How to deal with a man’s rejection of a relationship?

How to deal with a man’s rejection of a relationship? Now the situation when a woman takes the first step in a relationship is a completely normal practice. We can flirt, flirt, give hints or specific suggestions, such as thick

If you are alive, is it possible to do this on your own? How to act in such a case? And how do you move on after that?

Why do people get rejected?

If, in response to your proposal, a man said that he was not ready to start a relationship with you, this is perceived as dnost. And not only because you like him and wanted to get to know him better or even are already fascinated by him.

Rejection, whether from a man or a woman, is always a blow to self-esteem. The thought “something is wrong with me” arises, embarrassment, resentment, self-doubt appear.

This happens because people perceive the refusal of another as a statement of their insolvency, shortcomings, the feeling “something is wrong with me”, “I’m not good enough.”

This is a serious mistake. Most often, they refuse not because of your specific qualities, but because of yourself, your feelings, feelings, thoughts. You can be beautiful, smart, attractive, outgoing, confident, but get rejected.

Sometimes the reason is that you were rejected, despite all your virtues – you are simply not his woman. This man may like modest, restrained, not very smart and a completely different type of appearance.

A person is always attracted to a certain image. This image is a combination of upbringing, childhood impressions, role models and admiration. It just seems that men choose by appearance.

Sympathy is based on fleeting details, traits. How a person straightens his hair, what smell he has, where he looks, how he laughs, and so on. Unconscious associations are of interest.

Therefore, when you are not reciprocated, do not take it personally. You just don’t fit, you associate with the wrong image.

You also need to rationally tell yourself that this is not something to be ashamed of. The man who turned you down will not find you funny or awkward for such an offer. During his life he received much more rejections from women and understands what it is.

How to respond to a man’s rejection?

Of course, making an offer and getting rejected is always unpleasant, you have a strong emotional reaction, because you were counting on a completely different outcome of your conversation.

Man doesn’t want a relationship

In the moment it is easy to see in Ruki and give two privates:

  • respect yourself – do not interrogate a man and demand that he explain the reason for the refusal, do not try to put pressure on pity or conscience, “twist your arms”, this will not change the relationship between you;
  • respect a man – he has the right to choose, so you should not pursue him, arrange “random” meetings, try to talk.

It is necessary to maintain dignity, calmness, a friendly attitude, and say goodbye peacefully. Helps self-irony, smile, laughter. Or just an honest answer that you’re a little sorry, but there’s nothing you can do.

How to deal with rejection in a relationship?

The conversation is over, but the unpleasant aftertaste remains. How to pull yourself together? Look at the situation objectively. Rejection is painful, but you can get through it.

You have the right to react EMOrationally: upset, angry, offended. It is important to allow yourself to do this, and not try to suppress emotions. Ask for support from a friend or any other close person. Allow yourself to speak.

Then you need to “turn on” your rational part and look at the situation objectively, as an outside observer. If this is difficult for you, imagine that this happened not to you, but to your girlfriend. What advice would you give her? How would you support?

To survive the rejection of a man, you need to gain a new vision of the situation.

Praise yourself for your courage and determination

The ability to take the first step and deal with failure is a skill that is not available to everyone. Many people hesitate for years to confess their feelings and quietly yearn for missed opportunities.

Fear and uncertainty do not allow them to act, forcing them to hide from the world and the prospects that it gives, just not everyone has the courage to use them.

Failures are a normal part of any activity, they make you stronger, more confident, the main thing is how they reproduce them.

Offering a relationship to a man and even getting rejected:

  • you saved a lot of time. Perhaps you would secretly sigh for a man for more than one month, hoping for reciprocity on his part. And now you have a clear answer. Let him not be the way you wanted, but he is;
  • now you don’t have to wait for this man;
  • your determination spared you the regrets of missed opportunities.

If you did not do this, then your imagination would continue to draw a “fairy tale” in which you and this man have a relationship.

There would be a grumpy inner critic who likes to repeat: “Again you missed your chance”, “He was perfect, and you chickened out again” and so on. Everyone has their own phrases with which people blame themselves.

No in this situation it is not necessary. And the fact that he was not yours is another matter.

Thanks for being honest

As embarrassing as it is to be rejected, it’s better than a polite “yes.” Sometimes people agree to something because they don’t want to be rude, or they deceive themselves, thinking that “I’ll talk, maybe something will work out.”

No way it is and it is written, you must say that it is not there, it is “never there”, it is on the photo. Such people can spend months or even years in a relationship that does not develop at all.

He continues his relationship with her, because he is used to it, conveniently, there was no other one he would fall in love with and flow. As a result, a woman has to live for years with a man who does not love her.

Therefore, it is better to be honest about your feelings and not mislead others. If a man refused you, then he is simply not your man, and you need to move on.

A New Look

For the first time, try to have less contact with a man in order to let your sympathy “cool down”. Look at him without the “pink glasses” and you will understand that he is not perfect.

Communicate more with loved ones, lead an active lifestyle, be creative, and fulfill yourself.

To be rejected by a man is to miss just one opportunity. No, it is possible to see it, it is possible to use many different types of drugs.

Doubt or fixation on one person prevents you from taking advantage of these options. The refusal of a man “frees” you, showing that there are many other beautiful, interesting men around, you have many new acquaintances and positive emotions ahead of you.

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