Men are polygamous and women are monogamous – how to understand this?

Men are polygamous and women are monogamous – how to understand this? There is a public opinion, that suit are polygamous, then there is an inherent desire for an intimate ft box, ft And women are monogamous, she needs only one partner.

All this, of course, is explained by nature itself, that it is important for a man to increase his offspring, and for a woman – a daughter-in-law. Is this really true, or is this a cunning ploy of men to justify their behavior?

Are men really polygamous and women monogamous?

The relationships that a person chooses depend on his principles and position in life, and not on gender. If we talk about the differences, then men have higher testosterone levels, and therefore their level of attraction is often higher, but this does not automatically make them polygamous.

You can consider the types of relationships from the side of two sciences: biology and psychology. Often those who argue in favor of male polygamy and female monogamy make arguments from biology. No advance in the district more than the strategy. There are animals that form stable pairs, and there are those to whom permanent unions are not characteristic.

Is monogamy the destiny of man?

Everyone answers that question according to their own principles. Monogamy is not just about being with one person, it’s about constantly working on your relationship, making sure that your love blossoms, that the other person is happy with you, and that your life together brings you joy.

Reasons for polygamy in relationships

  • Insecurity in the sexual sphere – the desire to have more than one sexual partner may be the result of attempts to prove to oneself exceptional effectiveness in intimate contacts. When a man is able to match n d two and a few women’s acicles, he becomes a valuable asset. Polygamy can help men who practice it find answers to difficult questions about their own sexuality, values, and fears associated with intimacy.
  • Low self-esteem – the lack of an objective assessment of one’s own ability to match and self-confidence. Polygamy is a way to compensate for them, an obvious reward in the form of sexual activity.
  • Neglect of a partner – a relationship needs care from the two people who are in it. If one of them, out of habit or out of boredom from the monotony of relationships, ceases to care for his partner, he may be more inclined to seek adoration from another woman or man.
  • Failure to cope – This reason for polygamy is related to the one who cheats. Often there are situations when a man has problems, for example, at a professional level or in a personal way. He does not share this with his woman because he does not find understanding from her side or he has an avoidant kind of affection when he himself is used to keeping his distance.

All men are polygamous. Myth or truth?

  • Illness – the need for a parallel relationship may arise and after receiving information about the serious zine. This is prompted by a combination of fear of reaction and suffering, and a desire to share their problem with another stranger. In this case, it is less often only about sex, but rather about seeking spiritual support in another person.

How to deal with polygamy?

No matter how sexually attractive you are to your partner, over time, a man’s libido declines with a long-term relationship with one woman. It`s natural. Having an honest conversation about what is missing in your relationship and being willing to fix it through the cooperation of the two parties can help strengthen and diversify your intimate life.

If there are problems between you and your man that cause frequent quarrels, try to break up. However, there are compromises for resolving this problem, so that no one has processed anything other than that.

Try to take care of the relationship you have with your partner. Make him a pleasant surprise that will surprise him and bring something bright to the everyday monotony. This could be, for example, a spontaneous weekend trip together. A change of scenery and a break from everyday problems will have a positive effect on your relationship.

Treaty of monogamy

When you create a relationship with a man, you need to understand what opinion he holds about . If polygamy is normal and natural for him, then what is his right. There is a small percentage of women who adhere to this position. It is important not to judge them, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

It is important for you to find a person with whom your opinions on this issue will not differ. For this, it is important to discuss this at an early stage of your relationship. Consider the number of people and prepare for a dream.

It is necessary to distribute the drug to the drug, to the price that is given to the foreigners. It should come to an understanding that both the partner and the adults, self-sufficient people are yours interfering Having discussed this, you together demonstrate a respectful attitude towards each other.

When you are discussing a relationship with your beloved man, it is worth agreeing on the following qualities of a relationship.

  • Honesty. Everyone is afraid of jealousy and reproaches.
  • openness. You are expected to discuss the limits of relationships with others together. For each couple, the boundaries may be different, it is important that they suit both of you.
  • sexual fidelity. Ask your man a question and discuss with him: “What exactly is sexual fidelity for you?”

Not one single word, however, it is possible to have it in the two poles and monogamies. Each person has his own opinion on this matter and the line between these concepts is very blurred. Most importantly, figure out what is important to you and what is important to your partner. By discussing this, you will strengthen your relationship and make it more intimate.

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