How married men in love behave with their mistress?

How married men in love behave with their mistress? A stamp in the passport does not mean that life is over. And a married man can fall in love, feel anguish in his heart, decide to cheat, even get a divorce. Ego attitude towards you can be frivolous, associated with the desire to have fun. No, it is possible that it is based on a deep feeling, tenderness, the desire to take care of you.

It can be difficult to understand the triangle that has arisen, the interweaving of true feelings, lies. It is also not easy how to understand that a married man loves you, and for real. A few tricks and signs will help you unravel the tangle.

A married man in love

You might think that any man in love behaves the same way. Gives flowers, gifts, gives a ride in a car, treats in a cafe, tells jokes. No, this is the case with the brakes, so the red flag is still there. There is only one reason – he realizes that he is married, and this leaves an imprint on his actions and communication.

Awareness of lack of freedom leads to the emergence of a number of psychological characteristics and adjustment of the attitude towards oneself ima. Because of you, he loves, it’s not easy.

Here’s what drives it:

  • A man acts on the basis of awareness of responsibility to the family. The feeling is aggravated if there are small children, and the man sincerely loves them.
  • He cannot do anything openly and freely. There is always a risk that there will be a compassionate witness to your meetings, dates, walks and tell his wife about them, exaggerating and embellishing the details.
  • Even if he often meets with you, gives flowers, he is always accompanied by a sense of guilt. In some cases, he is so exhausted that he begins to show aggression towards you.
  • A man may be ashamed of betrayal, so he carefully hides his feelings, he can hurt himself, forever.

How to understand if a married man loves me?

  • Ego disposes of protection, so benevolently it is possible for the drug to be heard. He either reaches out to you, then closes, avoids meetings, postpones dates, conversations with his wife.

Of course, there are men who, despite their spouse status, openly confess their love, walk with a new passion, introduce her to friends, travel with her. If you want to do this, it is necessary to say that it is not possible to say that it is too late to do so.

Another reason is that the relationship with his wife has dried up. The couple is on the verge of a divorce, lives separately for a long time, and the spouses do not go to the registry office because of laziness, living in different cities, countries, lack of motivation.

With that said, you should really feel a man well, understand his actions, communication features in order to realize that he loves you.

Behavioral features

So, the behavior of a married man is characterized by a lack of sincerity. It may resemble visiting a hall with crooked mirrors – You, So slender, walk in high heels and suddenly turn into a fat dwarf.

Let’s see what hints can tell that a married man has fallen in love with you:

  • It is not necessary to say that it is the same as the dogs, rodents, they are not in the human being, and it is all that they have.

Arranges almost interrogations about what kind of relationship you have with colleagues of the opposite sex, former admirers.

  • It is possible to buy in the apartment on the practice, not on the street, in the bay in 5-10 minutes.

Yes, he will promise to come to you on December 31, without indicating the exact time. You will wait, call – after all, you need to prepare, prepare salads, snacks. He will drop calls, and then he will suddenly arrive with a package of tangerines, flowers, or just a feeling of happiness that has escaped to freedom. freedom of happiness.

  • A man in love will often get in your way, and in such a way that his missus is not around.

If this is your colleague, you will meet him in the office, next to the coffee machine, in the dining room. Perhaps every morning you will, as if by chance, collide at the door. If this is your neighbor, he will always help you park, light up the car, hold the front door, hand over the letter supposedly accidentally planted by the postman in his mailbox.

  • Perhaps on getting to know your husband, captivate him with his hobby or start doing what his husband likes to his

As a result, it may turn out that you will spend weekends or even vacations together.

  • For meetings, a man in love will choose modest cafes, unknown bars.

How about a date for lunch? With a married man, this will become your habit. Any meeting will be held under the banner of a business LANch or a meeting with a partner.

  • Personal gifts are usually small.
Photo by Trung Nguyen: Pexels

Huge bouquets of flowers, toys, sweet gifts are ordered online and delivered by courier. At the same time, the top of elegance is delivery to the office from a secret admirer. So for everyone the intrigue will remain, who is the recipient. On the other side, it is clear to those around you that you are no longer alone. Roughly speaking, a man thus marks the territory.

There are many more behaviors, such as organizing “random” meetings at the bus stop, children’s parties, helping with heavy bags, the desire to teach driving.

Features of communication

Not that it is possible to have a full life of your own. For example, much attention is paid to concealing the fact of communication. You can find out that you have warm feelings for you by non-verbal means of communication.

If you want to know:

  • For communication, methods will be chosen, the traces of which can be easily removed. For example, voice messages in viber. They are easy to erase, when exported to a document, they are not saved like regular messages.
  • Calls use work phones or friends’ numbers, which would be difficult for the wife to trace.
  • All means of communication are password-protected to prevent accidental access by unwanted persons.
  • Metaphors, words from songs can be used to convey feelings. For example, passing by, he can whistle a melody from Malikov’s song “Who told you.”
  • In the presence of other people, communication is very abrupt, fast, specific. When you are alone, a man can afford to relax, talk about himself, his feelings.
  • Instead of words about experiences and feelings, his eyes can speak. Often you will catch his long gaze filled with warmth or regret. After your eyes meet, he will quickly hide his eyes, turn to someone else.
  • A man will try to get closer to you physically, to touch you. This is a fleeting touch on the shoulder, a barely perceptible handshake, stroking. At the same time, you can feel his trembling, embarrassment.
  • When you are in the same team, he will tease you, do everything so that you pay attention to him. Jokes can be vulgar, clumsy, flat, however, they achieve their goal.

Not that you want it, that’s all you need. He is the only one who understands the theory, the psychology of it, the cone, the price, and the position in this place.

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