not even notice that you are going to conquer him. You’re just going to draw his attention to you so that you arouse his hunting instinct.

Every alpha male has a strong personality, he wants to show the woman who is wearing the pants and when a woman tries too hard to get his interest she creates the exact opposite of that.

If he is interested and you cling to him like a burr, he will want you out of his life very quickly. Every alpha male loves games, the feeling that he can’t have you, but in the end, he still manages.

How to Conquer a Man's Heart Psychologically or How to win a man's heart psychologically
How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically or How to win a man’s heart psychologically

If you really want to conquer such a man, you have to follow our dating tips in our step-by-step guide because we know how to crack even the toughest nut. 😉

So you should keep your eavesdroppers wide open and follow our tips if you really want to conquer your dream man.

The whole thing is not magic, with the right psychological methods you can wrap him around your finger so quickly that he doesn’t even realize that it has happened to him.

One thing you need to know, if you want to conquer a man, psychology should become your best friend, because only when you subconsciously conquer an alpha male can you look forward to a happy relationship with him.

You know, happy relationships don’t grow on trees, you have to put a lot of effort into achieving such happiness in love, especially when the other person is an alpha male, then it’s even trickier.

But I can reassure you, it’s not impossible. Psychological manipulation is used in different life situations and relationships and if you want to conquer a man, it can make things easier for you.

The first steps to conquer a man psychologically

If you want to conquer a man, then you have to take it to step by step. You can’t just burst into his life and expect him to fall head over heels for you.

Of course, it also happens to some lucky people that the eyes meet for the first time and that it becomes love at first sight.

But if you don’t belong to this category, you should follow our tips so that you can conquer your dream man for yourself.

Find out here how you can use psychology to conquer a man. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the zodiac signs whether two souls find each other or not, sometimes this can only be achieved through psychological manipulation.

Lean back and enjoy the idea that we will show you the shortest way how you can wrap your dream man around your finger without him being aware of it.

You should definitely avoid that

If you want to find the right path to a man’s heart, you have to first learn what you should absolutely not do.

If you eliminate all the potential problems that might arise from the start, the rest will be a breeze.

1. Don’t be too pushy

How to Conquer a Man's Heart Psychologically or How to win a man's heart psychologically
How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically or How to win a man’s heart psychologically

Alpha men love to chase the woman. They have a strong hunting instinct and only when they realize that a woman is difficult to conquer does it become interesting for them.

Every alpha male thinks he is irresistible and when he finds that an attractive woman is not paying enough attention to him, he wants to change that very quickly.

On the other hand, if you flirt too intrusively with the alpha male, you will achieve the opposite of what you want. He will immediately eliminate you and pretend you don’t exist.

It’s too boring for him when he knows he can have you when he knows that you are waiting for him to look and that you would automatically go with him if he offered it to you.

Alpha men attract arrogance, the feeling that you haven’t even noticed him in the room, only then does it get really exciting. He will do everything possible so that he can win your heart.

2. Don’t jump right into his line-up

You can of course flirt with your dream man, but not too obviously. When your eyes roam the room, you shouldn’t get stuck on your chosen one for more than a few seconds.

Just long enough for him to see that he was in your field of vision, but short enough for him not to know for sure whether you are interested or not. He will try to make eye contact with you, but you should be able to avoid it again and again.

And only then will he move on to the next step, he will seek a conversation. When it comes down to it, you have to stay strong. I know you’ve been waiting for this all evening, but now you have to say NO.

Just tell him that this is not the time to start a conversation because you are with your girlfriend and it would not be nice to her if you talked to him now, maybe another time, and turn away from him.

This will shake his world because he is not prepared for such reactions. It is important that you stand firm and say NO, only then will his interest begin to grow.

3. You must not always be available

If an alpha male is really interested in you, he will find your number once you have given it to him yourself, be careful not to let him know that you have been waiting for hours for a WhatsApp message from him.

When he gets in touch with you, you shouldn’t answer in a flash after a few seconds, because this will make him realize that you hardly expected it. You should not answer for at least 10 minutes.

It also helps if you disappear in the middle of a conversation. I’m not thinking about you putting him on a contact block now, but let him wait a couple of hours for a response.

You can write to him later that you received a spontaneous visit.

He will realize that not everything in your life revolves around him, that he is not number one, and that will fuel his ambition, even more, to conquer you and become number one.

Now you know what you should absolutely not do and it is helpful if you remember it well.

Sometimes you will react differently than recommended out of joy, but then you should quickly remember the tips because this way you sneak into his thoughts very quickly.

Now we can devote ourselves to the steps of conquest, with which skillful movements you can win an alpha male for yourself without much effort. If you know how to do it, it’s not that difficult at all.

You can look forward to an interesting flirting strategy because alpha men like everything but the usual flirting methods.

With an alpha male, you get into a new dimension of flirting because with him everything is built on games.

How can you use psychology to conquer a man?

How to Conquer a Man's Heart Psychologically or How can you use psychology to conquer a man?
How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically or How can you use psychology to conquer a man?

At first glance, it seems like quantum physics. How are you supposed to use psychology to conquer a man if you don’t know anything about it? It’s very easy because psychology is not as complex as you might think.

If you want to immerse yourself in the psyche of a person, you always have to be a few steps ahead so that you can more easily reach the path to the person’s subconscious.

If you want to conquer an alpha male, you have to prepare yourself for a rocky road. Because they appear so cold and untouchable from the outside, most women think that their hard shells cannot be cracked.

But there is no such tough nut to crack if you know the right tips and strategies.

1. Make yourself noticeable, but not too obvious

OK, you met your dream man in a bar. Of course, you will immediately notice that this is an alpha male because he stands self-confidently at the bar and does not give a single look to a woman.

Well, he’s too busy with his drink and himself for anything else to take his attention. Typically, you’ve seen men like that in films, but never really stood in front of you.

You know yourself that life is not a Hollywood film and that you have to come up with something extraordinary if you want to win it over for yourself.

Now you have to make yourself visible, but not in the typical way that all the other women have done.

You should go to the bar and order a drink, but if you do, you shouldn’t even look in his direction.

It would be best if you stood next to him, but while ordering the drink, ignore him completely.

He’s not used to such behavior because most of the women who come to the bar smile at him and automatically start flirting.

And that’s exactly what repels an alpha male when he notices that you are interested, his interest automatically drops to zero, because it is not a challenge.

It can happen that he will try to pay for your drink for exactly that reason, but you absolutely must not allow that to happen. Just leave the money on the counter and, if possible, give the waiter a big tip.

Something like that will make him mad, but at the same moment, he will start to think about you, because he has never met a woman like this before, one who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want.

And the game goes on. Disappear in the crowd and position yourself so that he can find you with his gaze, but that you can also turn away from him if you want.

He will look for you in the crowd of ordinary women. When your eyes meet, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. This is how you signal to him that he is not as bad as you initially thought.

In the course of the evening, you can walk past him every now and then, so you lure him even more from the reserve because he will feel the need to want to talk to you.

2. Engage in a conversation and give compliments

The time has come, you’ve sparked his hunting instinct and now you have to keep his interest going. How can you do that with an alpha male when your knees are shaky because he’s about to speak to you?

Alpha men aren’t that hard to keep happy if you listen to them. In most cases, they are not looking for a true interlocutor with whom they can talk about God and the world.

They are just looking for someone to listen to their monologue and be fascinated by the topics they are talking about. Every alpha male enjoys being complimented, but they can’t seem like they have been memorized.

What does that mean? If you really want to impress an alpha male, you should pay attention to what he is talking about and give him personalized compliments, with such a man you don’t get the 0815 compliments you get every day.

How does that look in practice?

Of course, he will rave about his super successful job and then you will be involved, ask him after his introduction how it can be that such a young man is already so successful?

This sets him apart from the crowd of his peers and shows him that you value his commitment.

He will also tell you that his everyday life is quite stressful because he works a lot, but he still goes to the gym. And there he serves you the perfect opportunity to pay a compliment again.

Ask him how much time do you have to spend in the gym to look this good? You sometimes go to the gym yourself, but still don’t get such good results.

This makes him realize that you also care about your looks, but you can still learn something from him because he is in perfect shape.

In the course of the conversation, you can use such situations in your favor from time to time and his subconscious begins to like you. What more do you want?

3. Play with him

How to Conquer a Man's Heart Psychologically or How can you use psychology to conquer a man?
How to Conquer a Man’s Heart Psychologically or How can you use psychology to conquer a man?

He’s starting to like you because you listen to him, give compliments, and in addition, you aren’t completely infatuated with him from the start. Now it’s your turn, just tell him the conversation was interesting, but that you have to leave now.

And now he will want to test you, he offers you to go to his house for a cup of coffee. You should decline that with thanks and say that you don’t drink coffee that late in the evening.

Believe me, he did not expect this answer, but you are right on target. You’re showing him he’s interesting, but not so interesting that you want to spend a night with him right away.

With this answer, you have secured your first date with him. He offers you an alternative, breakfast, and coffee in his favorite café.

I know you can’t wait, so you may as well agree now, but don’t let it show that you’d be screaming with happiness right now.

Only when you have disappeared from his point of view are you allowed to perform your dance of joy. 😀

4. Dress-up

During your first conversation, he “happened” to mention that he was going to the gym in order to draw your attention to his good looks.

Alpha men pay great attention to their appearance, but also to the appearance of their partner.

Of course, you want your first date to be a complete success, then you should also think about what you are going to wear and how you want to style yourself.

For an alpha male, more is always better. Even though it’s a breakfast date, don’t look like you came straight out of bed on the date.

You are not going to wear an evening dress and put on too much make-up, but the overall picture should still be right.

You should use subtle makeup to highlight your assets.

You can lightly apply powder, pull your eyelashes long, accentuate your eyes and lips only slightly so that he cannot take his gaze away from you during the course of the conversation.

Alpha men expect their partners to always know how to dress and make up appropriately. They value personal hygiene and it would be beneficial if your hands and nails look well-groomed.

All men perceive a woman’s scent, but an alpha male loves perfumes, so you should also wear a pleasant perfume that is not too intrusive and too strong.

A gentle touch will complete the overall picture and your body language will become even more seductive.

5. Be relaxed and enjoy the moment

Many alpha males suffer from attachment anxiety because if they commit now they feel like they could be missing out on something better, and that’s why you should be casual.

Many women make the mistake of talking about a future together on the first date, the relationship and that scares off every man, especially an alpha male.

You should make him feel that you don’t want to rush anything, that you are not a woman who wants to rush into a relationship with a strange man, no matter how successful or handsome he is.

This will make him realize that he’ll have to work harder with you before it can develop into a relationship. He is the hunter and you are the main catch that only the best hunters carry home.

It is also always an advantage if you convey to him in the course of the conversation that you have already made certain plans for the next week so that he notices that you are not burdock and that you can lead a life without him.

Most of all, such men are afraid that they will fall in love with a woman who will rob them of their freedom, and alpha men don’t live in a cage if it were they weren’t alpha men.

I hope that our dos and don’ts have given you a clear idea of ​​the easiest way to approach an alpha male.

Although they may seem out of reach at first glance, you now notice that with a few stops planned in advance, they can be easily wrapped around your finger.

Make a plan of conquest and just don’t get caught using psychological manipulation on him. Avoid the typical signs that you are into him and let him conquer you.

Get him to shower you with attention and enjoy every moment of your conquering time.

Loosen up and look at it as a game because if you look at it better, all the flirting is an adult game.

The problem is that very few enjoy it. Become an exception and get your desired grand prize!

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