Movies to Watch With a Girl Together

Movies to Watch With a Girl Together. Updated! I present to your attention a magnificent selection of films that you need to watch in pairs, sitting comfortably next to each other on the couch. Each of them is emotional, vivid, and memorable with a delightful plot that can be discussed for a long time after completion. All films to watch with a girl are divided by genre – choose the one that best suits your mood or situation. I did not pursue new products, but collected a collection for a long time and scrupulously. Enjoy!

PS Only then don’t be surprised when she asks the question every evening: “I love watching movies with you! Let’s have one more today to your taste?”.

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Movies to Watch With a Girl Together. Romantic movies

Girls love various dramas and melodramas. But they also know that men can’t stand them. I tried to make not a tearful-slobbering selection, but such that you also have something to cling to in the plot or something to laugh at.

1. I would like to go to heaven, 2009

A story about a young incredible careerist who has absolutely no time for love, but it still appears quite unexpectedly in his life.

2. I will never forget you, 2007

Vladimir and Mila meet after many years of separation and their love flares up with unprecedented force. The matter is complicated by the fact that Mila has a son, and Vladimir has a bride who is ready to do anything to bring him back.

3. Exchange vacation, 2006

A romantic comedy about two couples who change homes on different continents to survive the crisis.

4. Australia, 2008

War drama with an interesting plot: an English aristocrat inherits a ranch in Australia and faces a lot of obstacles and difficulties. Western, adventure. Starring the inimitable Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

5. Pleasantville, 1998romantic movies to watch with a girl

A dystopian film about a young man living in a dream world.

6. History about us, 2000

A successful and prosperous married couple after many years of marriage is on the verge of parting. They want to save their union, but the irritability accumulated over the years does not allow this to be done. However, they find a very original solution to save the marriage.

7. One day, 2011

A cheeky brat and a top college playboy meet at prom and spend the day and night together before deciding to remain friends. But fate planned differently and this day turned into something more in a year, two years, and more. How long does it take for them to finally realize that this is not just a coincidence?

8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004

romantic movies to watch with a girl

Fantastic drama: future technologies allow you to erase unnecessary events from memory, as Joel and Clementine decide to do when parting. However, tender feelings cannot be destroyed just like that. The less you remember, the more you love.

Movies to Watch With a Girl Together. Comedy

9. You again, 2010

Prosperous businesswoman Marnie arrives at her parents’ house for her brother’s wedding. And then it turns out that both the bride and her relatives are the sworn enemies of the childhood of the main character, who tormented and tormented her. Old grievances are exposed again, what can all this lead to?

10. Friendship, 2011

comedy to watch with a girl

The film demonstrates the fear of modern people to let another person into their personal space and trust him. A light and witty comedy about an open relationship of one couple, played by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. But is everything as simple as it seems in reality?

11. Amelie, 2001

Do even the most insignificant events have some connection between themselves, sometimes inexplicable? So the actions of the quiet and modest Amelie in the world of her dreams change the lives of different people, opening the way to happiness for them.

12. Bicentennial Man, 1999

Fantasy, drama, and comedy rolled into one. People of the future are using robotic assistants with might and main. So the Martin family decides to purchase such a robot, giving it the name Andrew. In the course of its existence, the programmed machine begins to have feelings that are peculiar only to people. Every person strives for eternal life, but after such films, you understand what this can entail. A very strong film.

13. Street cat named Bob, 2016

A biographical film based on the story of musician James Bowen, whose life at some point lost its meaning and from whom all his friends turned away because of his addiction to drugs. In the hope of improving his life, he turns to a rehabilitation center, this becomes known to his producers, and they stop allowing him to perform. To survive, James plays the guitar for passers-by who don’t care about him. And one day a cat is nailed to him, which will help change the life of the protagonist.

14. Hang out in Palm Springs, 2020comedy to watch with a girl

A touching love story with an admixture of humor, tragedy, and romance. The guy gets stuck in one day, but suddenly a girl appears next to him in the same situation. The couple is forced to be alone with their fears and loneliness. But it’s much easier to deal with them together.

15. Marley and me, 2008

The married couple played a luxurious wedding and, in search of a better life, went to live on the ocean coast to the warm sun. To test their feelings and find out if they are cat to the appearance of the baby, they decide to get a dog. In fact, it turns out that the dog gives a lot more trouble than any child could.

16. In flight, 2008

The beloved girl left the young guy Peter and exchanged him for a crazy pervert, which even more broke the heart of the protagonist. To escape from sad thoughts, he decides to go to Hawaii, but by the will of fate, this most passionate couple becomes roommates in the hotel.

17. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2005

A quiet and calm married couple is mired in everyday problems, they begin to express their dissatisfaction with their spouse. But each of them has its secret and is a first-class secret agent and a professional killer of organizations that are at war with each other. The double life would have continued further if they had not received the task to destroy each other.

18. Knives Out, 2019

Detective, comedy, drama. Director Rian Johnson masterfully ridicules all the laws of the genre, cheerfully and originally mocks the clichés of the old-school English detective. A true entertainment film over greed, cunning, and wealth.

Movies to Watch With a Girl Together. Russian films

19. The best day, 2015

Petr Vasyutin (Dmitry Nagiev) is a traffic police officer who constantly gets into some kind of story. He has Soviet parents, a fiancee, and true friends. But his life changes dramatically when one day he stops a drunk socialite on the highway. A new acquaintance draws Petya into her luxurious life, but he tries to resist, sometimes remembering his love for his bride. A dynamic and full of vital humor comedy.  

20. Stilyagi , 2008

A delightful musical
that won the love of audiences in America and Europe. The action takes place in the 50s, the Komsomol member Mels falls in love with the “dude” Good and goes into the camp of the “enemy” for the Komsomol patrols and squads. A spark runs between young people, but life still puts everything in its place. Incendiary and captivating film.

21. Fire, 2020

The film is a disaster and it really is fire! About the real courage of real men. A range of feelings, experiences, special effects, and an amazing performance by Konstantin Khabensky and other actors. Will not leave anyone indifferent. I would put it in the section of films that bring together, but I’ll leave it here.

22. Ghost, 2015

A successful aircraft designer does not have time to complete the creation of a unique high-tech aircraft and dies. But by all means, he wants to complete his life’s work, despite the reluctance and intrigues of his competitors. Then he (Fyodor Bondarchuk) becomes a ghost and begins to come to the boy who will be the link between him and the world of people. Very good and heartfelt comedy.

Movies to Watch With a Girl Together. Fiction

23. Interstellar, 2014

Drought on Earth leads to a production crisis, then scientists decide to send an expedition through temporary space in search of a new
planet suitable for life.

24. Beginning, 2010fantastic movies to watch with a girl

The film is a mystery to be solved throughout the plot. Dreams, reality, memory features, amazing direction, and illusory effects are intertwined here. And of course, Leonardo DiCaprio.

25. Martian, 2015

A group of astronauts on a mission to the planet Mars is forced to urgently leave the facility due to an impending storm, but one scientist Mark Watney fails to evacuate in time, his spacesuit is damaged. The habitation module on this empty red planet is still functioning. Will he be able to wait for the next mission and will he be able to survive in conditions where there is no food or water?

26. Route 60, 2001

The guy meets the wizard and goes to complete his task in exchange for the fulfillment of his cherished desire. Awesome movie to watch with a girl – will give you a hundred topics to discuss each episode. It touches on many important issues – attitude to life, to love, to parents, filled with humor and deep meaning.

fantastic movies to watch with a girl

27. Toy Story 4, 2019

A rare example of how the fourth part of the franchise can beat all the previous ones. The cartoon became the fifth Disney project to overcome the $ 1 billion mark in the box office, and showed several technological breakthroughs: in the fourth part, the plushness of some of the toys is perfectly conveyed, and the skin of Bo the shepherdess looks like like real porcelain.

Movies to watch with a girl if your tastes do not match

Here are films that you just can’t help but love, amazing stories, and favorites of all ages and genders. If you are categorically against what she proposes, then stop at any of these films. I assure you both will not be disappointed.

28. Ocean’s 11, 2001Movies to watch with a girl if your tastes do not match

The famous professional thief Danny Ocean, having come out of prison once again, learns that his beloved wife left him and went to the owner of a casino in Las Vegas. He decides to take revenge, but not on her, but on his competitor, by cleaning out his three richest establishments. Danny is assembling a team of unique experts in their field for this.

29. Gentlemen, 2020

A noble and action-packed action movie (suitable for girls) with intrigue and great humor. All this is complemented by a whole crowd of brilliant British and American stars. Will give you food for communication with your girlfriend.

30. Forrest Gamp, 1994

Forrest is a “special” sick young man who, with his harmlessness and kind heart, opens up new facets of the soul in the people around him. Thanks to an open heart and the desire to be better, he becomes a war hero and a successful entrepreneur, but he always remains ingenuous and naive there. Everything is good in his life, except for love …

31. Focus, 2015Movies to watch with a girl if your tastes do not match

A story about an experienced swindler who takes a beautiful girl as an apprentice and falls in love with her. So that feelings do not interfere with work, he breaks up with her, but the girl harbors a grudge. What will happen when they meet after a while again with the task?

32. Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

The film is about the adventures of the hotel staff porter Zero and concierge Gustav, who unwittingly become witnesses of the theft of priceless paintings that influenced the struggle of the richest clans in Europe and even a bloody war. An interesting plot, a world of first-class fraud, and a love affair.

33. Birdman, 2014

The story of the once brilliant actor who played the superhero Birdman. In an attempt to regain his former glory, he agrees to a role in a
Broadway production.

34. The invention of lies, 2010

A film about an “ideal” world in which lies do not exist. Is he that good? How in such a world to hide human shortcomings? Genre – fantasy, comedy.

35. Key to all doors, 2005

Young Caroline takes a job as a nurse for an elderly disabled Mr. Devereux. His wife gives the girl the key to all the doors, which can open any room. One day she finds a room with objects for black magic that belonged to the previous owners and begins to unravel the mysterious story of their purpose. A mysterious and mystical film that will keep you in suspense until the end.

36. In pursuit of happiness, 2006

A story based on real events. Young Chris Gardner fails at work, sinking into debt. At some point, his wife leaves him, leaving for another city, leaving him with a child. The protagonist gets a job as an intern at a brokerage firm and, together with his son, goes through all the
hardships of the wandering life of the homeless, but eventually gets the desired position, and in the future becomes the founder of his company.

37. Changing reality, 2011

Fantastic love story thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

38. Search, 2018

A film about the problems of misunderstanding of teenagers and their parents. The idea of ​​presenting the film is original – the viewer seems to be watching the computer screen of the protagonist, whose daughter has disappeared and who is doing everything possible to find her. Unpredictable ending.

39. Awakening *, 1990

Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy doctor, and scientist, uses experimental drugs to “awaken” immobilized victims of a rare disease. Based on real events. An incredible film with incredible emotional impact. A real masterpiece, one of the best in the brightest biographies of two great American actors: Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.

*Added on the recommendation of one of my readers. Thanks for the feedback!

Movies to help you get closer

These films will make you worry, worry and feel sad together with the main characters. In any case, they will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Attention! The emotionality of the films is overwhelming.

40. White captivity, 2006

Movies that will help you get closer to a girl

A serious story of devotion, hope, and faith that came with a dog sled expedition in the cold of Antarctica.

41. Diary of memory, 2004

Melodrama. Noah comes from a simple family and falls in love with the aristocrat Ellie, these feelings are mutual, but the girl’s parents did not approve of such a party of their daughter. At this time, the war begins, Noah goes to the front, and Ellie remains to wait for him. The boyfriend’s letters do not reach her, as their mother intercepts them. At this time, the parents find a beautiful groom and set a date for the engagement, but then the girl finds a note in the newspaper about her beloved…

42. Passengers, 2016

Fiction. A space shuttle with 5,000 passengers on board, in a state of cryogenic sleep, is heading to a distant planet. Their path should last 120 years, but after 30 years, two – James and Aurora wake up by mistake. They live through various emergency situations and other difficulties of living together in a confined space, but they have to understand that their awakening was not a mistake.

43. Black Swan, 2010

A story about a ballet prima who wants to take away the role. The rivalry between two strong and beautiful women is a terrible war.

44. Until I played in the box, 2007

Comedy, adventure, drama. The main characters – a simple mechanic Carter and billionaire Edward meet in a clinic where they undergo medical procedures. Both are terminally ill. Each of them is closed in on himself, but one day Edward finds a list of Carter’s dying wishes and decides to realize them all. So the two men go on incredible adventures while they still have time for this.

45. Hachiko: The most faithful friend, 2008

The plot is based on a real story that shocked the whole world: a college professor found a puppy of an amazing Japanese Akita Inu breed at the railway station. They become true friends – the dog happily met the professor every day. And even when he was gone, and he no longer appeared, the faithful dog remained waiting for him on the platform.

46. ​​Marriage history, 2019

Antiromantic tragicomedy. A story about how important it is to be the director of your life, how not to lose tightness, tenderness, sensitivity, and understanding in a couple. What difficult consequences does a fragmented life lead to a family? Simple and visual reflection on complex things.


I guarantee that all these movies to watch with a girl will give you both a lot of pleasure when watching and bring a lot of experiences that are so nice to share with a loved one. Movies to Watch With a Girl Together.

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