Seduction of men as art – techniques and examples from everyday life

In the world of interaction between the sexes, double standards reigned for a long time, although according to statistics, there were 9 guys for 10 girls, but according to the laws of the genre, girls were ordered to behave modestly and stand aside. Today the world has changed, and somehow it is more and more about equality. I liked the man – so act! That’s just how? To do what? Let’s figure it out.

Why is it scary to call first?

You are familiar with these torments – call or not, write first, or what will he think of me then, he wrote and disappeared … It would seem that what shakes and breaks you so much is not a tricky thing. It is based on a deep fear, the fear of rejection (or the trauma of rejection). It sounds something like this: I will choose a person – but he does not have me, he will reject and leave me.

You seem to fall into an infantile state, when being abandoned is equal to death. Well, the baby is abandoned, he is helpless, he will die. What will happen to you as an adult? Are you not a baby? Well, you will be sad, you will cry to your girlfriends and you will go further. Right?

Of course, it’s easy to say, but harder to do. But to look at it from such a psychological angle, it should be at least a little less scary. Now imagine that men also have this trauma of rejection, and they are no less afraid. Legche? Well, with this awareness, you can take the first steps.

Girls love with their ears, and men …

And the well-known continuation that men are eyes. Of course, it is true – a well-groomed appearance has never harmed anyone. But don’t forget about your ears. It just so happens that men are in great need of external confirmation of their merits – praise, keen interest, and even notes of admiration – this is a cocktail that will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can be interested in everything – his work, hobbies, hobbies, interests – everything will do. So you kill two birds with one stone – and you hook a man, and you really get to know him, which in itself is interesting. And praise, praise, praise – do not be afraid to overpraise, do not overpraise. Of course, it is important to maintain a balance here and not turn into such a granny who put a poor man on a stool and let’s cackle around him. Don’t lose your playfulness.

The main female weapon is the look. Clap and take off … The classic “eye shooting” technique – first you look at the corner of the room (or to the side) then at your nose tip and only then look at it. This technique gives a man room for fantasy and does not steal his alpha nature.If you only name it, and that’s what it is, it’s not like you… Beauty!

What to write to a man in messages?

Now that you contact it, then it’s not like that. What’s next? To be or not to be? To write or not to write?! Let’s get back to balance. Nobody canceled the emotion swing technique – I wrote it and disappeared for a while. Only it is necessary to write, as with a look – coquettishly. Here and emoticons, and flowers and smiles – everything should be in con.

How to fall in love with a man?

When flirting, remember your goal – not just write 3-5 messages, but what?! To it isn’t long enough to ask for it, or for that matter. “Dobryy wecher, I got a backache here, how to spread it?” – so-so entry. Yes, it is in two years on the plan that is given and named – this is small.

Write lighter and more playful, gracefully seasoned with the same admiration and emotions. Remember that men themselves are stingy with the expression of feelings, and the more they need it from women. Emotional swing no one oh if you’re about nature nr sweet pyrooration oul. After such sweet messages, you may well disappear for a while or answer unexpectedly dry. This will add peppercorns. Only pepper is a seasoning, it should be dosed.

What to wear to attract the attention of the right man?

Returning to the eyes. So how to be? What to wear?! Of course, men are different, and they have different tastes. But there is some very reliable data. So, according to them, the excessive sexuality of the image, the abundance of bare parts of the body – only scares away the big npoki often. The image is created too accessible and it serves as a poor foundation for building long-term relationships.

Hitting hoodies and oversized is also not the best idea, fashion is fashion, but there are some basic things. Men’s ballet flats are now on the catwalk! Would you be ready for such a bow on a first date?

What to watch from the cinema?

  • “To hell with love” is an ideal film on this topic. Pretty Renee Zellweger, handsome Ewan McGregor – a story about what to do if you do not live up to the ideal
  • “Heartbreakers” – the ABC of seduction, seduction, coquetry – in one bottle. How to attract, how to entice, what to talk about, what to keep silent about – arm yourself with a notebook and a pen
  • “The Taming of the Shrew” is a good old classic from Adriano Celentano. How to subdue a man who does not at all strive to be subdued
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey and tons of romance. The hotel is located on the par, and is very popular with the local people
  • “Sex in more than one year” – watch all seasons. Seriously, this is an encyclopedia of relationships, flirting, sex, mistakes in everything and new attempts. No longer than it is possible to understand, in other words, these children are not corrosive

What do men want in a relationship?

There are basic things, but why do people need relationships? What do we gain in them that we did not experience without them?! And the secret is to be in a relationship better than without them. As a rule, in the chair of a psychologist, men complain about a lack of understanding, recognition, and respect. Now and when there are no people who aren’t there. In total, to see the strong STORons of a man and in every possible way to celebrate what he saw. But this is all – the mistress, a reliable comrade, a lover – this is all secondary.

Again, if something is declared by a man too brightly:

  • “I am looking for a woman who will give birth to my children”;
  • “Partners should support the drugs in the mail, and a potom you may go through other people”.

Most likely, pitfalls are also hidden here, and you are considered as a function to close some specific need – whether you need it, decide for yourself. But this is a call to keep your ears on top. Consider the true virtues of a man (yes, you can attribute the desired ones to him) – sincerely admire, thank for all the good that a man does for you – and voila! You will definitely become someone special.

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