How to get a girl interested in you : 9 working principles

How to get a girl interested in you: 9 working principles. For many men, the question of how to impress a girl on a first date is very relevant. After all, the first acquaintance happens very quickly, at least it is recommended that it be so when you exchange some contacts or, even if you get to know each other in some general company, usually the first acquaintance occurs unprepared. But the first date is the moment at which the girl will definitely come prepared, respectively, and you must properly prepare for this event.

Women attach great importance to the first date, because it can often show what the guy will be ready for in the future, in a possible relationship. Therefore, you must prepare as carefully as possible in order to make the right impression.

What is the big plus of the first date is that you know in advance the place and time where it will take place, because you have already agreed on it. Accordingly, you can choose the right clothes for this event. Agree, it would be rather strange to go to a restaurant in shorts or in a business suit for a picnic. How to get a girl interested in you: 9 working principles. So the first rule is:

1. You need to look adequate.

This includes not only clothes, which must be at least clean, but you yourself must be clean, smell good. After all, girls attach great importance to the cleanliness of a man, and if they are ready to put up with a husband walking around the house in families, then only the most desperate women will start dating a guy who came untidy on a first date. This attitude is perceived primarily as disrespect for the one you are dating.

2. Choose the right place.

For the first meeting, you just need to choose a place where you feel confident, and more importantly, familiar. It is for everyone. And it is the feeling of self-confidence, that you are in a familiar and familiar place, that will be important in the process of the first date. The ideal place would be one that you yourself often go to.

3. Prepare for the conversation.

This item is for those men who have a bad “suspended tongue”, and it is difficult to keep up a conversation about nothing. And there are many such men. And since it is unlikely that there will be time to develop a delusion generator professionally, we will limit ourselves to a little preparation. After all, it’s not so difficult to come up with a few initial phrases, and it is this moment, the first few minutes, that are the most nervous. Imagine how you greet the girl, play the conversation a couple of minutes ahead, this will help a lot during the meeting itself. In addition, you should pick up a dozen questions that you can ask the girl during the very conversation.

As well as five topics that are interesting to you, and which you can tell the girl about. It can be like life stories that describe you in a positive way or just interesting cases from the life of people around you. But the important point is that, of course, it is possible to embellish something, but it’s still not worth lying directly. Since this can greatly complicate your life in the future.

Summing up the preparation, I would like to note that you will come to the first date prepared, cleanly dressed, in a familiar, familiar place, with ready-made conversation templates for the first few minutes and several topics for further communication.

Even if you made mistakes when meeting, then this is just the moment when you can fix everything. The first few minutes of the meeting will have serious consequences in the future.

4. Always smile.

It must be admitted that this rule seems to be the simplest, but in reality, it is far from being the case. A large number of people do not smile or do it forcedly, and therefore not sincerely, and this can be seen. If you doubt your abilities, practice at home in front of a mirror. There is nothing strange in this, a beautiful smile is the same skill as writing or reading, and if it turns out badly, you just need to practice it. Training will fix everything. After all, there is nothing more attractive than an open smile of a person.

5. Eye contact.

The girl needs to look in the eyes. Yes, it can be tough, but again, training can help keep eye contact. By the way, unlike the popular pickup theories, which claim that you must immediately show dominance over the girl, including a “piercing” look, and in no case should you look away first, in life everything can happen differently. Here I would like to give advice to those who find it difficult to keep their eyes on for a long time, you can look away, the main thing is not to do it down. Look up, or to the side, as if something has distracted your attention, and return after a few moments. This will in no way reduce your authority, but it will make it easier to keep an eye on. Although it should be noted that in most cases the girls themselves avert their eyes.

6. Breathing.

It is clear that the first date is an extremely exciting moment for most guys. But even so, you have to control your physics. First of all, it concerns breathing. It should be deep, measured. It is in this that you will be well helped by the fact that you are in a familiar, familiar place and have prepared in advance for the meeting. After all, it is precisely the lack of confidence in one’s own abilities, multiplied by the natural excitement of the moment, that knocks the breath, makes it intermittent, and this is noticeable. In addition, it affects your speech.

7. Speech.

The main thing to talk correctly is not to mumble. This is what can kill any impression. Speech should be confident, clear, slow, but not drawn out. You need to speak calmly, clearly pronouncing the words. After all, you trained in advance – you know what to say, so say it confidently. Voice is also important. It would be nice to develop the so-called chest voice, but it takes time, from a simple one, just try to speak a half-tone lower than usual. This can create the desired effect.

8. Conversation.

It is highly undesirable to make long pauses, but there won’t be any. After all, even if a girl is not talkative, you have already prepared topics that you can go to. In addition, you should not bombard the girl with questions in a row, even if she does not take the initiative and does not ask you anything herself, start talking about yourself. Although of course, this should not be obvious boasting.

9. Say goodbye in time.

Don’t delay your first date. In order to please a girl, it is enough to spend from 30 to 60 minutes. You must leave a good impression, but at the same time leave a lot unsaid, open the tip of the iceberg, but also show that the iceberg itself also exists, and it will be interesting to know.

Often, guys ask whether it is necessary to give flowers on the first date, pay for the girl, accompany her home, to the car, public transport, or part immediately in a cafe. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to all these questions.

The best thing to do is do what you want. If you want to come with flowers, and at the same time feel confident that you are doing the right thing – do it, and if these flowers embarrass you, you will constantly worry that other people are looking at you because of them, then take flowers not worth it. The same goes for the rest of the questions. And most importantly – go on dates, the more often you do this, the easier and more interesting they will be, and when you meet HER, you will be 100% ready.

How to get a girl interested in you: 9 working principles.

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