How to make anyone fall in love with you? Scientific approach

How to make anyone fall in love with you? Love has always been considered a mysterious feeling. The whole world tried to find the answer, what chemical, physical, even esoteric processes cause love. Thousands of studies have yielded results, and now anyone can learn how to make anyone fall in love with themselves if they wish. However, there are difficulties, and they are not only in morality. What psychological theories and techniques are most effective? And why the wording “fall in love” can indicate internal problems?

How to make anyone fall in love with you? 3 theories.

There are three full-fledged consistent theories of how you can attract the attention of a person you like. They are based on a slightly accelerated approach. That is, with simple communication, people approach each other smoothly, gradually, with pauses and kickbacks. The same techniques speed up the process a little and allow you to partially take control of how events will develop further.

However, it is important to remember that managing a situation is not only a privilege and power. It is also a great responsibility for the fate – one’s own, another person, and potential relationships. Therefore, use with caution is encouraged.

1. Adrenaline addiction.

The connection between the production of adrenaline in the blood and increased emotional and sexual desire has been proven in the last century. This hormone is produced in almost opposite states – love and fear. At the same time, the brain does not particularly distinguish which emotion causes the release of epinephrine. This feature can be used when trying to get close.

If a person experiences adrenaline-filled emotions while spending time with someone, he subconsciously imbues sympathy for a partner. The organism comes into an excited state due to external conditions, but such a reaction is attributed to the influence of the interlocutor. Allegedly, it is because of him that his heart beats faster, his knees give way, his voice trembles.

How can you evoke such emotions in the object of sympathy? Several variants:

  • a trip to the amusement park (including the fear room);
  • watching a tense movie (horror, thriller, action-packed drama);
  • participation in mobile competitions with elements of competition;
  • fast driving by car, motorcycle, quad bike, etc.;
  • a walk along the rope bridge or a route along the taypark;
  • extreme sports;
  • horseback riding / rollerblading/skating (if this is the first time for a partner).

But those who like to scare and arrange very scary practical jokes at the first meetings should moderate their ardor. These are, of course, trouble-free ways to give emotions, but they are associated with inadequacy. At the (doubtful) best case, the “victim” will acquire Stockholm Syndrome. At worst, cortisol (stress hormone) and the instinct of self-preservation will come into play, requiring you to run away from such a joker.

How to make anyone fall in love with you?

2. Technique “36 questions”.

This method is more suitable for those who are already quite familiar with the person who is to be charmed. More than 20 years ago, Arthur Aron created 36 questions that, according to his idea, could make even strangers fall in love with each other. The psychologist’s experiment went off with a bang, the results were so successful that the whole world learned about the study. And even now, many are trying to test the American questionnaire. Some in an attempt to refute the method, others – to fall in love themselves.

What is the secret of this technique?

  1. All questions are quite intimate, for answers you will have to open up, talk about personal things, trust.
  2. The interlocutors are required to provide a comprehensive story about different areas, so rapprochement also occurs due to the feeling “I seem to know him/her all my life.”
  3. As the experiment progresses, both parties have to overcome shame, embarrassment, so awkwardness becomes less and less over time.
  4. After the end of a series of questions and answers, the participants silently look into each other’s eyes for 4 minutes, which also brings them closer.

In order not to cause bewilderment in the eyes of the interlocutor, it is still better not to immediately say phrases like “Let’s answer these questions so that you quickly fall in love / fell in love with me”. It is enough to offer such entertainment as a way to get to know each other better or even just have fun.

By the way, already at the stage of relationships, the Aron questionnaire will help strengthen the relationship between partners, deepen feelings and mutual understanding.

3. “Mexican shower.”

The theory was proposed by psychologists from America. And the hot name was due to two factors:

  1. the objects of the study were marriages between Hispanics;
  2. at the core is a change of radically different, opposite phases.

The essence of the method allows not only to interest a partner, but also to part with someone without scandals, in the most natural, almost imperceptible way. There are several steps in this technique.

phase of unanimity.

At the stage of acquaintance or deepening of relations, partners try to please each other. One way to do this is to find common ideas, thoughts, opinions. If you can’t find them quickly, inventing and craftiness is used.

For example, a girl asks a guy if he likes going to art galleries. He, trying to please her, answers positively. Even if he attended such events only once. And then, when he accidentally got lost in search of a restroom. The young lady rejoices that they are “on the same wavelength”, gradually showing interest.

break phase.

The essence of this stage is to create a distance, but at the same time not to reduce communication to nothing. Most often, these are ignored calls and a link to employment when refusing to meet. But, despite the distance, it is important to leave hope – call back after several missed calls, answer unread SMS later, offer to meet another time.

Sounds like the perfect plot for teen dramas, cheap soap operas, pickup courses. However, oddly enough, this method works well, and it is this phase that plays a very important role.

Attachment phase.

This is the stage of deepening intimacy, trying to get to know each other well, open up, build trust. During this period, the couple begins to share secrets, have sincere conversations, and show slight imperfections.

Further, the whole theory is based on the successive alternation of “cold-hot”. Progress is felt with a smooth expansion of the boundaries of what is permitted, a gradual reduction in strength, the duration of the gap phases and the deepening of the attachment phases.

How to make anyone fall in love with you?

How to fall in love with a person? 4 receptions.

Sometimes it can be difficult and time-consuming to follow theories. Or there is too little time left to try to fall in love. Then you can use a few short, almost imperceptible tricks that will leave a pleasant impression of the meeting.

1. Temperature conditions.

Cold brings comfort not only to the body, but also to the emotional state. But warmth pushes towards friendliness, openness, good mood and involuntarily emerging disposition.

If it is possible to choose a place for meetings, it is better to make sure that it is comfortable. If at the same time it is cold outside, then warm drinks and food will save you from a cold and emotional alienation on a date.

2. Embarrassing frankness.

At the first stages of dating, everyone is afraid to seem insufficiently smart, beautiful, interesting. For this reason, people try to show only the best sides, and possible incidents (their own) are perceived as the end of the world. But as soon as one of the interlocutors betrays some secret, tells about an absurd incident, shares what one is ashamed of, the conversation immediately takes on a different shade. The conversation becomes more sincere, trusting, liberated.

However, there is still a hitch. It is advisable to talk about your failures in the past in a cheerful tone, as about funny, curious events. If you present stories in a very sad, angry, annoyed manner, then it will look more like whining or aggressiveness.

3. Own atmosphere.

Who doesn’t love to feel special and unique? That’s right, nobody. The same can be seen in the relationship of the couple. To evoke such sensations in yourself and your partner, it is enough to find/invent/create your own chips that are understandable only for two. This can be an unusual greeting that includes various palm touches, hip thrusts, hugs, winks, etc.

However, it is best that there is a “cipher” between the lovers, which they could use even with strangers so that they would not even guess about anything. These are simple verbal constructions, for example:

  • quotes from favorite (by both interlocutors) series, books, games;
  • random jokes that naturally slipped into the conversation;
  • funny advertising slogans;
  • funny memes or comments from the network;
  • comic mangling of words due to a slip of the tongue of one of the couple.

Such general secrecy quickly brings people together. At the same time, there will be something to joke about or remember if an awkward pause suddenly appears in the conversation.

4. Play of light.

The clue lies not in the perspective or even the intimate setting (although it plays an important role). The essence of this technique is the size of the pupils. The more they are, the more the person likes the opposite sex. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to control the narrowing-expansion of the pupils, but there are several tricks to help get around this inconvenience:

  • candlelight dinner or just a picnic at dusk;
  • evening walks around the city;
  • going to a cafe/restaurant with subdued lighting;
  • buying lenses that darken the iris, or with an increased “pupil” diameter;
  • a meeting on a very cloudy day or a walk along the alleys with significant shading.

Such a look seems deeper, more penetrating, and passionate, so attention will be 100% guaranteed.

Is it worth trying to fall in love with yourself?

There is one problem with the wording “fall in love with yourself”. It expresses the desire to suppress the will of a person (to make him fall in love) or to shift responsibility (let him (a) fall in love). It is enough to compare this expression with the phrases “she/he will like”, “arouse interest”, “attract attention”. Here pressure, dominance is clearly less.

Experiencing serious feelings, it is unlikely that you will want to force your loved one to do something by force. Therefore, two options remain – the cause of such a desire is either boredom and weak interest, or a real psychological problem. The desire to possess another person as a thing, to suppress, control, the fear of loneliness are clear signs of complexes and neuroses. Over time, understanding will come:

  1. no matter how much attention there is around, it will always be small, and in the meantime, the “thirst” will only grow;
  2. even blinding popularity and universal “demand” do not completely eliminate internal discomfort.

If the matter is in too weak interest, all the more it is better not to start the “seduction operation”. This is both a neglect of other people’s feelings, and an extra waste of one’s own time and energy.

Another danger is theatrical play. Sometimes, in order to implement theories and techniques, you have to become someone else. Where is the guarantee that, having fallen in love with a mask, a role, a partner will later want to be with a real version of the “actor”?

There are many psychological methods describing how to fall in love with yourself. When used correctly, they work almost flawlessly. But the situation is complicated by the very desire to attract attention, or rather, some of the reasons for its occurrence. If there are any complexes, it is better to start working on them even before trying to attract someone’s attention. Having a mate doesn’t magically fix problems. You still have to get rid of them, as in a relationship they will cause even more difficulties.

How to make anyone fall in love with you?

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