How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex Husband or Boyfriend?

Breaking up a relationship is always painful. The condition is aggravated by the fact that your thoughts constantly return to the former. It prevents you from enjoying life. Let’s see how to come to terms with the end of a relationship, stop thinking about the former.

How to stop constantly thinking about your ex-husband or boyfriend?

as if by a snap of your fingers to forget your ex-partner. However, there are a few tips to help you deal with a breakup and stop thinking about it.

  • Give yourself time to be sad.

It is normal that after the end of a relationship, you experience pain. You can’t hide your emotions in depth. Let yourself experience them. Any attempt to suppress makes the emotion stronger. Accept them without judgment: is it a bad or a good emotion. She must be experienced.

If you want to cry, cry. You can roar, howl, throw dishes, tear photos. This will bring you relief. Don’t let negativity hide inside. This will subsequently lead to serious psychological and somatic problems.

No, sadness should not be rampant. Give yourself a clear time that you can be sad. During that period, it is not necessary to sit and forcibly indulge in memories. You can go to the park for a walk.

There is no need to be sad longer than the allotted time. If it rolls over you during the day, drive thoughts to the time specially allotted for this purpose. You will notice how you gradually become easier.

  • Give yourself a chance to speak up.

If you are in a post-break state, you just need a person to whom you can speak out. Just warn him in advance that he does not need to do anything, give you any advice. His job is just to listen to you.

For this purpose, a mother, a close friend, a sister will do. If you don’t have anyone close to whom you could entrust your pain, then you can go for a consultation. He will not only listen to you, but also give a couple of good advice.

You can speak out in the form of an imaginary conversation with a former young man. Tell him all your hidden grievances, your feelings. At the same time, you will not only express your pain, but also put an end to your relationship, without a direct om.

  • Get rid of the negative.

How to forget an ex?

Do not allow yourself to dwell on anger, resentment, do not remember the actions that are unpleasant for you, committed by the brim. So you get stuck in place, unable to move forward. No matter how angry you are with your ex, let him go, do not return to negative thoughts.

If a thought comes back to you from time to time, don’t be afraid to face it. Analyze why it is she who does not give you rest. Look at the impact it has on your life.

  • Do not lie to yourself.

Don’t worry about it, do it personally in the other part of the room. Analyze the situation, reflect on whether you were really happy with him.

Think about who initiated the breakup, what situation had a serious impact on this. Perhaps you had an erroneous theory based on the fact that your relationship could be saved. Think about your role in the breakup. It helps to let go of negativity.

  • Find yourself a new hobby.

Usually after a breakup, free time appears. Start spending it on yourself. Make your day as busy as possible. Go in for sports after school or work. Start dancing. This is a great way to relieve stress. In addition, this way you also expand your circle of acquaintances.

Try to discover new talents in yourself. Go with your girlfriends to the cinema, cafe, theater, exhibitions. If possible, take a vacation, go somewhere to relax. The change of place helps to forget the former relationship.

  • Do your best to get rid of reminders of the past.

At first, everything reminds you of the former: The park where you walked, the elevator where you kissed, the Cafe where you liked to sit in the evenings. But gradually the pain will subside. The association will collapse.

But, it is necessary to ruthlessly eliminate from life those memories that are directly related to the ex-boyfriend: postcards, gifts, photographs, correspondence. It is better to get rid of all this without regret. This is the past that needs to be forgotten.

  • Turn the page of your life.

It is important to close the gestalt of unsuccessful relationships, not to return thoughts to the very experience of parting. Some moments remained unexplained for you, some words were left unsaid, resentments were not fully lived.

Be sure to deal with all this cargo. Not that you want to be in the middle of nowhere. Tell yourself that the relationship is over. There will be no way back. The most you can do is analyze the situation, work through your mistakes.

Think about what you did wrong. Don’t be selfish. Make a promise to yourself not to step on the same rake. Maybe, as a result of the work done, you will see that these relationships were doomed from the very beginning.

Parting is the logical, the only possible ending. Write the unspoken words on a piece of paper. Just don’t send them to your ex, burn them. If you had joint plans with him, then do the work. Imagine that this distinct picture gradually becomes gloomy and dark. After that, it falls apart like puzzles into small pieces.

  • Start making plans for the future.

At first, all your thoughts will return to the ex-boyfriend, breaking off relations with him. You will have such thoughts that all the most wonderful is left behind. There is not much to look forward to.

Get rid of these destructive thoughts. Start making plans for the future. Just don’t look too far. Focus on the next 2-3 months. Think about what you would like to achieve during this time.

Start setting simple goals. Gradually move on to more ambiance. Make a wish card. This is a great tool that helps keep motivation at the right level.

Breaking up is a painful process. Nebhodimo and not enough to be seen on the potter. To do this, it is important to clear your head of thoughts about the former. Take care of yourself. Find something to do that really interests you. Set your priorities right, where you should be in the first place.

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