How to Date a Girl? 10 Main Rules

How to Date a Girl? 10 main Rules. She said yes, the new couple has been successfully created. Sounds like a mission accomplished in a computer game. However, in virtuality, after the phrase “mission completed”, the player can turn off the toy. But in life, everything is not so – you can’t pause or save progress. Finally, relax – too. How to behave correctly in a relationship? How to meet a girl so that she remains satisfied? What to avoid, so as not to forget about yourself?

1. Show leadership qualities.

What is real leadership? In the phrase “I said!”, hitting the table with a fist and a stately expression? Hardly, more like despotism and tyranny. Then what’s the answer?

To be a leader = to take responsibility. For safety, for reputation, for feelings. Girls love it when their man:

  • does not tolerate self-pity. Not to be confused with empathy. “I’m tired of doing nothing” and “I’m tired because I worked hard” are two different things;
  • does not allow himself to whine, act up in serious situations. If a guy sleepily mutters “morning, you’re so scary” at the alarm clock, but still gets up for work, that’s cute. If he refuses to help carry heavy bags of groceries, because “well, morning” is whining;
  • solves problems on his own and may even help his partner. within the appropriate limits. If this is not the first time she has gone overboard with alcohol and wrecked someone’s car, it is better to think about whether such a person is needed at all;
  • performs male household chores or troubleshoot in other effective ways. A professional plumber, electrician, gardener, builder, painter rolled into one is either a utopia or an actor in 18+ films. Therefore, if sockets sparkle in the house, and the young man does not understand them, he has every right to solve the problem differently – call a specialist;
  • demonstrates determination and confidence. Flood, fire, bankruptcy, bandits, or a spider on the wall – girls want to know that their chosen one will not stand aside, but will show heroism by starting to act.

2. Demonstrate the mind.

Increasingly, girls are beginning to admit that the most attractive part of a man is his brain. Which explains the female sǝxual abuse of this body.

To show intellectual abilities, it is not necessary to learn abstruse words, read textbooks on nuclear physics and Uzbek cattle breeding of the 18th century. Enough:

  • deepen knowledge in areas of interest;
  • improve speech its coherence, the ability to clearly and easily explain;
  • increase resourcefulness ingenuity (logical riddles, rebuses, charades);
  • broaden one’s horizons learn new things (books, crossword puzzles, films);
  • communicate with different interlocutors who can teach you something.

It is better not to be shy to say the phrases “Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this essay”, “Alas, I do not know the answer to this question”, “It is a pity, but I have not heard about it”. The ability to recognize a knowledge gap, the desire to fill it, and not to be smart about the unknown, is also a sign of intelligence.

3. Be attentive.

Women’s ears are an erogenous zone. And the point is not only in the sensitivity of shells and lobes, but also in a passionate love for compliments. However, not to everyone. How to use nice words for a girl correctly:

  • be varied. Even the best praise gets boring if used all the time;
  • do not forget about sincerity. Saying “You have a model height” to a girl with a parameter of 1.58 cm means making her think that this is a mockery;
  • pay attention to the little things. She must have already been told that she had a beautiful hairstyle and an elegant dress. It is better to note her femininity, a beautiful line of shoulders or graceful fingers, “like an aristocrat”;
  • move away from common phrases. “You are very beautiful/sǝxy/cute,” says everything that devalues ​​these words. “When you smile, your eyes shine like the surface of a lake on a sunny day” is a rarer kind of compliment.

To develop the ability to find the right words at the right time, it is better to read the lyrics. Especially Shakespeare’s sonnets. And if you don’t get compliments at all, you can just quote the lines.

4. Get creative.

She was already taken to cafes and cinemas. And she has already received one red rose or a bouquet of these flowers from others. I want to repeat myself and be like everyone else, okay. But if there is a desire to stand out from the rest, leaving them in the distant past and a complete loser knockout, it is better to show originality. For example:

  • take an interest in origami lessons and make a bouquet of flowers out of paper;
  • write her a love letter and send it by regular mail or slip it under the door;
  • buy paired items – key rings, T-shirts, scarves, pendants;
  • use personal talent – draw her portrait, write a poem, compose a melody in her honor;
  • make a poster with a dozen/hundred/thousand compliments for her, shared photos, descriptions of the best moments together;
  • invite her to come up with a new dish or drink together.

How to Date a Girl? 10 main Rules.

5. Go to intimacy smoothly.

Even if she burns with frank desire almost from the first meeting, she still wants courtship. Delaying in this case, of course, is also not a particularly good idea. But moving to a new stage too quickly is no less dangerous. Why?

  1. At first, she will rejoice, because she herself wanted intimacy.
  2. Later, it will seem to her that the relationship has become a lot of sǝx, but too little romance.
  3. She will begin to wait for the SELF guy to telepathically guess about her desire for tenderness and platonic relationships. Perhaps hints will be used, subtle, like the difference between the shades of her foundation.
  4. The guy, of course, will not guess anything. At most, she will notice an increase in her refusals in bed.
  5. The situation is heating up. Tantrums, quarrels, scandals. “You do not love me”. Parting.

Why does this lead to a break in many cases? Because the man point-blank does not understand the drastic change in her behavior. At first, she is passionate and insatiable, and after a couple of months, she suddenly wanted to become different. But he liked that first version.

Actually, there were no changes in the girl, she initially wanted affection, a beautiful courtship. However, she decided to play the role of the guru of bed battles in order to attract the attention of a guy.

It is better to immediately provide her with flirting, compliments, and the entire candy-bouquet period so that she has time to get enough of them. Only after that, it will be possible to smoothly move on to intimacy, not forgetting to periodically throw evidence to her in favor of the fact “we have not only sǝx but also love.”

How to behave with her is already clear. It remains to find out what mistakes are recommended to be avoided. Ideally, this information should have been written into the army regulations and passed on from generation to generation through paternal cuffs, forever fitting into DNA.

However, nothing in the world is perfect. Therefore, to learn about what not to do in relationships with girls, you will have to read the following sections. They describe mistakes that it is highly desirable to avoid.

6. Don’t sag.

Such a mistake can be made even unconsciously. This happens when you really want to please your girlfriend with something, even to the detriment of yourself.

“She likes melodramas, and I like action movies. Well, nothing, we’ll go to Windswept and Sobs, and not to Strong Peanuts … And nothing that is 48 times, because the main thing is that she smiles ”.

There is nothing wrong with losing the same choice of cinema a couple of times. But doing it all the time is a bad idea. Ignoring one’s own interests and personality only leads to new problems in relationships.

  • Ties really suit you, start wearing them.
  • Okay (I hate ties, but okay, she’ll be so happy).
  • Shave your beard. You walk like a bum. And kissing is impossible – it pricks.
  • Okay (eh, just six months of beard care).
  • I don’t like your friends. They’re always drinking and making dirty jokes. I’ve already made an appointment for you with Olin Tolik. Good guy. Go.
  • Yes, good, I’ll go (bore, whiner, Olke also knocks about everything).
  • You know… You’ve changed so much. I loved you before. I can’t do this anymore, I’m leaving.
  • (…)

7. Don’t forget everything else.

More often, this behavior is typical for the first months of a relationship. When you want to be with her all the time, all the men around her are perceived as a potential threat or as future victims. Absolutely everything – even Arkady Fedorovich, the 73-year-old dean of her faculty.

During this period, friends and relatives suddenly find themselves in the background. At work or at school, problems can begin, because thoughts are always somewhere else. Some hobbies are abandoned, giving way to a new hobby.

Such situations are strange in themselves. But it gets worse. When she suddenly says something like:

  • “The question is an edge – either I or your friends!”.
  • “Choose: either you stop going to your stupid football, or I leave.”
  • “If you don’t go to samba courses with me, I won’t go to the bedroom with you!”

When someone suddenly starts demanding a choice between themselves and another important part of life, this is a dead-end. Requirements will grow over time. As a result, the manipulator will take everything dear, impose ideas and interests, thereby forcing them to live someone else’s life. If at the same time the person refuses to compromise, to peacefully resolve the dispute, then the question is brewing – is there any point in being with her?

How to Date a Girl? 10 main Rules.

8. Do not show or encourage selfishness.

Relationships are a job for two. If one invests in them, and the second is accustomed only to receiving a contribution, such a couple will not go far. The family in which dad works and mom is beautiful” (or vice versa) is suitable for jokes, but not for a happy life. It is better to moderate selfishness and make sure that it is not in the chosen one. For this you will need:

  • take care of the feelings, desires of the partner;
  • compromise on controversial issues;
  • learn to calmly talk about what does not suit you in a relationship;
  • thank your couple for showing care and conflict-free;
  • accept distinctive views, interests and try to implement them separately.

For example, a guy loves football, and a girl loves shopping. Why choose one thing and force your partner to give up their hobby? Let everyone do their favorite thing alone or with friends.

9. Don’t let everything take its course.

Girls love romance, attention, surprises (not necessarily material ones). And they want to receive all this regularly. If you stop the flow of compliments, drastically reduce the time spent together, they will not like it. And if girls don’t like something, then what often begins? That’s right, tantrums.

Periodically showing attention to her, saying gentle words is not so difficult. But the woman will be satisfied. Perhaps she will not even grumble when her lover returns from friendly fishing without fish at all, but with alcoholic amber. But it is not exactly.

10. Avoid tantrums.

When she, usually cute and funny, suddenly starts yelling, like the Hulk hitting her little finger on the bedside table, it’s … depressing. Translating everything into a calm and understandable language, such expression can mean 3 thoughts.

  1. “Houston, we have a problem! I am trying to signal this so menacingly, because while I am calm, you do not see these difficulties at close range. Although I already spoke about them, but you did not react.
  2. “I don’t know how to express emotions normally, so here’s a tantrum for you. But she did not appear out of the blue. Something really happened to me. Not sure it has anything to do with you or our relationship, but please sort it out.”
  3. “I’m just hysterical and I don’t care about your feelings. My mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and all-female relatives loved to hysteria. And I don’t want to deviate from family traditions.”.

If she suddenly began to speak in raised tones often, it will be useful to listen to her words. If there is even a drop of logic in her phrases, it is better to fix your “jamb» or sort out the situation. If not, and she does not want to explain anything, as well as in principle to make contact, congratulations! This is a rare kind of egoist – passionate, but dangerous, which means it’s time to pack your bags.

Usually, understanding how to meet a girl is possible, and how not, comes with experience. Cunning – they also follow other people’s mistakes. Smart people do not wait until a couple they know fails in order to analyze the situation and not repeat such mistakes. Why wait and risk running into the phrase “mind your own business» if it is enough to read the information in this article?

How to Date a Girl? 10 main Rules.

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