Non-verbal hidden signs of a man’s sympathy for a woman from psychology

Non-verbal hidden signs of a man’s sympathy for a woman from psychology. When you and the object of your interest are still at the stage when you are looking at each other, you really want to know whether it is worth continuing this game or whether you need to move on.

No, unfortunately (or fortunately), no one can read minds. No, some thoughts are very easily betrayed by the human body. Therefore, noting some signs and moments of behavior, you can understand whether a man likes you or not.

Feature types

The signs by which a man’s sympathy can be expressed are divided into two types:

  • verbal;
  • Non-verbal.

Verbal – these are the so-called actions. What a man does and clearly demonstrates. And non-verbal ones are those that can be noticed only if you start observing.

Verbals include:

  • Verbal or written confession of sympathy;
  • Compliments and praise;
  • Stories about your personality: hobbies, tastes, interests;
  • Gifts and surprises;
  • Interest and curiosity about your personality;
  • Providing assistance or services;
  • Meeting relatives or friends.

Non-verbal include:

Signs that you are in love

  • Sight;
  • facial expressions;
  • Body position;
  • Voice timbre;
  • Gestures.

Non-verbal expressions of affection

These are manifestations that most often occur unconsciously. Therefore, it is very interesting to notice all these signs and signals that the body of a man in love sends.


A glance can tell a lot about the degree of interest:

  • If the relationship is still at an early stage;
  • During the dialogue, the man looks into his eyes, showing his indifference, participation, and attention;
  • Trying to “see” the feelings of his beloved, a man tends to often look into his eyes when the relationship is cut;
  • A man who feels sympathy for you constantly returns his gaze to you;
  • The gaze of an interested man can slide over the body from top to bottom, unconsciously stopping at intimate targets. So a man can evaluate the object of adoration and think about intimacy.

facial expressions

If a man has sympathy for you, then his facial expressions are more pronounced. She is more alive. Proceed to this pot, so that the music stream will be delivered and will be given to two people. He will listen to your every word, showing an emotional response on his face. This is demonstrated by the fact that it is not known.

These manifestations include:

  • Enlarged pupils and raised eyebrows;
  • Biting or licking lips. This is such an attempt to calm yourself down. It may be a signal that the woman with whom the man is now communicating is sympathetic;
  • A constant smile in the presence of a woman you like.

Body position and gestures

A sympathizing man takes certain poses and gesticulates in such a way as to show his masculinity, to achieve attention and reciprocity from the object of interest.

Nearby in the company of woman, which is not known, the woman is able to choose among the subjects and hosts:

  • If you are of interest, you will not be able to see it in the store;
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the matter, express it on one side;
  • If He straightens clothes sometimes shakes it off, then this may be an indicator of embarrassment, a desire to please and attract attention;
  • Interest in communication, the desire to be closer is expressed in an inclination towards the woman during communication and the desire to reduce the distance;
  • Trying to draw attention to himself, a man can run his hand through his hair;
  • If a man raises his chin, while slightly tilting his head, then he is trying to show his authority;
  • Putting his thumbs behind the belt of his trousers, the man tries to show self-confidence;
  • Expressing confidence, the man does not cross his arms and legs – the pose is open;
  • If he unconsciously copies postures and gestures, then this is a manifestation of empathy;
  • Subconscious demonstration of manhood – legs apart a little wider than usual.


A man often smiles with pleasure when he is in the company of a woman he likes.

No, that’s it, that’s what it’s all about, it’s not that bad

  • Raised corners of the lips and cheekbones;
  • “Crow’s feet” by the sides of the eyes;
  • Wrinkles “rays” around the eyes.

True facial expressions are read in the very first seconds – this is an important fact. If mimic signs around the eyes do not appear during a smile, then most likely it is only.

Verbal expressions of affection

These are the manifestations that “lie on the surface.” Men never do something “just like that.” Every action they take has a specific purpose. And for the sake of the woman he likes, he is capable of much.

The desire to communicate

First of all, a man is interested in whether a woman is free, what her habits, tastes, preferences are. Interested in everything related to her personality.

A man shows such behavior in order to determine your points of contact, compare hobbies, and also in order to properly arrange surprises and choose gifts.

Attention and care

Every man knows that a woman prioritizes these qualities. On the other hand, on the budget, it is possible to understand the size of the room.

Therefore, he sincerely worries and strives to isolate the object of his interest from everything. A man seeks to help carry Bags, lend a hand, take off and put on outerwear, take him home, and in every possible way intercede and not give offense.


  • Shows interest when calling and answering calls;
  • Pays for meals or travel, thereby demonstrating a willingness to provide;
  • Shows care, seeing off home;
  • Wants to give pleasure by making gifts;
  • He is interested in when the next meeting will be – he will think about it all the time after your breakup;
  • During the meeting, ignores all other calls (if possible) – demonstrates good manners;
  • Proceed to the end of the day. By this, a man shows courage and readiness to protect.

Showing a sense of humor

Frequent jokes also contain signs of a man’s sympathy. If you want to do this, you need to understand and protect yourself.

In jokes, there is an opportunity to demonstrate your own eloquence and intelligence, to establish yourself as a positive person with whom you want to spend time. Witty and funny jokes help a woman to remember the past meeting with a smile, and make her want to meet again, because this man is so easy and fun.

A joke is a great psychological technique to successfully break an awkward pause, and laughter is the best way to relieve tension.

Men don’t want to complicate things. If you like a woman, then you need to take and do so that she becomes his. No to that, as soon as it is possible to say “read”.

Now you know a little more about how to understand that a man has sympathy for you. Use this to know for sure if he is ready to move on to action.

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