I found someone else’s hair at home or on my husband – how to behave?

I found someone else’s hair at home or on my husband – how to behave? You return home and find an unknown hair. For 10 years now, you have been painting in a brunette, and your hair is blond (and not at all gray). What is the reason? How did he end up in your apartment?

There are several options: you rubbed yourself in the subway against another girl, your friend began to “molt”, you were damaged. And, worst of all, your husband is cheating on you, and so stupidly set himself up. There may not be an exact answer to the question “from where”. No, you need to work on yourself and calm down.

I found someone else’s hair at home or on my husband – how to behave?

If you have already decided to embark on this slippery path of distrust (namely, you began to suspect the faithful of treason), no one will condemn you. Forewarned is forearmed. No way around it, that’s what you want in the house – it’s not guaranteed that it’s new.

You should be able to do so and ask for some of the water, which can be used on the wood. Direct statements like “I know everything” don’t always work.

Moreover, if you are wrong, you will only destroy your relationship.

Women have a well-developed intuition, and by the initial reaction of your man, you will understand everything.

Next to simple:

  • Mention the alleged owner of the hair.

If you know some of his colleagues or blonde girlfriends (redheads, brunettes – underline as necessary), then you can carelessly ask how Anya / Nastya / Lena is doing there. Mention some facts from her biography. For example, she saw her with some man.

And watch your reaction.

Tell me straight out that you found the hair. But don’t say where exactly. Then look again at the reaction.

Quite a “dirty” way. Contact the owner of the hair and advise her a remedy for hair loss. If the lady takes everything with hostility, then apologize and say that she seemed to have heard something about the fact that she was supposed to come to you and give something, but you were not at home.

“Fun” will be if she, nevertheless, confirms. Even “more fun” if it turns out to be your friend;

It isn’t necessary to say that it’s on one of those days and you can say “Milly, and that’s another thing?”. Again, watch for feedback. You know your man better, so there is no universal algorithm for his behavior in case of infidelity;

Yes, time to play Sherlock. Look for the same hair on Clothes, in the car, watch how He hides or checks the phone if he has become longer in the “Thinking Room”. No, cheat yourself, but look for real facts;

Test on ismenu

  • Use your sense of smell.

When you meet your husband from work, sniff him discreetly. If you hear the smell of women’s perfume, then you can start to worry. But not much, because nothing has been proven yet;

  • Be trusting.

The most important thing is not to give yourself away. Only your calmness can lull vigilance and find out the truth about the “peeled mop”. Ask him simple leading questions. Every day is the same, only slightly changing the words in places.

If he starts to put in testimony, then it’s time to go out for a frank conversation.

No, whatever you find, it’s not worth chopping off your shoulder. Perhaps it was you who arrived hair-traveler. Or he lay and waited in the wings since your hair was a different color.

If the husband pays attention to your strange behavior but does not arouse suspicion himself, then you can always refer to “darling, I’m just so stupid.” And reinforce this with an example about Natasha, whom her husband is cheating on.

TOP 5 ways to overcome the fear of betrayal

Being jealous and afraid of losing a loved one is normal. No need to say that it is in paranoia and the photo. At best, you will spoil the relationship, at worst, you will earn yourself physiological and psychological health problems.

It’s that, it’s time, it’s not enough to panic in a panic?

  • Dive into the situation.

Choose a time and imagine that betrayal, nevertheless, has occurred. Produce situations in small details. Scroll through the action from all sides: how he behaves, how you behave, and how it will all affect you.

Bring what you presented to the point of absurdity. As a result, you will simply get tired of such “entertainment”. It is highly likely that in the end, you will understand that abstract betrayal is not so terrible, and your life, in which case, will not collapse.

No fantasizing about it. You and your man are together now, everything is fine with you, and there is no need to force your brain in vain;

Self-improvement and phobias don’t go together. Take care of yourself, sign up for a gym, and find a new interesting hobby. No, not to keep her husband. They even cheated on Monica Belucci and Irina Shayk. Do everything for yourself.

First, you will do something that will push all non-constructive thoughts out of your head. Secondly, you will raise your self-esteem, and become more confident and interesting. And, most importantly, you will begin to radiate charm. And here already let your faithful worry;

  • Talk.

Yes, such a banal way. A calm conversation between two adults is adequate for people. Talk to your husband confidentially, explain that some of his actions cause you certain fears, and go.

But do not stoop to the banal tantrum “I can’t sleep at night because of you!”. Breathe, meditate, drink for courage. In general, do what you want, but your conversation should be in a completely relaxed atmosphere.

Men go to their mistresses not only to have fun. They are looking for the understanding that has been lost in the family. Therefore, do not forget to be interested in his life, listen, and delve into problems. Don’t wait and see where you are;

  • Use affirmations.

Replace all negative attitudes with positive ones. Remember that your husband has chosen one of you out of billions of women. Remember your happiest moments. Choose for self-hypnosis one specific phrase in the present tense and repeat it constantly.

For example: “We are the happiest, we love each other very much, we are infinitely well together.” Repeat this phrase like a mantra;

Do not listen to girlfriends or divorced aunts who “all men are goats.” No, not all. And if you specifically came across just such, it does not mean that absolutely everyone is like that. You just got unlucky. Or by some gap in your character, you attracted just such a situation.

If your ex left unpleasant wounds in your soul, then this should not be transferred to the current one. Take a closer look at your loved one, but does he give you a reason to doubt yourself?

A good way to get rid of anxiety is considered a sincere conversation with a close friend. No, only with the one that can sincerely support and reassure you. If she is going through a painful breakup, then she may not respond adequately to your situation.

Someone else’s hair in the house is the trigger that can evoke painful memories in you. Or maybe it’s just hair that accidentally stuck to clothes anywhere.

You need to look deeper and understand if you are really afraid that your loved one will cheat on you, and whether you should seriously worry about this. If he does not give you any reasons, then you do not need to think about it.

And just throw your hair out. Or burn it.

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