How to surprise a girl – 5 effective ways


However, you can constantly surprise her with some little things – a bouquet of plush toys, an interesting book or buying a car. And here everyone decides for himself, more precisely, affordably. True, now even banal roses in plastic bags are not given, since even the notorious sites with a variety and abundance of flower arrangements are better versed in the approach and tackle. Also, keep in mind that the present should be sudden and unexpected. How can you surprise a girl, even the most “bully”, we will tell further.

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Are simple truths a given or an expensive gift?

Everyone decides for himself whether a gift in the form of cardboard hearts will be memorable, or this is just the introductory part of the surprise, followed by a statement of love in poetic form. Now guys are trying to pay attention to girls not only through giving. Ingenuity and cunning suggest that even a bouquet of balloons will be the best gift if presented beautifully. For example, instead of actually presenting a surprise, focus on an emotional “shake-up”.

A simple example: a bouquet of flowers, a meeting, a cafe. If you approach the surprise with the help of an emotional “engine”, you can take the girl to the greenhouse, where they touch the butterflies with their hands. No less interesting will be a surprise in the form of a trip to the puppet theater, especially if the girl is fond of collecting knitted “Tilda”.

  • If the couple has shared memories, you can refresh them. For example, having met at the rink, go there in the summer to celebrate a couple of months of dating.
  • Dedicate a translation of a foreign poem or compose an author’s poem personally for her using the initials of her name.
  • Hide small notes in places she sees throughout the day where the lyrics are. You can put one behind the toothbrush, another on the shoe, the third to stick on the steering wheel, etc.

True, too sophisticated methods can scare. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare it with words about a grand event. Let it be a declaration of love in a kind of frame.

Better yet, learn how to play her favorite song and make a cover cover. She will play suddenly while she is cleaning the house or doing something.

What else you can give a girl we will tell you in detail in our article at the link.

Pleasant moments that do not require effort

The most beautiful clothes a woman can wear are the arms of the man she loves. Yves Saint Laurent always advised newlyweds to plan their weekends. This will strengthen their union, they will learn to trust and test the stamina of characters for concessions, when one is impatient for fishing, and the other at sea.

You can sit down for a picnic in the city park – bedding, fruit, good weather. Let her eat that unfortunate piece of pizza or burger to get a taste of the food. Better yet, sushi and rolls are a win-win hearty option for any dinner.

You can also collect all the cute photos of the two of you and put them in a photo album to give to her. Have a special message for her on the last page: “The days I spent with you were the best of my life. I can’t wait to add to this photo album a picture that shows that we are with you – until the end of our lives. Let a few pages be blank, just for this case. Such a psychological move almost for free shows that the girl is very seriously interested.

Love is an emotion experienced by many and enjoyed by a few. This saying belongs to George Jean Nathan. He loved unpredictability in the most simple details. Presenting a bouquet of white roses, write compliments on the petals. This is a “standard” gift with innovative ideas.

You can also do things that would prove that all thoughts are about her while both are at work. Take a photo and send it to her, or send a bouquet of flowers. Quite trite, but always a win-win option.

A little strength and confidence

It requires cooking. And what woman doesn’t want to come home from work and just collapse on the sofa, lie down and eat deliciously!? It’s not only men who love it, it’s just that such an opportunity is very rare. Perhaps, due to circumstances or banal fatigue, stereotypes that girls always cook, fold things and do not scatter socks. And sometimes, I want to come and do the same as a man – close the door and fall into his arms. There are many ideas how to surprise a girl, and not everything depends on money. It is enough to buy products, find a recipe and make exactly as it is written there. No more no less.

Oh yes, and the decor at the expense of the man. He himself will already think over, candles or comics, books or intimate conversations. Therefore: the most important thing is attention, the most memorable is the suddenness that no one, not a single soul, even a cat, guessed about. And, of course, both should be in a good mood. Then everything will go well, and small pleasures will become a weekly “must-have”.

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