What is the strength of a woman?

What is the strength of a woman? When we talk about the strength of a woman, we, first of all, mean femininity – the fundamental of all her life principles. However, to believe that this quality alone allows a woman to be successful and attractive, to serve as a support for her beloved man and children, and to endure unexpected blows of fate would be a delusion. Female strength lies in the combination of unique features inherent in the nature of the weaker sǝx, which serve as the basis of female attractiveness and an inexhaustible source of internal strength.

What is the strength of a woman?

It was so conceived by nature that a woman from the moment of her birth has a huge reserve of internal forces of both an energetic and physical nature. First of all, the opportunity given to her by nature to give birth to new lives implies the presence of endurance and adaptation to high loads on the body. The level of pain threshold in women is much higher than in men. The heart and body of a representative of the stronger sǝx simply could not bear the pain of labor.

The strength of men is concentrated in the area of ​​u200bu200bmuscles and mental activity, a woman is like a vessel, inside of which all the richness of her sensual and emotional world is hidden. Not only the life and fate of the woman herself, but also the well-being of her loved ones depend on the quality of the contents of this “vessel”. Returning home after a hard day, a man from the first minutes of communication with his soul mate is “fueled” by her emotions.

If such a “feed” carries negative information, it gives a destructive start to the inner world of a man and relationships in a couple. The constant charging of a man with positive, tenderness, and confidence in his own abilities eventually becomes a vital necessity for him. It is this trait of the female character that is a guarantee of the strength and duration of the relationship.

Almost every woman already from her youth has clear ideas about what her life partner should be like. In an active and persistent striving for the conformity of their companion to the ideal existing in these ideas, many ladies make a gross mistake. In an attempt to “re-educate” their soul mate, they, without noticing it, suppress their partner’s masculine energy with their energy and arouse in him a natural desire to free himself from relations that oppress and humiliate male pride. And this, oddly enough, also lies the “merit” of the strength of a woman.

The companion of a lady who is persistent in her aspirations subconsciously feels weaker her and chooses parting as the only opportunity to maintain his personal status. Thus, the true strength of a loving woman lies in the wisdom and ability to build relationships in such a way that, changing for the better under the imperceptible influence of his girlfriend, a man does not feel internal discomfort or pressure from her side.

Another quality given to a woman by nature is an amazing sense of intuition. An invisible connection with the Cosmos and nature allows her to sometimes make the only right decisions in difficult situations, without resorting to analytical calculations and lengthy conclusions. And such female ability, combined with tolerance and wisdom, is also another secret weapon of a woman. Men, no less than their “weak” girlfriends, need the presence of a person who is able to cope with life’s difficulties and, at the right moment, take responsibility for the successful resolution of a particular crisis situation.

What is the strength of a woman?

Is a woman’s strength in her weakness?

Many of the fair sǝx mistakenly believe that the manifestation of female weakness should be to demonstrate utter vulnerability and helplessness. Men’s ideas about this concept are completely different. Women’s weakness in their understanding is primarily a quality of a physical nature. Where masculine strength and endurance are required, a woman, as a rule, resorts to the help of a partner, and this is completely natural.

This not only does not annoy a man, but, on the contrary, gives him self-confidence and solvency as a person who is responsible for the safety and well-being of the family. A man is first and foremost a provider and protector. He takes this for granted, but if the partner feels that his companion is abusing or speculating on his role in the relationship, discord is inevitable. The task of a woman is to convince a man of his importance. and indispensable in situations that really suggest it.

If female strength is associated with her weakness, then only in a single variant: any manifestation of weakness should be aimed at raising the inner self-esteem of a man and not conflict with his life principles. The stronger sǝx today prefers to see independent and successful girlfriends next to them, showing weakness only where the patronage and protection of a reliable and physically strong partner is really required.

The false ideas of many women that weakness should manifest itself in a demonstration of excessive vulnerability, resentment, or, worse, tears or tantrums filled with reproaches, cause an effect diametrically opposite to what is expected. Irritation, disappointment, accumulated relationship fatigue can ultimately lead a partner to a fair decision to part.

What is the strength of a woman?

Is the strength of a woman in the weakness of a man?

Of course, this formulation has nothing to do with the physical indicators of male power. The weakness of a man lies in the need to feel support and understanding from a loved one. Men are creatures from the same planet as women. They are also able to experience and sometimes feel insecure in themselves, the only difference is that, due to their nature, they are not able to express this on an external emotional level.

If a woman subtly feels her partner, his thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and strives to become his reliable friend, then all her actions and deeds will be aimed at giving the man a sense of inner comfort and regaining confidence in his abilities. The constant presence of warmth and sincere support coming from a girlfriend becomes an integral part of his life for a man and binds to a woman much stronger and stronger than sophisticated female tricks and tricks.

The Mind of a Woman: Strength or Weakness?

There is a common misconception that men avoid smart women. And again, the whole point lies in the concept embedded in this definition. There is hardly a man who will argue that he prefers stupid women to smart women. The presence of the intellect is always respectful, whether it is a man or a woman who shows his intelligence.

Another thing is important: that, being smart and educated, a man’s girlfriend should not suppress his pride, abusing her education and focusing on her the attention of a man and others. Mind, combined with wisdom, is perhaps the greatest strength of a woman, giving her value in the eyes of her beloved man and making her truly irreplaceable for him.

What is the strength of a woman?

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