How to wait for a guy from the army – psychologist’s advice

Ah, this beautiful time is the first love. You fly on the wings of love, he is your only one. You dissolve into each other and enjoy every moment spent together.

No, as it would not be sad, he receives a summons to the army. He’s scared, you’re upset. There are a thousand questions in my head: “? Will he return to the old one?” Because of the fact that you are fighting, it is necessary to have a pair of arms and it is possible to do this.

Stop it from it and it’s armies and it’s too long

Wait or not wait. That’s the question. If you wait, is it difficult to do it? If not wait, then how to tell him about it? A million find answers.

A year of separation from a loved one is always a difficult test for a relationship. However, when it is necessary for the third parties.

It is very important to tune in correctly before sending your loved one to serve. If you aggravate into negative thoughts and EMOtions, then you will only make things worse for yourself and for him.

  • How do you feel about it.

Everything depends on you. It is difficult for someone to wait for a loved one from the army, while someone takes this event easier and plunges into the routine of everyday life in order to distract from sad thoughts.

Now waiting for him from the army has become a little easier than in the past. First, it’s only a year. It will fly by very quickly. Secondly, you can be in touch with him almost around the clock thanks to social networks and a good one.

As mentioned above, waiting for a guy from the army is difficult, but doable. The main thing is to properly prepare yourself psychologically and not to succumb to negative emotions. It all depends on you, your decision and attitude.

How to make a decision

There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on the two of you. From your relationship and plans for a joint future. Here, as they say, there are two sides of the coin.

First of all. If you really love each other, then yes, it’s worth the wait. On this it is not possible to write:

  • You have been together for a long time.

Now guys are drafted into the army not only at the age of 18, but also much older. Someone was given a deferment at the university, someone has other weighty reasons. In the event that you have been dating for quite a long time, almost from the school bench, then of course you need to wait for him, since he has already become a close and dear person for you.

  • He has serious intentions.

Before the summons from the draft board arrived, you and your boyfriend had already drawn a bright future for yourself, planned your wedding and future life. You feel and see in his actions that he is serious and wants to connect his life with you. The answer is unequivocal – yes, wait!

How to wait for a guy from the army?

  • You are confident in yourself, in him and your feelings.

If you feel in your heart that you are made for each other. And, as you know, women feel everything. If you are near the project, you are in your own home, but it is in your own home!

Remember that long distance relationships are hard to maintain.

No and not forget, it is even harder for him to be away from home, in an unfamiliar place, with strangers. You have the support of friends, relatives, his relatives here. And he is alone there. And only the thought that you are waiting for him at home helps him. Gives strength to your voice on the phone, hold out a little more.

Secondly. But on the other hand. You are not sure of his intentions, you are not faithful in yourself that it makes sense to wait for him and waste a year of your life. About this and that is not worth it:

  • You’ve been dating not too long ago.
  • You are not sure of his sincerity.
  • You don’t want to say that the phrase “Waiting for a guy from the Army”.
  • You are afraid that he will return completely different and you will still part.
  • You see that it doesn’t matter to him whether you wait for him or not.

Be sure to check it out, so that it isn’t so small, so it’s safe in the armies, and it’s too late. And after a year of separation, you create a happy and strong family. This scenario is also very likely.

As you can see, only you can answer the question for yourself: “Wait for a guy or not from the army.” It all depends on your relationship, on your joint plans for the future. And most importantly, from your desire to be with this guy further or not.

In the second case, if you are not sure that it makes sense to wait for him from waiting, it is better not to make this promise. Believe me, if you tell a guy that you will be waiting for him, and after a while, you will understand that you do not feel love for him, that you do not want to waste your time waiting anymore. To those who are in need of it, it is not known and it is possible to understand the terms. You don’t know what mental state he’s in there. So don’t make a promise that you can’t keep.

How to wait for a guy from the army?

All you have to do is wait for it to be worn in the armies, so that it is this way. Just follow these rules and the waiting time won’t be that hard:

  • A year is not so much

You must clearly understand that a year is really not such a long period of time. Sit down and calmly remember the past year. How fast did he fly? Not even noticeable!

Before you send a guy to the army, talk with him about the moments of a future wedding, where you will live, what you will do at your leisure, how you will go together towards your goal. You can even create a collage of photos and pictures that you hang in your Room, AND HE Saves the photo to his phone. The practice and the subject and it is possible to say that it is difficult to do so.

  • Think about the benefits of breaking up

As long as it is possible, it is possible to see this:

  • You will understand how decent and patient you are.
  • The guy will appreciate you more, especially against the backdrop of sad stories that the girl didn’t wait and got bored.
  • In a year, you will be able to become better not only externally, but also internally – engage in self-development, graduate from endergis, finish orgims congresses
  • Distance will help you understand how much he is dear to you and how much you love him.
  • Keep yourself busy

The best way not to get depressed while waiting is to keep yourself occupied. It could be a new job or school. You can immerse yourself in needlework and self-development. Taking care of your appearance is also one of the best ways to distract yourself. Sign up for a gym, go in for fitness or run. This will not only benefit your body, but also distract from sad thoughts.

  • Frequent communication

To make it easier for both of you to endure the year of separation, communicate more often. You can call on the phone (Of course, When He can do it), correspond on social networks or by regular messages. You can also remember the good old romance and write paper letters to each other, send photos, stififi.

Waiting for a guy from the army is difficult, but doable. If your feelings are strong, you are confident in him, then be sure to wait. After all, it was not in vain that our ancestors composed a toast: “When a girl is waiting for a guy from the army, they cast a cannon, and when not, then let’s drink to our only Tsar Cannon and impenetrable Russian forests!”. It is in your power to become that only tsar cannon and find your happiness!

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