How to understand that you really like a man?

How to understand that you really like a man? Even the most intelligent, attractive, successful one will replace him and will not fit. These are not the old ringing bells of a temporary passion, but a bridge to the world of something sincere and real. How not to get lost? How to understand that you love, and do not amuse the excitement: I can achieve, will it be mine?

Such doubts in the female soul are a sign of the coming of maturity, when every feverish love no longer seems like an option: here it is my one and only, everything is serious, for a long time, now for life. Let’s figure out what signs will help you understand that you, girlfriend, are “stuck up to your ears” now half-witted.

The culprit of the storm of feelings – a chemical cocktail?

Scientists from among fans of the exact sciences, physicians, psychologists are very fond of “sorting out” biochemical reactions that, whether we like it or not, run the show in the body, always accompanying the era of falling in love and its possible, but still such a rare transition into a long serious feeling.

The first kind of “Cupid with an arrow” is always phenylethylamine. It arises in our female brains involuntarily at the moment when fte

Quickly enlisting the help of such chemical compounds as dopamine and norepinephrine, the insidious “Cupid” draws some parallels: when I see this man, I feel very good at heart and the body seems to come into perfect physical shape. This is how habituation to the object is born.

Willingly or involuntarily, the inevitable physical desire to possess joins the mental stasis. Most women do not like to admit it out loud, they prefer to blush and turn pale even from the mere thought of a dizzying approach to the shortest distance, but it is useless to deceive nature.

Testosterone and estrogen are in the street. If you are already familiar with the gentleman you liked incredibly, you are already in the stage of bouquet and candy romance or have become lovers, “combat” hormones will make your touching each other special, unlike the usual, ordinary, insipid sex with other partners.

Further, my dear, more, it is said, the deeper the skin layer, the tes, the thicker the »symfter. At first, the insatiable hormones will demand: give us more, sweeter, more penetrating, and then they will be blown away like balloons, chemistry will later fade into the background, having managed to play the role of catalysts for the process. For now, at the beginning it will be like this.

How to understand that chemical “pushers” dominate in the body

The rudiments of true love, born on the platform of hormones, you can find out by the following signs

Addiction or love in a relationship between a man and a woman

  • often insomnia will begin to visit, giving a string of thoughts about a loved one;
  • doubts will overcome that your feelings are not reciprocal;
  • constant fear that the date will not take place today, and a longer separation looms on the horizon;
  • almost painful craving for any active actions, drowning out an irresistible craving for a loved one vpryn up to new;
  • daily debriefing
  • loss of appetite, when even your favorite desserts seem not so wonderful;
  • rare;
  • schenesis delight on any occasion, proving that you are a tooratione object of interest, yuyuyuni, smell with ° v^

The greedy desire to know as much as possible about the person you love: how he lives, from what former Universe he burst into your world, what worries him, pleases or upsets – becomes the goal of your existence. What you have at the moment in a relationship is always not enough, you want to comprehend it to the bottom.

You are no longer at the mercy of the former female ambitions, if they were characteristic of you, but this does not mean at all that you belittle or completely overthrow yourself from the throne of female attractiveness.

It’s just that now you honestly agree to complete parity between you. There are no masters and servants in feelings, there are only people of equal importance.

How to find a truly loving woman in yourself?

When your degree of love reaches a certain temperature, everything will decline a little, calm down and borrow money.

Remember at the same time that love, alas, can also be unrequited, but if those rare real feelings come to you, you will still be glad of them because such a gift adorns any life.

From now on, you will live in the bright epicenter of the following sensations:

  • to crave to make the life of a loved one the happiest;
  • not notice or immediately forgive character flaws, manifestations of disposition and temperament, even if they brought you unpleasant moments in your life piggy bank;
  • do not pay attention to the frequent change of your own moods, then you soar in the sky with happiness, then you are sad from bitter words or deeds, and then after reconciliation, you fly up again;
  • intend to hit the ground in front of the wind;
  • give gifts, come up with surprises, earn money for expensive presents, if only to turn you back to your attention;
  • carry out tireless work on improving their appearance: brighter images, bolder outfits, more refined makeup, intricate hairstyles, more sophisticated tattoos, if they excite him, higher heels if he is a fan of slender legs;
  • dissipate as little as possible, but it is extremely important and unrelated to the circumstances;
  • draw pictures of a shared future: a cozy house, a lawn with a barbecue, little naughty boys, friendly loes
  • mentally declaring a full-fledged “,” stateesis “,” queen “from the sublyny, otvedhood e m eth;
  • to fall into the power of hallucinations, mirages, dreams, when even on a business trip in another city or visiting your beloved grandmother, it seems to you that he just walked past on the street, sitting on the veranda in a cafe or driving a passing car;
  • to accept all his even ridiculous ideas and fantasies, not to pay attention to flaws in speech and in the manner of incorrectly pronouncing individual words or lisping, he is perfection for you and that says it all;
  • calmly respond to the fact that the former fire of passions in bed gradually grew into gentle, affectionate communication, and sometimes just into a sweet dream on neighboring pillows;
  • learn folk wisdom: dear ones scold – they only amuse themselves, the art of compromise even in the most delicate situations, the tactics of quickly leveling quarrels and disagreements;
  • sometimes allow him to command a little his army, where you and your pet are among the obedient fighters, and at the same time be touched by his importance and seriousness in relation to what is happening;
  • completely forget that there are other men, such gallant machos with a bewitchingly beautiful appearance and a brilliant mind, your heart is busy, nothing can lead you astray.

And it’s warm when you’re there, it’s not so hard, it’s and it’s against the sun. I have already introduced him to my parents, relatives, colleagues and friends for a long time, as my partner, man, chosen one “for centuries”, although I did not officially announce it out loud, everyone already guessed that this was serious.

True love is a gift, a reward from the Universe, a thorny path through prickly thorns to bright stars. Years of kinship of souls, hearts and bodies, flying by as one difficult, but such a happy moment.

Take care of this gift of fate, if you got it, and we will only be glad that you are ready to go through all the exciting trials towards this romantic miracle with honor.

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