How To Develop Charisma? Psychology

How To Develop Charisma? Psychology. The inner charm of a person always relies on his charisma – a pronounced individuality that can attract attention. At a young age, it is much easier for a couple or a girl to acquire such skills, thanks to a wide range of communication among their peers at the training stage.

But how to develop this quality in adulthood, when the social circle of a man or woman is limited by a professional environment. For this, there are special exercises that are proposed to be considered. Let the interlocutor speak When communicating, people often interrupt each other, wanting to demonstrate their importance.

But few people think about the fact that this is the shortest way to acquire ill-wishers. Even if the interlocutor is a frank bore, you should not pull him up with words. It is much more effective to respond through facial expressions, expressing: bewilderment – with raised eyebrows; surprise – wide-eyed; admiration – a frank smile; incompetence – shrugged shoulders; denial – by turning the head; agreement – a nod. Thus, an annoying comrade will not find grounds for reproaches on the one hand, and on the other, he will remain grateful for the attention given.

In addition, the conversation can be stopped at the first opportunity by encouraging the person with an optimistic digression, such as: “I think everything will be fine!”.

How to develop the brain with a hobby:

increase intelligence at your leisure Add significance to your words A person who allows uncertainty in his statements looks very unpresentable from the outside and there is no longer any talk of charisma. No one wants to drag out a dialogue with a mumbler who, apparently, does not know what he wants. Therefore, poorly set diction must be trained, at least 30 minutes daily.

The best way to do this is to recite poems that you like. It is not at all necessary to memorize them, it is enough to read them loudly with expression. The result will not keep you waiting. A hasty speech will also turn out to be a bad helper, the interlocutor can simply skip half of what was said. He will quickly lose interest in such communication and will not show participation. It is important to be able to pause, as well as raise and lower intonation, filling the words with emotional overtones.

Emphasizing expressions will also help to attract the attention of the interlocutor.

“Just a second!” – with slight irritation.

“What are you talking about?” – with genuine surprise.

“I need you as a man (woman)!” – an outright joke.

“Are you kidding?” – with a silent question.

Before answering a question, it is helpful to respond to it with a silent action. Depending on the circumstances, you can make a tense face, lower your eyes or look at a foreign object. Such reactions mentally prepare the person for the next comment.

How to develop memory and attention – exercises from psychologists Try to gain authority In order to enjoy authority in your circle of friends, you do not need to have any innate talents, charisma, or brilliant abilities at all. You just need to arrange your life according to certain rules, the observance of which will help you gain respect. This promise is worth keeping even if you don’t want to at all. It is not recommended to reassure in vain, it is better to refuse immediately.

Never be late, better come early. You should always look neat. It is very important to learn how to hide fear, anger, and irritation. It is also worth learning to laugh not only at others, but also at yourself. Compliance with the rules from this list will invariably help you earn the respect of acquaintances who will very soon begin to seek advice. The best diet for the lazy: how to lose weight by 1-2 kg per week without much effort Do not forget about the main thing In addition to the rules and good habits, the development of charisma needs fertile ground. Only a positive attitude can create this atmosphere.

Therefore, in any situation, it is necessary to look for positive moments, and it is better to refuse negative reactions, trying to localize any tension with an appropriate joke. Spending most of the time in a good mood, a person infects everyone around him with it. In this way, he does not have to contemplate dull grimaces…

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