How to make a husband leave his mistress – what should a wife do?

How to make a husband leave his mistress – what should a wife do? You probably met such a situation where the husband cheated on his wife, but she decides to fight for her horse. Let’s see what actions need to be taken so that the husband leaves his mistress forever.

Why is my husband cheating?

Before we figure out how to make a husband leave his mistress, let’s see why he cheated. The most common reasons for change:

  • The relationship has lost its novelty. A man wants to diversify his life, get emotions that he lacks in the family. He begins to show interest in other women.
  • Constant scandals at home. Often in families there are a misunderstanding and quarrels. Because of this, the husband is looking for a mistress who will allow him to take a break from scandals.
  • Dissatisfaction in bed. This is the most common reason for change. Men are looking for a way to diversify their sex life.
  • Wife’s desire to cause jealousy. It happens that men like it when his woman is jealous. If this is the case, you should try the interests of the drugs in your life, so that you will be able to do so.
  • Lack of attention. In a family, life cools feelings so much that the wife forgets about the attention to her husband, gives out all her emotions to the child. As a result, he starts an affair on the side.

What to do in order to discourage a husband from his mistress?

If you have decided to keep the relationship, then you, first of all, need to pay attention to the control of yo. Do everything possible and impossible to avoid scandals.

Of course, if the husband decided to return to the family, then you should not throw a banquet on this occasion and meet him with a feast. No, that’s it, it’s not worth it, and don’t worry about it. If you show patience and try to make the process of returning to the family go as smoothly as possible, then he will appreciate your efforts and wisdom.

  • Let go of negativity first.

Of course, it is not easy when you are angry, pain eats away at you from the inside. No this is not possible in the future. However, in this case, the psychotherapeutic literature and the psychological literature. Do you want to know about the Russian physicist Eleny Lavrinenko «Ismen?! What to do? How to survive? Psychological assistance to people experiencing infidelity, divorce or separation.

And not in words: “I forgave you,” but in deeds, so that later you don’t remember about it at every opportunity. It is not simple. No, it’s that could, that’s what it’s all about.

  • Live the present.

Even if you have forgiven a man, all your thoughts are aimed at reconciliation, you dream that everything is the same as before, but you live in past grievances, then it will not be easy for you and your husband. Live here and now. Don’t scroll through negative memories. If the spouse returned to you, then do not kill your relationship with thoughts that he will again leave for another.

  • Work on the bugs.

Try to accept the fact that one person cannot be guilty of treason. Both are always to blame. Perhaps you were too demanding, denied him intimacy. As a result, the husband decided to find a more accommodating woman. After he returned to you, analyze your actions.

Find out what prompted him to make this decision. Then work on yourself. You are in the snow, you can see it in the living room. Work on the mistakes must be carried out in any case, even if you decide not to forgive the man.

  • Improve yourself.

Stop wasting all your resources on creating a cozy family nest. Take care of yourself. Change your hair, join the gym, pay attention to the activity that you previously did not have enough time for. Be chic for him so that a man does not want to jeopardize your relationship for the sake of a momentary affair.

  • Enjoy your life.

Stop torturing yourself with worries. Men like women who are not exhausted by experiences, optimistic, cheerful women. If you have made a decision to return man to the family, stop fighting, for the glory of your life, find a sec, knees Cars

  • Make men jealous.

Turn on the riddle, some charm. If your husband calls you, then you should not immediately rush to the phone, wait a pause, you may not have time to answer a couple of times, etc. Make him nervous. Have an affectionate conversation, but the voice should be even.

If the spouse begins to aggress, do not succumb to provocation. Be calm. This means that he was hurt by the long beeps of the phone. You can stay for an hour after work. Let him think about where and with whom you are. Such actions will help a man understand that you are an interesting woman who can be liked by other men.

Reconsider your attitude to the moments of family life

There are certain rules in the family, following which, you can protect yourself from the appearance of a niba in the life of a husband:

  • Accept your husband the way he is.
  • Do not enter the role of “mommy”.
  • Befit your husband’s status.
  • Do not touch the self-esteem of a man, do not mock him.
  • Be sexually attractive to your husband.
  • Be a friend that your husband can rely on.
  • Do not build yourself a storehouse of science.
  • Show your husband that he is a worthy man.
  • Notice everything that a man does for you, thank him.

How not to behave in order to finally turn your husband away from his mistress?

In order to save a relationship, you need to think about your behavior, avoiding the mistakes that ls ls Ück.

  • If you decide to ward off your mistress, then do not file for divorce. This way you won’t make your husband feel ashamed. No principal in the case of an emotional reaction.
  • Don’t throw tantrums. Thus, you will push your husband away from you. Let yourself throw out emotions in loneliness: scream, howl, tear his photos, beat the dishes. Do not allow tantrums in public: at work with your husband, in front of your mistress’s house, in the circle of mutual friends.
  • Do not sort things out with your mistress. It is impossible for her to prove how you wandered around rented apartments, raised a business from scratch, raised children. Don’t pity. Don’t scare her. So you will show yourself as a weak woman.
  • Don’t gossip. But tell or some problems. There was a proverb in Russia: “The best girlfriend is a down pillow.”
  • No pro-crucial situation, no self-flagellation. Thus, you will not return your husband, but you will undermine your health and psyche.
  • No manipulative words, but worth it and you want to know.

Before you start a fight, ma muhus, make sure that you are really able to piss him off fig right Cars If you are ready to take this step, then do not be afraid of difficulties, reconsider the situation, analyze your actions, find out what you did wrong and start doing the opposite.

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