Open relationships in marriage: how it is and for whom it suits?


How to react if your girlfriend’s husband is flirting with another in plain sight. The first reaction, of course, is to tell everything at once. And make round eyes, hearing in response: “Yes, I know, he asked me for permission.” We are discussing with a psychologist why people agree to an open relationship between spouses, who such relationships are suitable for and how long they can last.

What is open marriage?

Open relationships in marriage are commonplace in modern society. Young people do not burden themselves with a bunch of responsibilities and choose polygamous relationships by mutual agreement. The parties first discuss all points of the issue, agree on the possible development of the situation, check their own emotional state. After all, there is no place for jealousy, resentment and sleepless nights. Both spouses agreed to start love affairs on the side.

Why do men do this. The answer is obvious. Test your strength, show yourself as a leader, diversify your intimate life. According to popular belief, all men are polygamous by nature and can love several women at the same time. Restriction of freedom and choice negatively affects emotional health, undermines trust.

What attracts women. Many factors affect this, among which is the desire to get a variety of experiences, the ability to keep the beloved man in this way.

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Examples of Free Marriage

Relationships can be open for one or both. In the first case, a love triangle is formed, where all parties know each other and accept everything as it is. Often they even become friends with each other. In the second case, a polygon is obtained, where not all partners are known.

Often partners cannot or do not want to have intimate relationships at the same time. It affects fatigue, physical health, different temperaments and libido. Then everyone is free to find another “replacement”. For some couples, this is a great way to diversify their sex life, invigorate feelings, plunge headlong into the world of new sensations.

Psychologists distinguish between several variations: friendly sex, polyamory and open relationships. The latter are the most common in modern society. A clear advantage of this lifestyle is the possibility of personal development, meeting new people, and the absence of worries about a romantic dinner with a loved one. The husband does not want, you can go to a restaurant with a friend, warning your partner in advance. For both, this will be the norm. The ability to get the whole gamut of sensations if the spouse is not able to give it.

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Who is Open Relationships for?

If you are too emotional person and even more so the owner, then an open relationship will not suit you. If you adhere to traditional views on family values, common life, raising children, then such a scheme will only bring disappointment in your partner and an unsettled personal life.

Open relationships require loyalty to the spouse, without reproaches, scandals. Meeting days are agreed in advance, with whom you can make connections. An important point will be the message about this to friends and relatives. So that in case of a chance meeting, they do not run to call and talk about treason.

In order to enter into such relationships and stay in the win, you need to have a formed character, be self-sufficient, have your own hobbies. You will be connected with a partner not by everyday life and trips to visit relatives, but by joint business and interests.

In such relationships, you can meet interesting people, have fleeting romances and get the missing signs of attention. In this case, you remain permanently with one partner, while other meetings are temporary.


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