How to learn to build relationships with a man and why it doesn’t work?

How to learn to build relationships with a man and why it doesn’t work? A few years ago, not many women wondered how to build a relationship with a man. It seems that everything is simple – they met, fell in love, got married, if it didn’t work out, they got divorced. Now those who are trying to understand in advance what needs to be done to make the relationship successful are becoming.

Very young girls and already mature women choose a strategy of behavior, figure out with whom they will be more comfortable, how to make life cozier, happier and more interesting, listen to the opinion of psychologists. If you are one of those for whom it is important to understand how to build relationships with a man, let these few tips help you navigate them and become happier.

Accurately with plans

If you met a young man who completely suits you from the first, second and even third glance, do not rush to plan a wedding or force events. Let your relationship flow on its own, free, warm, somewhere saturated, tense. Enjoy the moment, enjoy meetings, dates, new acquaintances.

Look how the young man communicates with you, your parents, friends, strangers. In some cases, it is useful to stop, evaluate the relationship, check the balance of emotions and actions. Look at how you feel after talking with him, losing energy or, conversely, gaining it. Who initiates trips, meetings.

Practice shows that if at the beginning of a relationship you drag everything on yourself, then most likely it will be so in the future. Life, the problems of two people, and then also children, cannot be pulled out on your own back.

You and he are real people

One of the biggest mistakes that women make on the path of building relationships is the blind belief that they can become one with their beloved. Indeed, at some point, at the peak of love, one can feel integrity, inseparable unity. But in ordinary life you are completely different people with different interests, desires, needs, friends.

The beginning of a relationship. What should be discussed?

If this thought makes you angry, take a deep breath and see what happens. All your life you dreamed that your young man would be the best, be sure to understand tepals and understand you. I drew in my mind an image that suits you perfectly.

The time has come – you met a guy, you liked him. They were written as they were not, calculated on the components, and other parts of the body. Fell in love. Got married. And here comes the conflict. All the time before that, you loved fantasy.

The child makes you plunge into real life. Before there were two of you, you concentrated on your husband, dissolved in him. Now there is a third person. It requires attention, action, satisfaction of needs. The bond with your husband breaks, you wake up and see that in reality you have a completely different person in front of you.

Therefore, advice – look at people, even those who seem ideal to you, with wide eyes. Appreciate reality, what really distinguishes a man from you, and how he can complement you.

Be yourself

When you go to a party, the first date, you always embellish yourself a little. A beautiful dress emphasizes a thin figure, unusual shoes – the grace of a leg. You try to be soft, smile. Shine with inner beauty. Trying to adjust to the interests and preferences of the young man.

Does he like blondes? Dye your hair a lighter color. Do you like skinny ones? Go on a diet, go to the gym. From you yourself, a little lazy, loving to lie on the couch and drink coffee with a croissant, it remains pouring.

Is it worth it to lose yourself? Perhaps it is easier to remain yourself and let the young man love you for who you are?

A new image cannot be worn forever. Gradually, you let go of the situation and begin to return to your habits. Your partner doesn’t always like you, Sometimes they can cause him discomfort, uncertainty about who you really are, and Distrust.


When a relationship is in its infancy, it is very easy to give. On the wave of ENERGY, love excitement, you prepare surprises, you can bring dinner to work. Quickly enough Interest in such actions is lost, especially if in response you do not receive anything or hear only banter from your girlfriends.

In reality, those relationships remain strong and stable in which the parties all the time give something to each other – care, love, quite tangible things.

The ridicule of friends and girlfriends quickly remains in the past, they themselves part with their spouses, but you have every chance to build a beautiful, lively, family life filled with positive emotions.

Never use threats

It seems so simple – she played a tantrum, promised to leave, commit suicide, and achieved what you want. As a rule, most well-mannered, cultured, intelligent men easily succumb to the threats of their soulmate, at least for the first time.

It is worth remembering that if you ever used threats to fulfill your desire, there will be no happiness in the relationship. At the moment the building is posted after you have arrived.

The problem is that the threat disrupted the natural course of events, gave the relationship a different direction. In fact, by applying it, you showed fear of the future, of yourself, of losing a young man. No, thus, only destroyed trust, and gave impetus to a possible break.

Be attentive to horoscopes and stereotypes

Of course, a horoscope is a wonderful thing. In it you can read about yourself so much interesting, exciting, fun. Horoscopes will select the perfect couple for you, tell you what to look for when choosing a partner.

Problem with the only in the tom, that in my near 10% of the population are virgins. And you think all these people are the same? Capricorns, for example, are about 8%. It is probably not very correct to assume that if you are a Virgo and your boyfriend is a Capricorn, you will definitely be compatible. The way a person grows up is influenced not so much by the horoscope as by the relationship in the family in which he grows up, the social environment, access to education, personal characteristics, appearance, mental abilities.

There are a lot of factors influencing the formation of personality, and in reality you love a specific individual person, and not at all the image described in the horoscope.

The same situation develops and so stereotypes. It is convenient to use them for a quick assessment of others, understanding one’s place in society, but all people are different.

It cannot be said that a person who grew up in an orphanage will be a thief, insolent, a loser. It is also impossible to say with certainty that a person growing up in a complete family and prosperity with good parents will turn out to be an educated, cultured person.

Every man is individual. To build a relationship with him, you need to know him, understand, accept, love.

Fight right

In a normal, living relationship, quarrels and arguments are inevitable. If you want to make a compromise, you will need it in your partner.

It is important that quarrels do not turn into empty conflicts, and the participants do not stoop to humiliation, contempt, indifference, empty, stupid swearing, physical and emotional abuse.

Show respect and appreciate each other. Enjoy how you manage to get around conflict situations, and aggression.

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